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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, AU
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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First Published
2011-09-29 4:57pm
Last Chapter
2013-11-22 5:08pm
Last Updated
2017-07-14 8:45am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Into the Lake

Myra Kinney woke up to a blurry, odourless and quiet world. She was barely able to breathe, it sounded like her ears were full of cotton and her eyes were runny and full of goo.

5,269 1
2 A Fertilized Accident

At the top of the stairs Myra stopped. The effort of climbing the stairs had caused the blood to pump furiously through her body. "I don't feel so good," she said quietly, feeling her legs give away under her.

6,051 1
3 A Bump in the Head

"Miss Kinney, would you come with me, please." "Where to, if I may ask, Professor?" Myra asked as she grabbed her book bag and the toast. "The hospital wing," McGonagall said shortly and began walking. "Your sister has had an accident."

5,887 2
4 Investigation

"Aren't you going to the feast?" Remus asked, as the last one out. "I just have to find something in my bag first," Myra lied and pretended to rummage through her bag for something. "I'll get there." Remus made a sound of agreement and went out the door. Myra glanced up and waited a few seconds before tiptoeing to the door to close it quietly.

5,401 2
5 Christmas and Rumours

"Can I charm the baubles this year?" Marie asked as she picked up a box of baubles for the Christmas tree, some from each generation Kinney and some from generations of Chelsie's Muggle heritage with the name Heaton. "You could," Chelsie said from the kitchen. "If you've covered basic sonar alterations in Charms and oscillation theory Transfiguration." "Show off," Robert muttered, having just put the last of the fairy lights on the transfigured spruce. "Oh oh oh!" Myra exclaimed. "I learned about oscillation last year, and we've done sonar alterations already in Charms this year! I can do it!"

5,514 1
6 You're In My Head, But I Can't Get Into Yours

Myra shook her head in hopelessness, took a deep breath and spoke in a normal voice. "I'm your bloody best friend, Hestia. Talk to me about it, let me be there for you." "I know you are, but this is my business, damn it!" Hestia had no intentions of calming down. (...) Myra shouted 'shut up' in her head in an attempt to drown out Hestia's voice. She wasn't very successful, but her legs carried her automatically to the hospital wing anyway, and before she knew it, she was in front of the doors.

4,389 3
7 Gone and Not Telling

"If you want, I can help you with the spell," Remus offered. "You would?" Myra turned completely in his direction, staring up at him in wonder. "Sure, I would be happy to." (...) Myra stared in wonder, one eyebrow raised. "Tell Remus he'd better tell me next time he decides to run off," she said dismissively and walked back into the Great Hall.

6,268 3
8 Pairing Up

"Hestia Jones, can I have a word with you, please?" he asked politely and formally. "Will you go out with me in Hogsmeade on Saturday?" Ambrose asked, his tone calm, clear and well rehearsed. "Eh, tomorrow, as a date," he added with an afterthought, for once in his life looking insecure. Hestia stared at him for a few long seconds. Then she blurted out: "Why?" Ambrose sputtered; this was clearly not something he had expected. Or rehearsed, Myra thought while chuckling in her head.

4,967 1
9 Dates and Un-Dates

Now they were sitting at one of these tables, drinking tea flavoured with black tea and strawberries. In a weak moment Hestia had laid her left hand on the table next to the tea cup in order of draw some heat from the cup, and Ambrose had taken the opportunity to lay his own hand on top.

3,435 2
10 Invisible

"But..." Myra scrunched up her face, thinking back to the view she'd had from the bridge. "I didn't look away for one second, so if they walked there," she pointed to the footprints, "I would have seen them."

5,170 5
11 Forty Points and Detention

Sirius and Myra were now so close the spit from their screaming was spattering the other's face. Hestia had stood up at one point, she was now looking wide eyed at the show. James and Peter stood firmly behind Sirius, nodding at everything he said.

3,930 1
12 The Trip Jinx

"I need you, Remus." Myra cut to the chase, ending the lie infested small talk, sitting down by the table, folding her hands and looking imploringly at him. A light blush washed over his cheeks. Peter actually let out a small chuckle. Myra continued, ignoring their strange behaviour. "It's such a stupid problem, stupidly stupid. But I need help, and you're the only one who'll know how to do it for me."

