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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Hermione
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2012-01-22 6:46pm
Last Chapter
2019-04-11 12:00am
Last Updated
2019-05-19 2:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Alone

'Yet could I really be safe there?  Happy there?  Could the place that haunted every moment, every corner of my dreams, every second of my waking conscious really be a place of safety?  I didn’t know, but I had to hope that it would.'

4,684 9
2 Goodbyes

I closed my eyes and forced myself to clear my mind. Feeling that familiar pull in my middle, I felt my body constrict and twist, a rushing sound filling my ears, as I left my family for possibly the final time. 

3,859 6
3 Reunions

'I blinked back the tears that were blurring my vision, I would not let Ron Weasley see me cry.  I would not let Ron Weasley make me cry. '

5,542 3
4 Returning

'I watched as the face of the wizard in the doorway instantly took on  a look of shock and then changed into what looked like guilt, but that couldn't possiby be what it was.  Malfoy never looked guilty.'

5,439 3
5 Partners

'Why do you keep looking over at Malfoy, Hermione? And why is he shooting daggers at you?' Harry asked, glancing over at Malfoy. 'I mean if looks could kill.'

4,436 3
6 Rage

'I wasn't even aware of what I was doing. The monster inside of me that had been hinting at appearing all day finally broke free and before I knew it, I grabbed my wand from my pocket, pointed it directly at him and said the spell in my head.'

6,968 9
7 Partying

'We have spent the last week planning this party and you are going to look amazing and have a brilliant time and forget all about your rubbishday. And if you even think for a minute about not going, or walk about with your face tripping you, then believe me, Hermione Granger, I will make the next year of your life a very long and very miserable one. Understood?'

5,498 6
8 Hiding

'He’s gone. You can stop hiding now. Or do you intend to leave me to all the work alone?’

5,792 5
9 Rescues

'He reached out his hand and put it to the back of my aching head and touched it very gently. I was completely frozen; I wasn’t even sure that I was breathing anymore.  Malfoy had never touched me before.'

9,057 13
10 Thank You

 'Well I just wanted to say thank you, again, for what you did last night.  I wanted to say thank you for helping me.'

5,889 11
11 Revelations

'Why wasn’t he arguing back? I wanted him to argue back.  I wanted him to fight with me.  I wanted to vent out all the frustration and anger that I had been feeling on someone without feeling guilty about it afterwards and Malfoy was the perfect person for doing that with and yet he wasn’t taking the bait.'

6,522 13
12 Outpouring

'All the while he was speaking, he leaned in slowly towards me, looking deep into my eyes the entire time, stopping when he was mere inches away from me.  ‘Don’t think that I know nothing about you Granger, because I do.  Right now I’m probably the person that knows you the best.  I would bet that even Potter and Weasley don’t know any of that.’

5,616 10
13 Relief

'So what are you saying; that we should be friends?’ I asked questioningly, not sure if being friends with Malfoy was something that I could handle.'

7,672 11
14 Intuition

'The familiar smirk tugged at the edges of his lips and although there was no malice in his look he definitely had an agenda. ‘And here was me thinking that we were friends.  How fickle Gryffindor’s are?’


9,768 14
15 Competitions

'No of course not,’ I answered quickly, although a certain person did pop into my mind, but I quickly pushed those thoughts away in annoyance, ‘I just think that we’ve both changed.  I think we just missed our chance.’

7,991 10
16 Changed

‘You know what that’s not even what matters, actions speak louder than words Malfoy,’ I said rather stubbornly not willing to back down.  ‘And your actions said it all.’

6,222 28
17 Coward

'Yet this was unlike anything I had ever felt before. This was so much more.  And he had only brushed my lips with his.  He had barely touched me and I was gone; completely hypnotised by him.'

3,731 5
18 Tired of Pretending

‘Fine.’ He walked towards me, like a predator rounding on its prey, ’but that doesn’t change the fact that you are avoiding me.’

6,754 15
19 Friends

'Hermione I don't just want to be friends with you,' he said eventually, meeting my gaze for the briefest second before it flicked away again, 'I want to be more than that.'

4,742 13
20 Dates

'Well actually I have two ulterior motives.  The first is this,'he said stopping in front of me and swooping down to give me the briefest of kisses, his lips barely touching mine, 'And the second is that I would like to ask you out on a date.'

5,797 20
21 Holidays

'Draco was looking at me expectantly, in nervous anticipation. Gently I peeled back the silver ribbon from the black box and nervously lift the lid. I was rendered utterly speechless when I looked inside.'

7,955 13
22 Discoveries

'Yet their reactions had proven that I had been right to keep things just between us. They'd only known about for two minutes and Draco and I were arguing.'

6,563 11
23 Reactions

'Hermione, what are you talking about? How on earth can you be going out with Draco Malfoy? That is not possible unless I feel asleep in divination again and woke up in some creepy alternative universe.'

6,626 9
24 Doubts

'Draco had let me see a side of him that no one else had. He had been kind, thoughtful and sweet. He had changed. He swore to me that he had changed. I believed that he had changed. Yet as I drifted off to sleep, I began to doubt everything.'

4,517 13
25 Decisions

Someone had to be the first one to take the step. I thought I had already done that. Was I really going to offer my trust and acceptance to Draco only to pull it away when it really mattered?

7,923 14
26 Proof

‘I have nothing to hide,’ Draco finally said.

5,921 10
27 Offers

'Becoming an auror would mean that I could at least try and help get rid of these people once and for all.  And then the reason that made my stomach twist.  Draco.  Being an auror would mean leaving him behind.'

8,299 10
28 Leaving

‘So they’re gone then?’ Draco asked me, clearly determined to get me to talk, no matter how much I didn’t want to.'

7,303 14
29 Quidditch

'I was secretly hoping that she would tell me that Draco’s behaviour was perfectly normal before a quidditch match and that sporting nerves quite often turned people into narcissistic, overly sensitive, nervous idiots.'

6,329 6
30 Scars

 ‘No, don’t,’ I said, grabbing his hand that he was trying to remove, ‘I don’t want you to stop.’

4,413 4
31 Broomsticks

'Open your eyes,' he whispered into my ear and as if I were under the imperious curse, I immediately obeyed.'

4,401 3
32 Valentines

Valentine's Day,' I said flinching.  'Draco, I'm sorry, I totally forgot.'


He looked at my face and his jaw tensed.  'Merlin, you're a killer on a guy's self- confidence.'

5,278 4
33 Theories

 For every person we thought it could be, there was an equally compelling reason why it couldn’t.  

4,652 4


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