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2012-02-18 12:00pm
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2014-01-18 9:22pm
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2014-01-18 9:22pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Who Am I, Where Am I?

Dudley wakes up after a Dementor attack and has come ten years forward in time - if he can trust the people around him.

1,241 1
2 Dudley's New Life

Dudley is discharged from hospital to a life that he doesn't recognize. He can't see himself as a farmer; let alone a husband and a father. And watching the wedding video, what are Harry and Ginny doing at his wedding, and where are his parents and his best friend Pierce Polkiss? Does Amy want to make bad blood between Dudley and his parents, or has he really broken with them?

1,613 1
3 Joys and Worries

Dudley contacts his parents and his best friend in England. Petunia and Vernon accept their son's invitation, but they don't know he's been injured. Will they disown him if they work out? Or will he be better when the time for their visit comes? Short before their visit, Amy delivers a wonderful daughter. However, the happiness doesn't last long.

1,765 1
4 Challenging the Medical Science

Things can't get more "abnormal". Dudley has lost his memory, and his daughter may have Down's syndrome. What is he going to tell his parents who are arriving soon? Can Hannah help him? What about his relationship to Amy? At the same time, the medical science are challenged. Dudley and Amy's baby is special, but is she really disabled? The answer is hard to find.

1,616 1
5 Meeting the Parents

Eventually, Petunia and Vernon arrives to the States. But can they come to terms with their son and daugher-in-law's way of living? And how long can Amy and Dudley hide the truth about their baby?

1,064 1
6 Keeping Up Appearance

While Dudley enjoys his parents' visit, he has to pretend everything is "normal", with himself as well as his daughter. But how long will it do? When will they see through him?

1,855 0
7 Truth and Consequence

Dudley has let the bombshell fall and told his parents what kind of child he has got. Especially Vernon is shocked that his granddaughter is a witch, while Petunia still loves little Joy. Which consequence will that have for their marriage? And for their entire familly life?

1,094 0
8 What Mindbenders Can Bring About

The Dursleys get a surprise when Hannah visits Dudley's place. Vernon has been thinking. He has got a different view on the Mindbender thing. Will he make up with his son and daughter-in-law before going back to England?

1,417 0


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