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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-01-06 9:34pm
Last Chapter
2014-12-15 3:32pm
Last Updated
2014-12-15 3:32pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Long Way Coming

 Harry is beaten and battered and isn't sure how to get his life back into a normal state.

2,145 13
2 It Wasn't Just Me

“Harry.” Ginny said and Harry looked up startled.

“Ginny.” Harry said, and as Ginny opened her mouth Harry cut across her. “I’m sorry alright.  I just wanted you to be safe.  I could never live knowing that it was my fault that you were gone.” 

2,115 5
3 Moving Away

The first burn of his throat was enough to make him start to forget about the pain on everyone’s face.  The second, numbed his. 

2,457 7
4 No Rest for the Weary

Harry started to cry.  “I just want you to know.” Harry said after a minute or so after he regained his composure.

2,041 6
5 You Said So

“How did you do that?” Ron asked. “You couldn’t have talked to them.”

2,009 3
6 All I Ever Wanted

“What you trying to do?  Make a Dark Mark?”

1,840 6
7 You Can't Stop Us Now

“This really isn’t the time or place.” Hermione said.  “Harry needs us.”

“If he’s waited this long, I’m sure that he can wait a little longer.” Ginny said.

2,169 4
8 I'd Like to Thank

Daniel chuckled.  “This doesn’t have to do with that pretty red-head I saw earlier?  Harry flushed to a bright red.  

3,298 0
9 Let Me Get This Straight

Ron and Harry exchanged nervous glances.  “I am.” Ginny said, “I don’t think I could ever get mum to allow me not to.  She already has three kids who haven’t finished.”

1,833 2
10 This Won't Be the Last Goodbye

"No matter what, I know that Remus will be looking down on me and guiding me, just as my parents did.  Remus was a stand-in dad for me," Harry was sure that he was crying.

2,544 1
11 I Have One Wish

“The world is your oyster now,” he started leading her away, “For example, you mum can’t take away your money, you can also open your own vault, but since you have a rich boyfriend who doesn’t have any parents, that won’t be a problem.”

1,632 1
12 Close to the Home

Harry shook his head.  “Here I was getting excited.”

“That is a pretty good hint, is it not?  I think mum would praise me on my use of grammar.”

2,144 1
13 I Can Explain

“But I think we had a pretty good night.” Ginny said.

He looked around and saw his clothing thrown thoughtlessly on the floor, his eyebrows furrowed.

2,312 1
14 What's On the Line

“I am so sorry.”  General said.

“Healer General-”

“Please call me Daniel.” he said.

“Daniel,” Harry said letting it roll of his tongue.  “Why are you sorry?  Shouldn’t you be mad.”

2,546 2
15 Class of the Horntail

“What’s our animal?” Ron asked.

“A dragon, but to be specific, it’s meant to be a Hungarian Horntail.” Mr. Kerr said.  Ron elbowed Harry who grinned at him.

2,845 1
16 Goodbye, Farewell

“Ow.” She said, and slowly began to pick them up again.

The door opened and Harry stepped in. “Are you alright?  I am so sorry.  Do you need ice?”  he was talking a hundred words per minute.

1,684 0
17 Try to Stand in My Way

“None of us really know how good or bad we will be.” Harry said, “Until we get in there.”

“Easy for you to say.” Grady said, “You already know you are good.”

Harry shrugged. “I usually faced one guy who was way too overconfident for his own good.  He didn’t ever really think I could kill him, I think he mostly wanted to scare Dumbledore for the most part.”

2,354 1
18 He Said What?

“So, I think you should get it.  How much is it?” Ginny asked.

“You don’t need to know.” Harry said, “But I’m pretty sure that Ron could afford it.”

“But he just started working.” Ginny said, “He hardly has any money.”

“Exactly.” Harry said and they stepped inside.  

2,203 1
19 A Job Well Done

Harry turned and looked at him and said, “Thanks, that was,” he paused fumbling for the right words, “Deep.”

“Deep is my specialty.” George said returning to the other room.