4,347 3
13 O.W.L.s and Interrogations

"Do you know the Unbreakable Vow?" Sirius suddenly asked. Myra nodded slowly. "We have no qualms about making you take one with us to keep Remus safe."

7,297 2
14 The Cure for Werewolves

"You're staring at the sun again, Myra," Chelsie chastised. "Sorry." Myra blinked furiously at the pain and the flashing stars in her eyes, and rubbed them hard. It only made her see more stars. "Hey, mum," she had a thought, blinking to try to see her mother. "Are there any potions or herbs or something that prevents werewolves from changing at the full moon?"

3,249 2
15 Blue Moon

Chelsie explained. (...) "It's been said that certain spells will be more powerful if performed during the full moon, but I I've also heard somewhere that magic is less powerful during the full moons."

4,452 3
16 Of Firewhiskey and Freefalls

"Hey, look here," Ashley said. She reached into the top of her bra and pulled something out. "There's a Cooling Charm on this. It was starting to hurt. Can I risk a spot of magic?" Ashley pulled her wand from her robe pocket and pointed it to the item in her hand. "Engorgio."

4,933 3
17 Revelations at Hogwarts

When she had seen him again, on the train, something had happened inside of her. A breathless excitement she hadn't really felt since fourth year. But it seemed slightly different than what she remembered.

5,585 3
18 The Talk and The Tryout

"Remus," she said suddenly on the fifth floor, on their way back to the common room after the patrol. "I need to talk to you about something." She had stopped and looked at him as he turned around slowly. "What about?" he asked unsurely. Myra took a deep breath. "About next Tuesday."

6,752 2
19 Curiosity Nearly Killed the Cat

Myra dared to take a few steps away from the three of them while holding onto her left arm, only to back into something solid that grabbed her around the waist, forcing the arm holding her wand to stay down, and covered her mouth, muffling her scream of terror.

4,947 2
20 Regret and Ambush

Anna came back and the trio began walking again. Hestia was quiet; it looked like she was thinking hard, while Anna was looking through some notes her Arithmancy partner had given her. Which is why they were slow to react when Sirius, James and Peter came walking by, from one class to another.

3,839 4
21 Dislocated Shoulders and Sickbeds

Remus' chest was slowly going up and down, his breaths coming out slightly louder than normal, like any sleeping person's would. It reassured Myra, because from the looks of everything else, he should be dead. "Please, don't remember, Remus," she mumbled. For several long minutes Myra just sat there watching him sleep, trying to ignore the increasing pounding and prickling in her shoulder.

5,699 4
22 Targeted

Myra was not enjoying herself. Things were not going her way, and she had a strong idea why that was.

5,002 4
23 Hestia's Discovery

"It's time we talked," Hestia said, walking over to Myra's bed.

7,334 0
24 Lifting Burdens and Burying Hatchets

"We need to talk," Sirius commanded more than requested. "All of us." He drew his hand out to encompass Myra and Remus, Hestia in front of him and the boys behind him.

5,246 0
25 A Lesson Given

Hestia opened and closed her mouth a few times, choosing her words. "I'm sorry. But sometimes it just seems to me like you only like him because he's a werewolf. Like, when you had that brilliant idea to go see him in the Forest."

4,378 3
26 A Lesson Learned

"Oh Merlin, what is wrong with me?" Myra ran her hands through her hair, resting her head on her knees. "I'm even more damaged than Hestia said."

5,791 1
27 The Werewolf Effect

"You have to help me, Hestia," she moaned and fell face first onto her own bed with an 'oomph'. "What fresh hell have you gotten yourself into now?" Hestia asked dispassionately without looking up from her book.

6,230 2
28 Two Plus Two

"What's going on up there?" Myra asked quietly. He looked up towards his friend and Lily. He smirked knowingly. "If I'm not mistaken, he's asking her to Hogsmeade," he whispered, so as to not disturb the couple. "Really?" Myra raised her eyebrows and gaped in surprise. "This quietly?"

3,755 3
29 Lost Track of Time

"There you are!" an irate voice came suddenly from behind them. They turned around and saw Sirius and Peter, the latter with a piece of parchment in his hand. "What took you so bloody long?"

5,395 2
30 After Waning Moon Comes Darkness

The end-of-term feast came, and Myra was surrounded by the people she loved the most at Hogwarts, and some other people. (...) Myra Kinney was in a very good place and the future looked very bright. Little did she know...

3,898 8


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