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Draco, Ginny, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, General, Young Adult
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-01-05 6:51pm
Last Chapter
2014-09-29 10:08pm
Last Updated
2014-09-29 10:08pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Once he was out the door, he flew off in the direction of England, delivering the envelope to its recipient, Ginny Weasley.

1,071 6
2 I

"Never underestimate the great Sophie Autumn Palmer," she whispered as she slid the scrapbook into her backpack. 

3,194 2
3 II

"Have we met before?" the man questioned curiously, his brows knitting together.
"I'm not going to answer until you tell me who you are," she shot.
"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy," he answered.

3,109 2

"My parents are my parents, Jake. I don't care what you have to say, or what's supposed to plausible. No one else out there could be my parents."  

3,715 1
5 IV

"And what do you think they did down there, Palmer? What did you do about that?"
Sophie glared at her, her eyes squinting slightly. "Nothing because I'm not going to come to someone's aid who's in the wrong and treats people like they're the scum underneath their shoes. Besides, they've treated me better in the first minute of knowing me then you have in the first ten minutes."

4,108 1
6 V

 "I promise I didn't do anything to the food, it's safe," Louis reassured.

"Good!" she exclaimed as she began to devour a sandwich. "How was your class?"
"Dull," they answered. "How was yours?"
"Not too bad. Susan's in my class."

2,726 0
7 VI

 "I think you're ready to really fly now," Louis said. She shook her head at him quickly. "Oh, come on, you've done great this far. It'll be fine, I promise. I won't let anything happen to you."
"Promise?" she asked as she looked at him.

5,802 2

 Standing up, she grabbed her bag and made her way towards the exit of the changing room. Before she could leave, Fred stopped her and said, "You're not going to be alone in dealing with this. Louis and I are going to be there, and you have your whole family, right? It's not going to be easy, but we're going to make it a little less hard."

"I don't know if that's going to be possible…," she trailed softly as she turned to look back at him. 

3,603 3

All of the air that had filled Sophie's lungs escaped her. Her throat was dry and tears welled in her eyes. Her heart was beating wildly as she began to feel sick, and the color in her face drained. 

6,107 3
10 IX

 Her eyes opened and she looked around in befuddlement. Harry helped steady her, and he eyes landed on Sophie again, her stare scrutinizing as her brows knitted together. Sophie bit her lip and looked away from Ginny.

"Honey, are you okay?" Harry asked.
"Yes, I-I'm fine," she answered with a slight smile as her eyes finally moved away from Sophie.

4,841 3
11 X

 "Will you shut up?! Just shut up!" she suddenly screamed, her emotions now overcoming her. "Don't you think I've been questioning my decision after all these years?! Do you think it was easy lying to you?! To my family?!"

"You certainly made it seem that way!" he shouted. "Have you been taking tips from Harry's book? Making everyone believe that someone's dead when they're really not? How could you do that after you know firsthand how it felt?!"

6,597 8
12 XI

"We're already a family. I'm not going to let this girl ruin what we have. Now, if only I could figure out how I'm going to do that…"

5,970 5
13 XII

"If you were honest from the beginning things may be completely different!" Ginny shouted as she stood from her chair.

"Oh, come on! If you knew Potter was alive the whole time nothing between us would've happened! But it did! And, out of the two of us, any normal person wouldn't have chosen the one who pretended to be dead for years!"

4,929 9

"A guest? Of course. The standard guest practice would be letting the owner of the house his or her plans, as to just disappearing for hours driving them bloody insane."

"Funny," she scoffed. Her jaw tightened and her eyes narrowed. "I was beginning to think I was actually family."

3,027 4
15 XIV

"I better get going."

"Before you go," she said as she fished through her robes. After a moment, she pulled out a locket and handed it to Sophie. "Here, I'd like you to have this."

3,763 5
16 XV

As soon as Sophie finished, Professor Trelawney let out a shaky sigh and patted Sophie's shoulder. "I wish I could say that you had the sight, but I really can't. Unfortunately, I can only see great misfortunes coming your way. Be careful what you eat, my dear, it could be the thing that haunts you."

2,773 0
17 XVI

"Y-You mean?" Mrs. Weasley started, not able to finish her question. 
Healer Rodanthe took in a deep breath as she looked around at the large family. "Without the spell, she wouldn't be breathing on her own."

7,533 2

 "What are you doing here?" Ginny asked as she pulled the curtain further around the bed.

"I came to see my daughter, which the two of you neglected to tell me that something was wrong."
"You're not welcome here," she spat venomously.
"Excuse me?" he asked, his anger beginning to boil over. "She's my daughter too."
"Well, if you weren't so busy with other things," she responded as she glared at Natalia

4,053 2

 "No, I don't have to."

"Then why?" she asked as she turned back to him.
"Do you want the truth?" he answered softly as he stepped to her closer, their bodies touching.

2,589 6
20 XIX

"What would you call it?! There's been lies inside of lies inside of lies! Can you even find your way out of them?!" Again, he didn't respond. "Just get out of here, Harry. Get out of my face. I don't want you. I can hardly even look at you!" 

4,997 2
21 XX

"I've had a couple short months, not even that, with her, to get to know her. Then I come to find out that you've seen her and continued to see her through the years! You've had time with her that I should've had! You've had time with her that I will never have or could possibly ever have with her!" 

3,608 0
22 XXI

You two have Sophie. Get yourselves together, work together, and make sure that you BOTH are there for that little girl. Merlin knows that she needs all the support and love she can get. She doesn't need two of the most important people in her life to be bickering. 

2,437 2

"It's not going to happen. Take a deep breath. No one's going to be able to link you to anything. It's just her word against yours. There's no evidence to prove you had anything to do with it."

2,328 2

"What is done can never be undone, but the secrets behind them can certainly be unraveled."

3,277 4

At her words, Draco pulled away, stood, and helped Ginny up. He then took her hand and led her inside, closing the door behind them.

2,703 1
26 XXV

 "Do you love her…?" 

"I always will."
"You're not going after her…," Natalia stated.
"No, not this time."

2,191 2

 "Why did Mum do it?" Scorpius asked quietly, his eyes on the floor.

Draco sighed. "I wish I knew. I wish I could go back and change everything, especially so you and Sophie wouldn't have to go through what you are." 
"Will Sophie be okay?" 
"I'll make sure of it."

2,820 2

 "All of those years ago when I made that choice of your or Draco..." She paused and swallowed the lump that had formed. "I chose the wrong man..."

2,190 2

 "To new beginnings."

2,646 0

 "I'm just scared… I can't lose her again, Draco…"

"I'm afraid if we don't let her go back, we'd lose her," he said gently.

4,244 0
31 XXX

The five of them became silent. Sophie looked at the four and how upset and defeated they seemed to be. After a couple of minutes of a silent debate with herself, she cleared her throat, and whispered, "Maybe you don't have to."

3,439 1


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