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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Blaise (M), Draco, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Pansy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Neville/Luna
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-12-16 2:16am
Last Chapter
2013-08-10 12:17pm
Last Updated
2013-08-10 12:17pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Be Careful What You Wish For

Hermione's fists balled up beside her but Ginny grabbed her arm, turned around and said,"Shove off, Malfoy. She'll have a great life ahead with a man who loves her and the most amazing kids. You'll see." With that, she pulled an angry Hermione with her to the Griffindor common room.

1,290 21
2 Something Went Wrong In The World

She suddenly snapped out of her daze because of his voice and turned suddenly to look at him. His arms dropped to his side and she scurried behind on the bed, dragging her covers with her.

"What the bloody hell are you doing in my room?!" She yelled.

"Your room? Seriously? Look around,does this look anything like your stupid red Griffindor room, Granger?" He spat.

3,955 21
3 Discoveries

Hermione pulled at his arm and made him sit down beside her. She handed him the sheets and reports. He went through them silently, his eyes widening at the special reports.

"Our son is a genius", Hermione whispered, "He's only four and can speak in full sentences with vocabulary a normal four year old doesnt know, he can walk and perform activites perfectly, he can read astonishingly well and he's... he's a prodigy."

"Wow..." was all Draco could manage to say.

4,161 14
4 Dinner With The Weasleys

"You're looking stunning", Draco said,looking at her.

"Of course I am-you can't possibly expect-" She was saying but got cut off by his lips capturing hers. She smiled while kissing him,her arms wrapping around his neck.

4,376 13
5 That's Ritch

Hermione raised an eyebrow at him, "Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sounded just now?" She smirked and turned around. Draco dropped his head into his hands.

"At least coffee?" He tried.

"Sure,when Voldemort has a ballet concert that he claims free for muggles", Hermione said, taking out a bowl of cereal.

3,159 14
6 Memories

He lifted his hand and moved her wet hair away from her cheek and pushed it away behind her ear. Feeling his touch upon her cheek, she was brought back to reality and her eyes opened. He stared into her eyes and she stared right back. Before they knew it, they were leaning towards eachother. Her arms went around his neck and he had one hand cupping the back of her head and the other around her waist, pulling her closer. He captured her lips with his own and she melted into his arms. Into this kiss. The kiss that was a whole new beginning for them both.

8,818 14
7 Not That Baby

"Have you spoken to your son AT ALL, Malfoy? Have you had a single conversation with him? Have you found out how he feels about her and how he feels about his family falling apart? How he practically blames himself for not being able to hold us together?He is your son, Malfoy! How can you be so freaking selfish?!"

"Listen, Granger, I can do what I please!"


"I WILL", He screamed back.

4,722 22
8 Newfound Determination

She argued, "Why can't we just do this for ourselves? Our baby..."



"Not our baby. Yours. I will have nothing to do with that thing", He said, anger evident in his voice.

"THING?it's a baby! Imagine our family with-"

"You want it to be a part of our family?" He laughed harshly, " We're fine as it is. We need nobody else."

4,491 31
9 A Hero

"You know this is why I get so easily annoyed at you!" He snapped, "You're so bloody stupid. You refuse to talk to anyone when somethings happened and you bloody pester us until you know what it is when something bothers us! Youre weak you know. Bloody weak! Crying at every damn thing!"

"Shut up!" She screamed, "Im not weak! This is all your fault! Im not upset for no reason! This- the reason we're here- it's all your fault! ITS ALL YOUR FREAKING FAULT, MALFOY!" She began hitting his chest with her fists.

4,950 33
10 Light In The Darkness

Hermione felt Draco withdraw his right hand from his pocket. She looked down at her feet. Perhaps even after all this, he was disgusted by her touch... Annoyed that her mudblood germs were getting on him.

He extracted his hand from his pocket and was about to put it around her shoulders when she stepped away from him. His hand dropped to his side... Was she still that disgusted by him?

7,025 26
11 Announcements

"Ronald. Cant. Breathe", She stuttered.

"Sorry", Ron said, but didn't stop hugging her. He loosened his grip but still held her in his brotherly embrace.

Draco finally put away his phone and smirked at the scene in front of him, "I'd like my wife alive by the end of this, thanks." Ron looked up and grinned at him.

4,832 25
12 The Accident I: Mudblood & Death Eater

"You heard me- I never thought Id end up with you, a filthy mudblood."

"I thought you had changed. You're nothing but a stupid death-eater", She hissed, grabbing her purse and storming towards the exit.

