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Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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First Published
2011-09-15 10:43pm
Last Chapter
2014-09-01 9:47pm
Last Updated
2014-09-01 9:47pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Tale of the Three Brothers

"What are you?" Antioch was the first to speak.

"I am everywhere, yet none have seen me. Every man, woman, and child must join me some day. Some call me Heaven and Hell. I simply like to call myself Death."

5,243 19
2 Precious Cargo

Was it really true? Of course, she had already gathered all the evidence she needed unless she was going crazy or was senial. But was she really standing before Ignotus Peverell? One of the three brothers of the creators of the Deathly Hallows itself? Was she really in the 1200s?

Edited and revised: 1/13/13

4,423 11
3 Missing Person

If she didn’t appear somewhere within twenty-four hours, they would send out a search party, but Harry looked back to the mess on her bed, the concoction of blood and potions on the floor, and was certain of two things.

Dominique was missing, and the cloak had disappeared with her.

Edited and revised: 1/13/13

4,940 8
4 And Then There Were Two

"Cadmus! Ignotus! You must come quick."

"Calm down. What is it, Edmund?"

"I am afraid it is Antioch," the young man answered.

Edited and revised: 1/13/13

3,479 7
5 To Kill For Power

"Antioch did possess this new power. Somehow. He was stronger, he was mightier, he was...undefeatable. All the men in the pub, including myself I will admit, were mesmerized by his power."

"Are you saying my brother was murdered because a few men were jealous of his power?!" stammered Ignotus.

Edited, revised, and extended: 1/13/13

4,909 4
6 Just Breathe

"I can call you my Lord, if you like," she said under her breath.

"No," he said in a rush. "That is not necessary. When it is just the two of us - or we are around my family - it is appropriate enough. I...I like being called Ignotus by you."

Edited and revised: 1/14/13

5,384 3
7 The Power of the Stone

He grew furious that he had yet to understand the Stone. He had seen his brother put on the Cloak of Invisibility; he had seen its power and truth with his own eyes. And Antioch had killed the one wizard he had ever lost a duel to. All of the other gifts from Death worked flawlessly, but the stone...

He couldn't figure out just what to do. What was he doing wrong? Why hadn't Seraphine returned to him? Had he been cheated?

Edited and revised: 1/15/13

4,316 5
8 Home Away From Home

He swallowed and froze. His wish had been spoken, and now he didn't know what to say in return. He took a deep gulp of air and parted his lips, suddenly feeling parched. "I finally feel like I've found my home. I think I was meant to find you that day..."

Edited and revised: 1/15/13

4,503 3
9 And Then There Was One

Dominique couldn't sleep. No matter what she told Ignotus. He had told her to not wait up for him, but she hadn't listened. There was something unsettling about it all, something she couldn't quite place her finger on, and she wondered if Cadmus Peverell's time was upon them.

3,935 3
10 Lady Brigid of Pellinor

Ignotus swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat and let his eyes come to rest on Lady Brigid Pellinor for the first time in a decade.

4,923 3
11 Creature of the Afterlife

"NO!" cried out Ignotus in pain. "Their deaths are not my fault! They would never have listened to me! I am NOT the one to blame!"

"Do NOT quarrel with me, boy! We are killers. You and I. We killed your brothers. Together. And you do not even have to ask who is next to die," snarled Death.

4,166 4
12 Lord Callum Conway

Callum said in a husky voice. "All I wanted was to speak with you, my Lady."

"Is that so?" she chuckled and glanced at him fully. She caught the corners of his mouth tugging into a grin, and she turned back to set the bouquet of daisies down. "And why were you wanting to speak to me, my Lord?"

4,943 3
13 A Proposal.

"Well?" he inquired. "What is it then, Callum?"

"It has to do with Lady Dominique, my Lord," he replied.

Callum's sudden revert back to formal addresses did not go unnoticed to him. As Ignotus heard him being called 'my Lord' as he had, perhaps only been called once in his life by Callum, Ignotus knew Callum found it to be a truly serious matter.

4,840 2
14 Hearts Torn

"This isn't fair, Ignotus!" she burst. "Why can't I have a say in my own future? It's ridiculous, and it isn't fair!"

"I am so sorry..." he apologized sincerely. "What would you decide? If it was your decision to make."

