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Harry, McGonagall, George, Ginny, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-02-14 12:43am
Last Chapter
2012-03-11 6:46pm
Last Updated
2012-03-11 6:46pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Introducing Lady Gwen

 “It’ll be a cold day in hell the day I decide to willingly wear makeup,” I said.

1,570 2
2 Not another Wotter Party

 “Oh no not a Wotter party, I’ve only just barely recovered from the last one!

2,159 1
3 Pool, Lily, and some real burnage.

 “You just got burned by your own mother!” Fred said.

1,228 2
4 Denial is a river in Egypt

 “I’m not insane,” James said.

“James honey, denial’s the first sign,”

1,581 2
5 Reserved part 1

 “You look beautiful, definitely better than McMullen,” Rox said.

“I dead raccoon look’s prettier than her,” I said.

1,058 3
6 Reserved part 2

 “What did I do this time?” he asked. He really didn’t know. Did mum drop him on his head or something.

“Seriously McMullen?”

1,588 1
7 Oops

 “Shut up I know you liked this guy for a long time why can’t you just tell me a name.”

“Because he’s the only one with that name it would be too obvious. It’s not like we live in America where every third person’s name is something Smith! Though his last name in no way is Smith”

1,206 3
8 More Moody James

 “That’s how I’m supposed to feel toward my sister! She thinks I’m a gigantic pain in the arse!” 

1,595 2
9 James The Daft Moron

 “Eat it or I will shove it down your throat,”

1,398 1
10 Better late then never

 “Hey and maybe you can help me with my next girlfriend, you do seem to be a better judge of character than I am.”

“That’s for damn sure,” I smirk.

1,131 1
11 Hey Look at me I'm totally Bonkers for James Potter

  Is there a neon sighn flashing above my head that says ‘Hey look at me I’m totally bonkers for James Sirius Potter’?

1,218 1
12 Bollocks!

Thanks for sticking around Dom, you’re a great friend (note that my words are dripping with sarcasm)

1,807 0
13 Happy Drunk New Year!

 “I’ve noticed that James is acting rather strange,” Mr. Potter says. Tell me something I don’t know.

1,763 0
14 Grudges

 “I don’t know!” James said. Geez James you don’t know why you got plastered and kissed me, you’re a real smarty pants.

1,118 1
15 Quiddich and such

 “Here comes Gryffindor! Our chaser, Gwen Pendragon, Wesley Bishop and Carmen Hernandez!” she starts we fly around to get a feel for the energy that we’re getting.  “Our beaters, Fred Weasley and my idiot cousin James Potter!”

1,218 1
16 Bruised Bodys and Egos

 “Gwen,” Fred says leaning next to the mirror. “it’s not going to get better if you just stair at it. It needs time.”

“Sod off Fred,”

1,151 0
17 I hate you! I love you anyway!

 this is the first time you’ve talked to me in weeks, I’m not taking your hand so you can go back to ignoring me

1,185 1
18 The Happy Ending

 “Real mature!” Arthur laughed at me.

“Maturity is so over rated,”

1,191 2


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