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Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-11-13 6:02pm
Last Chapter
2012-07-17 10:07pm
Last Updated
2012-07-17 10:07pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Back to school

Thea is finally getting out of her hellish home, unfortunately she has to bring her brother and Sirius. Soon she finds out, her friends summers were so much better than hers.

2,369 5
2 The Party

Tips on how to have a good party


Actual food*

NO muraders*

NO Snape*

No fights*

(*means didnt happen)

2,742 1
3 Fights

Murderous classes, skipping, Sarcasum, a Lily fan club, and Sirius talking in a very girly voice.

Interesting day...

3,053 2
4 Misunderstandings

Sleep talking, Sirius' new girlfriend, even more skipping.

3,215 2
5 Unwanted Feelings

Stolen books, talk of kisses, thoughts that are... unwanted, and a lovely afternoon flight, yes flight.

3,040 1
6 Accusations

"Because you like him."

Those words, they were NOT true, I couldnt let them be true. I promised.

3,116 0
7 Lying

"This" I said then I kissed her. For a second she kissed me back, but it didn't last long before she pushed me away.

7,685 1
8 Complicated

Hell hath no fury like a Quiditch player scorned.

2,889 2
9 Pain

Everything that had happened that day, it was almost to much. I wished this day had just not started, nothing, nothing good had come from it, all it had done was cause pain. But a selfish part of my brain told me that was a lie, being so close to the girl I cared so much about had to be a good thing, even if it was because she was in pain. 

3,624 1
10 Betrayed

But the doubt was there, and it grew, I felt utterly betrayed.

2,968 0
11 Plans

"What do you mean I won't like it?" I asked them.

"Think about who Lily hates most in this school." Sirius said.

"You." I shrugged.

"Who did Lily make you promise you'd never date?" Remus asked.

"A  Murader." I said.

"What am I?" Sirius asked.

"A Murader." I said smiling.

2,880 3
12 Unfortunate circumstances

I can't seem to have a normal day…

4,902 1
13 Conflicts

"Sirius,  if she says anything it will ruin everything." She says.

He nods like he knows how to keep me from talking.

Then he kisses me.

Apparently he does know how to shut me up

2,705 2
14 Stress

"I'm scared." I finally say the words.

3,387 0
15 Problems

We really messed up this time.

3,326 0
16 Complications

Love, relationships, friendships... it's all... complicated.

3,261 1
17 Chances

Some chances are worth taking

4,454 1
18 Choices

Some choices are hard to make

3,896 2
19 Interesting events

So maybe I have a few anger problems…

3,658 2
20 Confessions

"I think I messed up big time." I finally admit.

2,564 3
21 Forgiven

Forgiving isn't always the easiest thing to do…

3,717 2
22 Changed

I've changed... apparently

2,972 2
23 Breaking

I couldn't standing be home...

3,279 3
24 Truth Be Told

Why would he?
I thought…
Was I a fool?
I had believed…
I’m so stupid.

2,505 1
25 The Aftermath

“Right, over…” He says and he walks back into the house.

I lean into Remus and begin to cry again.

2,959 2
26 Feelings

As much as I wanted my feelings for Sirius to just disappear they wouldn’t, not the anger at him telling James, not the sadness I felt for him when he walked away from me looking so defeated, not the hatred I had built up over our years of fighting, and not the worry at him being gone. And not the longing I felt for him to just tell me everything was okay, and for him to hold me close to him as he had every time I cried.

3,430 1
27 Real

I never wanted to love him.

2,767 0
28 Changes

It seemed like everything and nothing had changed.

3,019 0
29 Love

"That's was one hell of a night huh?" she asks sounding sad.

That's a bit of an understatement

3,453 0
30 Good Bye, Sirius Black

"If that's a choice I have to make, I choose nothing. I won't try to be friends, it's too painful and I won't go back to that place full of pain." I say emotionless "Good bye, Sirius Black."

3,200 1
31 The End

“What if that person is still in love with you?” he asks as he closes the distance between us.

“I wouldn’t believe him.” I say taking a step back from him.

3,874 5


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