"I don't know..."

5,243 4
15 The Bride To Be

Dominique curtsied in return. She couldn't help but smile at his charm. "My Lord," she greeted in reply.

"Yes, indeed," Ignotus replied to Callum's previous statement. Dominique was aware of Ignotus sucking a deep courageous breath, for he was giving her away for good. "We do have lovely news for you."

Callum beamed. "Oh, you do?"

4,920 4
16 Ambushed

"Bandits! In the ravine!" gasped Edmund in between breaths. "Callum and I! We were raided!"

"Callum?!" gasped Dominique, suddenly worried for his safety. If Edmund was here and looking so afraid and Callum was absent, what did that mean about Callum? Was he okay? She blurted her question, despite the inconvenience. She didn't care if it was inconvenient to ask at such a time. He was her betrothed, and his safety was the most important thing.

4,195 3
17 Mortal Wound

"I am dying, my love," he said quietly and sternly. "I am afraid I cannot be saved."

Tears fell from her eyes, and she shook her head in adamant refusal. "Don't say that," she whispered. "I'll make you better. I will."

3,492 4
18 A Mother's Love

Dominique nodded, and she knew was receiving the love of a mother, but it just wasn't the same. She found herself blurting out, "I want my mother."

3,344 1
19 The Power of Love

How angry would his mother truly be if he were to break off the engagement with Brigid? Fairly angry he knew, yes, but wouldn't she understand it was because he was in love? She was a woman, and Ignotus knew she had loved his father. Eirene knew what it was like to live without the one you love, so wouldn't she spare her son that same fate? Ignotus hoped she would...

4,910 2
20 The Noble House of Pellinor

"Look to the house," he said, his voice so quiet it was almost inaudible.

Dominique did so, and she beamed at what she saw. She immediately recognized Dax, the horse that had been Cadmus' and was now Tyrion's, and Arrow lapping at a bowl of water. There were also two horses tied to the posts out front that she did not recognize.

4,994 2
21 A Choice to Leave History Up to Chance

"Why, she is Uncle's betrothed!" declared Tyrion with innocent enthusiasm.

Ignotus stopped dead in his tracks, as did Dominique. She blubbered hopelessly. There had to be some sort of mistake. Ignotus wasn't engaged.

"H-His...His betrothed?"

3,910 4
22 Hallowed Flames

There was the smell of smoke. And then he saw it. Peverell Manor. Ablaze from ground to roof and crumbing into nothing.

3,822 4
23 Writing History

"As soon as I can," he answered. "Tomorrow. I cannot continue to put the lives of those I care about at risk. I will tell them tomorrow, and then I shall leave Godric's Hollow. Permanently."

"Leave?" gasped Edmund. "But you cannot! You have lived here your entire life. You have...I am here."

5,109 3
24 A Man On the Run From Death

“I owe you nothing, Ignotus Peverell!” snarled Death, and Ignotus recoiled in fear. It seemed that even speaking with a calm and collected tone wouldn’t be enough to control Death’s next attempt on his life. “Nothing! I spared your life when I gave you that cloak, you ungrateful swine! That was payment enough! Now you come to me and talk as if I owe you a favor when it is your life that you owe me every second you continue to breathe!”

4,921 3
25 A Girl Who Never Belonged

Now Dominique stood at the altar, watching her sister, as beautiful as ever in her satin gown, marry the man of her dreams. Dominique felt her heart breaking as she watched. She watched the way Teddy looked into her eyes, the way they held one another, the way they exchanged their vows. There was no denying that the two loved one another more than anything. It reminded Dominique of what she had shared with Ignotus, and now what she had lost.

3,658 5
26 A Choice to Leave Everything You Know For Love

"And you felt at home there? Loved? Special?" asked Harry. This time he took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

She hoped he didn't take it personally when she nodded. "Yes. I was special there. I was important, and I was so loved."

"Then, Dom," he said with a small smile, "I only have one question. Why in the world did you come back?"

5,177 2
27 And Love Prevails

"You and I. We love one another, more than anyone could ever fathom, and love prevails. Always."

3,907 4
28 Epilogue - Carry Me Home

“Because we love one another. You and I. More than anyone could ever fathom.”

“And love prevails,” breathed Dominique.

5,037 6


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