2,102 0
20 Rebuilt

“I thought being an Auror would be exciting.”  Ron said.

“We haven’t even been in the office for a half a year.” Harry reminded him.

“Yeah but you’re the Chosen One.” Ron smiled.

“And what are you?  The lovable sidekick?” Harry asked.

2,163 3
21 Old and New Friends

“So.” Hermione said and Harry raised an eyebrow.  If it was to ever come, it would come now. “We read about your heroics.”

“His what?” Ron practically spit his butterbeer all over the table.

“Heroics.” Ginny said simply as if she was commenting on the weather.  “You had a stunning testimony that insured the protection of the Malfoys.”

1,872 2
22 Nice to See You Too

“He looks just like you.” The girl said and Harry just stood there awkwardly.  This comment always came when he was with Teddy.  “He’s very cute.” She said and then left.

1,992 3
23 A New Dawn

Hermione bit her lip knowing that Harry was making a good point.  He needed to be in the party, but he didn’t really know anything about politics.  Other than that the former Ministers who had tried to approach him were corrupt.

1,896 1
24 A Time to Celebrate

“The same is about Hermione.” Harry said.  “She’s like a sister to me so, I don’t need to hear about it.  And you better not get jealous in the future.”

“Why would I be jealous of you?” Ron said cheekily, “You are dating my sister.”

2,166 0
25 Hear All About It

“I have a set of towels.” Harry said.  “And that’s it.”  He did have some little things, hangers for his closet, but the other things he was lacking.  He didn’t have any dishes, eating either takeout or using paper, and he had one pot that he had really only used to boil water to make pasta. 

1,904 3
26 Grand Plans

“Okay everyone, you may see that the trainees are here so that means that it is important.  This list is going out in the newspapers today, but we are going to go over each of these people who are on our known Death Eater list.”

2,275 2
27 Wine and Dine

“Who knows,” Percy said smiling. “You may be part of a history book someday.”

2,073 0
28 One More Time

“Now, Douglas and Potter you are here to get a feel of how investigations go and to do the more mundane tasks.”

“Like surveillance?” Grady asked.

1,953 0
29 I Try My Best

They had practiced in parks around London and more than once he had ran into a tree.  The good thing about the spell is that you didn’t need your wand out once you cast it so the muggles had just thought them all as really clumsy.

2,605 1
30 I Can't Believe It

And by big enough they were nowhere near fifteen members.

1,720 2
31 This is the Time

“Oh Harry, you really haven’t completely lived around a functional relationship.” Ginny said and hugged him.
“You’re parents.”
“I suppose they are functional,” Ginny murmured laughing slightly to herself, “But they did have seven kids, that’s not, er, normal.”

1,851 1
32 When All Else Fails

“You know Potter, I really wanted to hate you.” Harry stopped and looked at Robards who had his back to him.  “You do so many things that were just infuriating.  Sure, you beat Voldemort, but you guys were connected so I didn’t think that you could take on anyone else.  I was wrong.  But I didn’t want to admit it, so I tried to tear you down.  But you are so damn.” He stopped.   

2,239 0
33 With These Words Spoken

“I heard from Robards you were having difficulty with Fennick’s death, I trust that is all taken care of?”
Harry shifted guiltily in his seat very glad that Kingsley wasn’t a skilled Legilimens. “Yes.”

2,085 1
34 Thank You

The black dress robes itched as he apparated to the gates of Hogwarts, but they would have to do. The moment he entered the gates, the somber attitude was noticeable.  The speech was crumpled in his pocket with numerous cross-outs and revisions.

2,985 0
35 N.E.W.T.s

“N.E.W.T.s start tomorrow.” Hermione said.  “What if I’m not prepared?”

“If you don’t sleep enough you’ll do bad.”

“Oh no!  You’re right!  All the studies show-”

“Do me a favor,” Ginny sighed, “And shut up.

1,906 0
36 One Year More

 Ron opened his mouth as if he finally realized something and Harry just smiled.  They might have done some crazy things, but Ron would always be a little oblivious.

2,450 5


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