Lupin, Lily, James, Pettigrew
Drama, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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2011-10-26 19:48:06
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2013-03-05 23:32:22
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2013-03-05 23:32:22
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1 Chess, Essays and Ex-friends

I don't do well with stress.

And tonight's just going to be full of it.

I can already tell.

3653 2
2 Stags and Wolves and Dogs, Oh My!

I realized after a while that I was walking right towards the Whomping Willow...

...I didn’t want to get any nearer, so I was turning to go back to the castle when I saw two glowing yellow eyes staring from a large space beneath the tree. I froze when I realized that the eyes were staring directly at me.

1552 1
3 Difficult Recollections

His sad eyes wandered everywhere but me, so i took his hands in both of mine and squeezed them.

"You can tell me."

He held my hands back, took a deep breath, and when he spoke, it was like floodgates opening.

He told me everything.

2907 2
4 Words of an Angel

What had I done? Sweet Merlin, what had I done? Had I really attacked and harmed one of my friends? I already hated what I became once a month; now I just loathed myself. I was a disaster, a true monster.

1876 2
5 From Bright to Bleak

A unanimous gasp could be heard from my friends, but I remained silent, willing myself to believe that my eyes were lying. Shock registered through me first, but once anger made itself known, it acted quickly.

2943 4
6 Left Speechless

It was almost as if the world stopped turning for a second. My heart jumped into my throat, rendering me incapable of speech. The most I could force myself to do was nod.

“James, I think you should sit down.”

3333 4
7 A Different Kind Of Sorrow

There are situations I had heard about on the Wizarding Wireless, situations that are horrifying and depressing, ones that I could never imagine happening to me. This was one of those situations.

1967 1
8 Reignited

I knew that this was the moment where I could finally tell her what she meant to me; how I missed her in my arms, or how her not being with me felt like someone taking away a part of me. I had so much to say, I just needed to figure out how to word it. The only problem was that this girl made me lose my train of thought with a simple glance.

3895 5


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