2,585 33
13 The Accident II: Suddenly Understood

"I dont care if I killed myself! But Hermione? What would you have done if you lost her?" He growled, shoving Ron in the chest causing him to stumble backwards, "What would you have done if it was your fault you lost her? Would you have been able to live with yourself for killing her and your baby?! I wouldn't! Dammit, Ron! I can't live without her!"

5,427 30
14 The Modeling Project I: Don't Let Me Fall

"You're so easy to tease", He laughed. "You really hate me, don't you?"

"Yes! I do!" She exclaimed.

"And I love that!" He grinned. The next moment, a shoe was thrown at his face.

5,923 17
15 The Modeling Project II: He Didn't Let Her Fall

This was not happening! She stood rooted to the spot as the two parts of the fabric that had been connected behind her neck came sliding down her shoulders and down her front. She managed to hold it up just before it fell and revealed anything.

She felt a tear slide down her cheek. Cameras were flashing all around her, capturing her in this state.

4,870 20
16 The Engagement Party

"I know there's something you're not telling us", Ron said, after hesitating a bit. "Something that you've told Ginny." She actually froze this time, too overcome by shock. "Im right, aren't I?" Damn right he was... She should have known her best friends would catch on soon enough. She had really underestimated them.

4,811 24
17 A Nice Kind Of Weird

She heard him push his chair behind and stand up, his hand still holding her wrist lightly.

"Tell me why you're avoiding me like plague since morning. What did I do?" He asked.

She blinked back tears. "I dont know what you did. Just let go of me. I need to think."

2,266 24
18 Magic

"Can you stop that?" Hermione asked, unable to fight her smile.

"Why don't you?" Draco asked, nudging her shoulder with his.

The lady grinned at them. "Only one child?"

"One on the way", Draco said.

"Im sure you both must be very much in love", She said.

3,447 18
19 Someone Like You

"But he did!" Hermione found herself getting very angry. "And he's treating his son leagues better than you treated yours. He's giving his son all the love in the world. So much more than you gave your's. It's sick. Even after half your life, you aren't trying to fix things with your family! You still have time, Lucius!"

Lucius strode forward and came to stand inches away from Hermione. Draco immediately placed himself in between the two, facing the older man.

"Don't come near her", He snarled.

4,149 25
20 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

"The house is empty without you". He choked out, not able to actually say that he missed her. She understood.

"I'm sorry I left- I needed time."

"Just- just come back, Granger", He said, feeling his chest tighten uncomfortably.

4,327 15
21 A Series Of Unfortunate Events

"Draco..." She tested quietly. He didn't even turn to look at her. Didn't even bat an eyelid.

"What do you want?" His voice was cold. Angry. Guarded.

"I came to apologize."

4,328 28
22 Results

"I'll-I'll leave you both here now and when you're ready, you may leave. Thank you and all the best", Healer Riley said, leaving the room.

"Hermione-" Draco started but she cut him off.

"Can we please just go home?" Hermione asked between sobs.

3,591 29
23 Lucius

"Im not your son." Draco said, his jaw tense.

"I understand how you feel. But I am sorry. I truly am." The older man said.

"I dont forgive you. I don't think I ever will." Draco said, shaking his head. And before anybody could stop him, he had left the room, the door slamming behind him.

3,051 25
24 The Other Reality

"You didn't love me either, did you? But I realized it doesn't matter any more. Because the love that you didn't give me- I received three fold the amount from Hermione alone. And another triple the amount from my son. From my mother. From my... friends. People I didn't even imagine loving me- Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Ginny Potter- even they care about me. So much that sometimes it get's irritating." He smirked. "But I wouldn't trade a thing for them. Nothing.

4,515 47
25 Which Is Reality?

"Why do you care about her, Draco?"

Her eyes flew open and she froze, her hand fisting around her skirt as she waited for the response.

"I dont. Never did, never will." His voice.

4,689 23
26 Living The Reality

"I ruined our marriage three months ago and I want to take that back. I want to fix it. I want to- I just want everything to be perfect."

She placed a hand on his cheek and stepped closer to him. "It is perfect."

6,386 33
27 Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

"Time flies." She said, lacing her fingers with his and leaning back against him. "Soon they'll be getting married and having children of their own."

"Now you're just making me feel old." Draco chuckled. "Just enjoy the moment instead of thinking about the future."

"You brought it up." She protested, a smile playing at the corner of her lips.

3,752 66


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