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Lupin, Sirius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2011-12-11 11:55pm
Last Chapter
2013-08-12 1:19pm
Last Updated
2013-08-12 1:19pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1

Magic was the slight of hand of street performers, the illusions of a television magician, and the realm of silly children’s books. It did not exist. It could not exist. Why choose a rickety old broom when one has first-class air travel?

3,025 2
2 Chapter 2

One good Memory Charm…they would agree to anything…if it had to come to that.

2,077 1
3 Chapter 3

They were partners in their recklessness and forever bonded in their self-destruction.

3,676 2
4 Chapter 4

“The World Cup?” Althea repeated. “What could’ve happened?”

5,104 1
5 Chapter 5

“I never thought of it that way,” she said, the corner of her mouth upturned into a smile. “It could’ve been worse, you know. It could’ve been Vulpecula—”

2,961 1
6 Chapter 6

“D’you really believe Sirius would stroll down Diagon Alley and call on Ollivander?” Althea countered and shook her head with quiet laughter. “Utter foolishness.”

4,209 2
7 Chapter 7

“How long will Sirius keep up such a charade?”

4,477 1
8 Chapter 8

“I know,” he said and leaned forward. “Have you ever seen a Hippo—”

“No,” Althea said quickly, “no.

2,194 1
9 Chapter 9

“What are you getting at?” she asked, attempting to laugh.

Sirius shrugged and flicked a white petal.

Althea swallowed. “Sirius Black, do you want to marry me?”

The corners of his mouth curved into a small smile.

5,057 3
10 Chapter 10

“You know my little secret.”

3,760 1
11 Chapter 11

“Did you visit St. Mungo’s with the hope to find me there?” she remarked, her lips twisted into a cruel smirk. “I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

3,369 2
12 Chapter 12

“Kiss them goodbye, Black.”

4,538 2
13 Chapter 13

“Oh, clever that magic!” she said, playfully narrowing her eyes. “Escapes, disguises, outwitting the police…I wish George was as exciting.”

2,938 0
14 Chapter 14

“You’ve let her down, Padfoot.”

5,735 3
15 Chapter 15

“You were to be a message to Sirius from his cousin.”

3,539 0
16 Chapter 16

“Nothing particularly gruesome?”

4,175 0
17 Chapter 17

Azkaban isn’t sixth form for our family, she thought, and shivered at the thought of Prudence on trial before the Wizengamot.

5,807 1
18 Chapter 18

Althea swallowed at his slightly incoherent promises. “What the hell did you do, Sirius Black?”

5,768 1
19 Chapter 19

It was Sirius's idea.

6,102 2
20 Chapter 20

“You’ve spoken with Narcissa Malfoy, have you? Still carrying the tea trays until they can scrounge for a new house-elf?”

5,121 3


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