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Scorpius, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-11-12 5:51pm
Last Chapter
2012-09-18 3:05pm
Last Updated
2012-09-18 3:05pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Train Ride

This is like the prologue and chapter 1.
Tressa is on the train for the first time ever and she can't tell whether she's nervous or excited to be in hogwarts. Or both. She meets a couple of the students and plays along not telling them a thing about her pass.

2,445 1
2 The Sorting Hat

After a long train ride to hogwarts, the students finally get to enjoy a nice meal and listen to Dumbledore's welcome speech like every other year. For Tressa, everything is new to her and this was the moment where she was sorted into a house. But which one? Gryffindor? Ravenclaw? Slytherin? Hufflepuff?

1,659 1
3 The First Day

It's Tressa's first day and already things start off bad. She's late for breakfast and almost late for class but when she meets a cute boy, maybe her day isn't a complete mess...

2,528 0
4 Rose's Discovery

Tressa has finally made it through her first day of school. But right when she settles down and starts eating her dinner, Rose disrupts her with some interesting news.

1,844 0
5 The Newspaper Clipping

Tressa wakes up early and decides to explore the castle. She finally finds the library where Rose is sitting in the back studying. Rose shows that certain newpaper that she's been talking about but how will Tressa react to it?

2,163 1
6 Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here and as they say miracles can happen. Well for Tressa it wasn't really a miracle but something amazing that she will never forget.

2,186 0
7 Liar

Everything in Tressa's life was going great. But when Rose confronts Tressa, she wasn't the only one who heard the story. Now that person is spreading rumors like a tornado.

1,334 0
8 Everything Falls Apart

Tressa has survived the day but hasn't seen her boyfriend at all. She finally spots him at the end of the day, but the conversation does not end well. Malfoy sees this as an opportunity and tries to test his luck and makes a move, only to be stopped by a certain red head boy who might just be keeping his own little secret crush...

1,146 0
9 Dangerous

Tressa is the talk of the school yet she still doesn't know who her parents are. Not until Professor McGonagall shows up and explains things that is. But does she explain everything?...And is Tressa ready to move on from Brandon?

1,090 0
10 Single, Brandon or... Fred?

Tressa is confused more than ever. Not just about her parents but about Fred and Brandon. Brandon has only enough courage to apoligize for over reacting and Fred's there by Tressa's side to comfort her. But who will she choose? And will it last?

1,369 0
11 Hidden Secret Should Stay Hidden

While studying the library, Rose once again finds another article with the mention of Tressa's parents.

1,124 0
12 Easter Break

It's finally easter break and Tressa has been invited to stay with the Weasley's. All is well until curiousity takes over the teens and questions are being asked.

2,336 0


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