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Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Angst
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-12-06 4:56pm
Last Chapter
2014-12-20 5:53pm
Last Updated
2014-12-20 5:53pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue - Expecting

A short introduction to the story and a sneak peek of Chapter 1.

645 5
2 Chapter 1: Angel of the Morning

Rose meets up with her girlfriends the night after the party.

3,140 7
3 Chapter 2: Fast Company

We meet the rest of Rose's close circle and find out something unusual about these teens.

3,729 6
4 Chapter 3: Amortentia

We meet an old enemy and Rose has an awkward potions lesson with Scorpius.

3,493 7
5 Chapter 4: Kiss The Girl

Rose goes on her eagerly awaited date with Freddie and we meet Teddy Lupin.

3,172 8
6 Chapter 5: Maybe

Sarah is introduced to an enemy she didn't know she had, and Rose starts to feel ill...

3,600 7
7 Chapter 6: The Ugly Truth

Rose takes a pregnancy test in Hogsmeade and finds out the ugly truth.

2,411 5
8 7: That Bloody Party

In which Rose reels from her news and Sarah and James are let in on the secret...

2,820 6
9 Chapter 8: Hindsight

Freddie gets his answer, and Rose gets a few of her own...

2,351 5
10 Chapter 9: Friends and Rivals

Rose and the team play Slytherin at Quidditch, and the girls confront a mutual enemy...

4,426 6
11 Chapter 10: Mental

Rose attends the first party since her pregnancy. Sarah and Amy clash again while the gang jump to the defence of Lily...

3,444 7
12 Chapter 11: Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

We get a glimpse inside the life of James and see things from his perspective...

3,630 6
13 Chapter 12: Heartache Tonight

Ther gang figure out Rose's secret, which causes ruptions bewtween the friends.

3,246 7
14 Chapter 13: Forgiveness

Rose makes the mistake of asking Scorpius how he feels, and is even more shocked by the response...

2,326 9
15 Chapter 14: Confusion

In which Rose finds herself in the middle of James' obssession.

2,615 9
16 Chapter 15: What Hurts The Most

In which James deals with the aftermath of the previous night...

WARNING- Not very Rose/Scorpius centric , however next chapter we find her dealing with her situation a lot more 'hands on' ;)

2,425 8
17 Chapter 16: Dear Matron

In which we see a flashback of the past and Rose finally confides in the school matron...

3,671 6
18 Chapter 17: Bombshell

In which Rose is found out by another family member, and Chelsea reasserts herself as an enemy...

4,244 5
19 Chapter 18: Stupid Cupid

In which Lily interferes with serious results, one of the girls is found to be struggling with her own love dilemma and Danny and James have words over their common interest.

5,673 8
20 Chapter 19: Letters From Home

Rose spends the night with Freddie and recieves some letters from her family.

2,643 4
21 Chapter 20: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Rose discovers some fellow Animagi and James tells the gang the real reason behind his breakup with Sarah, while Becky's struggles are resolved through some friendly help.

4,196 2
22 Chapter 21: Confessions

Rose meets a familiar character and Scorpius can no longer hold his tounge...

3,004 4
23 Chapter 22: Home, Sweet Home

In which Rose recieves an ultimatum and the gang return home for Christmas.

3,938 7
24 Chapter 23: Back To The Burrow

Rose and her friends discover exactly what 'treat' Granddad Arthur has in store for them...

2,619 6
25 Chapter 24: Tension in the Tents

Scorpius and Rose are thrown together in close quarters and he uses every second to grill her on her predicament...

2,360 7
26 Chapter 25: The Big Deepy

Rose and Scorpius share a tender moment before the gang gets into a messy situation.

4,292 4
27 Chapter 26: Merry Christmas, Baby

In which James makes a fool of himself and the gang arrive at The Burrow after their trek.

3,049 4
28 Chapter 27: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The gang celebrate an awkward Christmas and an even stranger New Year's Eve...

3,467 3
29 Chapter 28: Front Page News

In which Rose gets a new  threat from an old enemy, Sarah runs into some trouble, and the secret becomes too big to contain...

2,471 5
30 Chapter 29: Facing Feelings

 Rose's secret is out, and her parents are summoned to the school...

3,000 6
31 Chapter 30: Intervening

 Rose and Scorpius tentatively begin to pick up the pieces and join forces again to stage an intervention for a friend.

3,591 5
32 Chapter 31: Revenge & Revelations

Rose is joined by Astoria for her latest scan and James and Sarah begin a prank war until James discovers a shocking secret...

2,827 8
33 Chapter 32: Kissing the Messenger

 James has to tell Sarah the truth about what he saw, and Albus finds himself in the middle.

4,672 4
34 Chapter 33: Making a Statement

 The gang attend an interesting party, James and Sarah talk things out and Scorpius takes his fate into his own hands...

4,575 4
35 Chapter 34: Breathing Easy

 Rose deals with the consequences of the night before, and meets her parents for an appointment at the hospital.

2,855 5
36 Chapter 35: Potions and Plans

Rose is delighted to see Chelsea suffering for her sins, and receives a cupid attempt in the form of a letter...

2,237 5
37 Chapter 36: And So It Begins

 Rose and Scorpius worry about their impending holiday and Sarah and James stir up trouble.

2,055 6
38 Chapter 37: Belle Cottage

 Rose and Scorpius move into their temporary home, and see the effect the situation is having on their parents.

3,676 5
39 Chapter 38: Hormones

 Rose and Scorpius adapt to their living situaiton, while Rose's raging hormones leave her bewildered. 

2,741 5
40 Chapter 39: Love is in the Air

 The gang prepare to celebrate Victoire and Teddy's wedding, while Sarah and James get caught out and Rose is surprised by Scorpius.

5,769 4
41 Chapter 40: Comeuppance

 Rose and Scorpius work things out, while Sarah and James are found out and Rose begins to do some damage control, with a little help from Dom, Becky and Lily.

4,397 4
42 Chapter 41: Exams and Endings

The gang sit their exams and come to the end of their time at Hogwarts and Rose finds a good reason to be worried...

4,291 5
43 Chapter 42: Oops?

 Rose's labour intensifies when she gets in trouble for harbouring a secret from the medical team, while her friends and family rally around her.

4,237 6
44 43: Her

Rose finally delivers her baby, and her family and friends break all the rules to be by her side.

2,724 11
45 Chapter 44: Chaos & Shenanigans

 Rose and the gang say hello to the new arrival, and goodbye to Hogwarts.

1,885 13


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