Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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First Published
2011-12-17 01:49:43
Last Published Chapters
2017-11-05 04:04:14
Last Updated
2017-11-05 04:04:14
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Disorder and Disarray

A mysterious cloaked man waits in a swamp for his objective to come, but what ensues is an evening of extreme tension as the night reveals many unforeseen and interesting developments...

6834 1
2 A Voyage of Change

As Harry and his friends make their way to the Ministry, the weight of Harry's second year as an Auror dawns on him, however, grand and radical changes may be on their way...

6213 0
3 The Election

After arriving at the Ministry, Harry and Ron have their fates as Aurors decided upon, while the ongoing election determines the next Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shackelbolt or Rufus Fudge.

6283 1
4 Louie and Gundrike's

With the election over, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione decide to have one last full day with one another after Ginny recieves some life-altering news. The shocking surprise that Harry encounters also changes Harry's life as he knows it.

6981 0
5 An Old Comfort

Having been reunited, Harry, Ron and Hermione make their way to the Ministry together for the first time as employees, but many shocking surprises lurk at every turn...

6977 0
6 The Holyhead Harpies

With everyone being on high alert after the catastrophe at the Ministry, Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the Weasleys embark on a journey in order to see Ginny play her first professional Quidditch match.

7190 0
7 The Memory

The trio travels to Hogwarts in order to view the mysterious memory, seeing some familiar faces along the way. However, the memory leaves Harry in a state of utter shock.

6752 0
8 A Dark Mystery

After attempting to steal the Swelling Solution, Harry and Ron find themselves in the midst of a complicated investigation of the Aurors.

7283 1
9 Spy of the Aurors

As Ginny leaves with the Harpies, Harry, Ron and Hermione discover a mind blowing clue while the Aurors inform Harry about their risky, ground-breaking plan.

6258 0
10 The Recruit

Harry, Ron and Williamson travel to Malfoy Manor in order to recruit Draco to their side, but things before, during and after the attempt do not go according to plan.

6557 5
11 Secrets and Stealing

The outcome of the previous attack on the Ministry brings further changes to Harry's life - one in particular forcing Harry's hand to take action...

6879 1
12 The Party

The Christmas Party for the Holyhead Harpies opens up new discoveries - in more ways than one - for Harry while also cementing a previous thought in his mind.

6254 3
13 A Risky Operation

On Christmas morning, Harry, Ron and Hermione head to the Ministry to steal back the memory from Rufus Fudge, but many circumstances come in to play that threaten to ruin the operation.

6481 2
14 The Eye of the Posterus

Harry, Ron and Hermione finally view the second memory showing Harry's parents. Inside the memories contents, the trio discovers something that completely changes everything.

6417 0
15 An Evening with the Longbottoms

Harry and his friends travel to the Longbottom's cottage on New Year's Day where new information is learned regarding the many mysteries at hand.

6591 0
16 Love and Rejection

After Harry proposes a radical notion to the Order, he discovers a truth that turns the entire Auror investigation upside down. Afterwards, Harry attempts to speak with Ginny about her coach, Davis.

6164 2
17 A Deadly Discovery

Valentine's Day does not get off to a smooth start for Harry whereas after, a dangerous discovery is made at the Ministry that jeopardizes Harry, Ron and Hermione's very lives...

6596 2
18 Percival's Proposition

The aftermath of the attack on the Ministry leaves Harry shocked at not only the events that had just occured, but of the mysterious things that he learns from the Head Auror and the Minister of Magic.  

6833 5
19 The Orphan Commission

After witnessing a truly shocking event at the Ministry, Harry is visited by Malfoy while attempting to spy on his new nemesis.

7470 1
20 Fight in Flight

The strategizing and planning is over. Harry, Ron, Williamson, Mosteban and the rest of the Aurors move in on taking down the Death Eaters once and for all. The mental and physical fight of their lives is at hand...

8324 0
21 The Fear of Rufus Fudge

The aftermath of the Auror's mission leaves the Ministry at a crossroads while Harry finds a job for Kreacher. At Ginny's Quidditch match, Harry finds more than what he had expected...

7336 0
22 An Unlikely Benefactor

Harry, Ron and Hermione view the final memory and message sent by the mysterious, unknown sender. The final, intense memory offers a final, massive clue in to the possible identity of the sender...

7874 2
23 The Littlest Lupin

At Teddy Lupin's birthday party, Harry and his friends enjoy the ongoing celebration, but a curious interruption to the festivities gives Harry the opportunity to prove one of his long standing suspicions.

8403 0
24 Bat-Bogeys and Broken Spirits

Hermione is given an insight as to why she has been frustrated with her work at the Ministry. Also, Harry finally confronts Davis. His confrontation opens up an entirely new problem for Harry and Ginny's relationship.

7912 1
25 A Perilous Plan

Harry and his friends undertake the last preparations as the mission to Azkaban draws nearer. As the hours fade away, many surprises catch Harry off guard. Can they maintain their focus in the wake of the most dangerous thing they have ever done?

7577 0
26 Break-in to Azkaban

The time has finally come. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Aberforth - after much devising and planning - have made the decision to enter Azkaban prison. Their seemingly impossible task proves to be even more difficult than even Harry could imagine...

8860 1
27 The Philosopher's Tale

The rescue mission inside Azkaban prison continues...

8014 1
28 The Fight for the Eye

After learning the unbelievable truth about the Eye, Harry, Ron and Hermione set off... but will it be too late?

8545 1
29 The Innocent Prisoner

The battle concludes as Harry and Rabastan battle it out over control of the Eye. The fallout leaves Harry shocked as he learns the answers to the many questions he has had all year.

8793 1
30 A Future Revealed

The fallout from the battle and its shocking revelations leave Harry bewildered. However, a trip to the Burrow brightens Harry's spirits as he looks towards both his own personal future and the future of the entire magical world.

8683 8


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