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    Snape, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Luna, Draco, Pansy, OC, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
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    Other Pairing
    Horror/Dark, Romance
    Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2011-09-01 4:48pm
    Last Chapter
    2012-03-07 8:00am
    Last Updated
    2012-03-07 8:00am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 A Mudblood in Slytherin

    It is the first year of Hogwarts...and the first year a muggle born gets housed in Slytherin....

    641 3
    2 Nameless

    The girl with an un-known name begins to find company.

    1,043 3
    3 Flirtation

    “What was that for you ridiculous bumbling-“
    “Seren. My name is Seren.” I started into the grey eyes of Draco Malfoy.....

    816 0
    4 Friendship

    I smiled back-now there was an idea - growing some weird plum in the greenhouses.

    669 0
    5 Torment

    I turned the page to re-read up on Plimpies, to notice it had been ripped out....

    845 0
    6 Luna and Dirigible Plums

    It was frustrating to have notes to read, company to talk to and weird smells to investigate....and I couldn’t do any of them.

    1,011 0
    7 Potions

    “One of the girls was trying to humour you with this. Well, she had succeeded. Plimpies? What the hell? But I thought you should have it back.”

    1,247 1
    8 The Unknown Friend

    “You spend too much time with that Looney girl.”

    “Her name is Luna.”


    1,184 1
    9 Leglimancy

    He had seen my feelings for him-was it possible he would be thinking “Well that was years ago”? ... I doubted it. He was still looking at me with the face that said he was deeply interested in me. And not in the good sense.

    951 1
    10 Seren

    The Sorting Hat was right, she did belong in Ravenclaw. And yet, even though there was no reason to, it placed her in Slytherin? Surely an immature crush at the age of eleven couldn’t persuade a wise old hat to ignore the rules?

    786 0
    11 The Room of Requirement.

    “Not a chance. The moment you find out, the moment I forget who I am. I am not letting that happen. Besides, you know far too much about me, I intend to find a lot more out about you.”

    1,780 1
    12 Nargles and Feexe

    “And I thought it was just a case of the Oglots! They’re a member of the nargle family you know!”

    993 1
    13 Hogsmeade

    “Seren, what the hell is a hair dryer?”

    “It’s a device we muggles created to use heat to dry hair. Honestly, for all you purebloods criticise us...you have no idea what we have come up with do you?”

    1,426 2
    14 Passion and the Beast

    “Wait, let’s go by the kitchens. I haven’t eaten in days, and now I think I could devour a whole hippogriff.” Seren replied, leading me down a different corridor, one I hadn’t ever been down before.

    “I don’t think one would taste nice. Not to mention that oaf would probably set his skrewts on you.”

    1,850 0
    15 The Tower of Ravenclaw

    “I think we’re both in for a crap day. I wonder if Madame Pomfrey makes allowances for severely troubled youths?”

    1,225 0
    16 Detention

    I stared wide eyed in horror at the professor. Surely he wasn’t asking us to break the law? On each other? I couldn’t even hurt Potter if it came to it. Not in a cold blood situation like this.

    1,479 0
    17 Hogsmeade Again

    "- I think....for a change.... I would like to try a different look. Maybe leave the earrings off....” I looked at the dirigible plums hanging from the ears, and the necklace made from butterbeer corks...

    1,311 0
    18 Draco’s Secret

    “I don’t want to do this. I was an idiot....even over summer; I thought being a Death Eater....I wanted to be like my father. I wanted to....but now....Seren, I can’t do it, but I have to. If I don’t, I’ll die.”

    1,695 0
    19 Preparation

    Luna was frantically lacing the back of my dress up, and cursing its complexity and spending more time unravelling the lace than fastening it up.

    “Draco. Better. Sodding. Appreciate. This. Sodding. Dress.”

    1,083 1
    20 The Yuletide Dance

    “Oh Draco! Where do you think half of your music comes from? Honestly, it isn’t just reserved for High Society Pureblood Wizarding Snobs, you know....or are you suggesting that is was Leopold Mozart and the Magical Violin?”

    1,766 0
    21 Aurora Borealis

    “Only the dead know what happens after life, and they have no voice to tell us do they?..."

    1,360 0
    22 Morning After

    “But please, tell me one thing...what in Merlin’s name are plimpies?!” He laughed as he said it, causing me to tumble off the sofa.

    1,745 0
    23 Caught in the Owlery

    Yeah, we’ll definitely send that letter Draco... I thought you made a cute ferret myself. Well, that made the embarrassing scenario slightly more bearable.

    1,246 0
    24 The Devil and the Flower

    Images of bouncing ferrets filled my imagination as a response to the previous thought. Owls continued to hoot mournfully at the disturbance, and others crunched on bones.

    631 0
    25 Destiny

    `The place we are going tonight is likely to be very dangerous, Harry. Tom will not have made it easy to find what is hidden there.` Dumbledore said ever so quietly, but the words dropped into the receptive cat ears as if they were stood above me and shouting. Who was Tom?

    1,042 0
    26 Loss

    "You're my best friend Luna...." I trailed off....I really didn't know what else to say.

    "You're my best friend too, Seren."

    895 0
    27 Malfoy Manor

    No mention of Seren.....She kept the promise made to me on the owlery; once Dumbledore was dead, Seren was not to exist. ....

    1,019 1
    28 Diagon Alley

    “Aaaaah, Master Malfoy” I nearly screamed. He still caught me unawares, tapping my shoulder lightly and scaring the life right from my ribcage.

    1,420 0
    29 Haunted

    About to turn away, a bloodcurdling scream reached my ears. Hers.

    1,107 1
    30 Punishment

    ....I was scared to leave for my mother’s sake. I had felt her heart beat the night I had arrived, and I knew her love for me at least was not faked.

    Could I fake Seren’s death somehow....

    650 0
    31 Running

    Hogsmeade wasn’t far from here, and I needed to find information out if nothing else....

    1,206 0
    32 Follow Me

    ...I found myself clutching at Draco’s robes, the smell of his washing over me and pulling me further in before I fell back into the oblivion I longed for....

    1,348 1


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