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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Charlie, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-08-31 6:16pm
Last Chapter
2012-05-03 3:58pm
Last Updated
2012-05-03 3:58pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Sick Day

 I have been feeling ill...wonder why?

2,205 8
2 Of course She's yours

 “I get it Malfoy, you want more money for this place, I will work something out, but I’m not in the mood to deal with you now.” I say breathing heavily.  I start to feel light headed and little dots appear in my vision.

2,489 7
3 An unexpected surprise

        That seems to snap him out of his shock and he takes in a hissing breath lets it out and looks down at my stomach, like the answers to all his questions would be found there.  He looks back up to my face and seems to study it.     

1,953 10
4 Anger and Jealousy

 A girl who also has the alleged father turn her away, then to be seen that very same day with a sexy mystery man, who if they end up with all the facts, just happens to be the baby’s, father’s, brother.”

2,030 5
5 No Comment Preferred

Both of us look at each other confused then a shadow appears over us, and we look up at none other than Draco Malfoy.

“Great, now the baby daddy is here, those reporters are going to LOVE this.”  I say sarcastically frowning at his smirk. 

“Well, hello to you too, momma.” He replies icily.  “Did you decide to just ignore my letter this morning?”  He growls at me.

2,737 4
6 Kiss to heal Attack

“Maybe you should kiss it to make it better.”  He suggests slyly while smirking though I see something in his eyes other than humour.

 “Ah, Malfoy, what exactly would you like me to kiss?”  I ask dryly leaning forward slightly.  “Your eyebrow?”

“Maybe just my lips, and that should cover it all.”  He suggests laughing softly.

2,821 10
7 She Glows


 He didn’t outwardly show it, he knew he wasn’t the father but for just a couple of minutes he was genuinely happy.

Then he looked at Granger’s face and that had snapped him out of it.  He teased her just like always and then she teased back that the baby was his, and he was hooked.  He wanted to get close to her, he for that brief time, had wanted the baby to be his.

2,911 6
8 Unusual Invitations

 Confused, I say.  “What?”  But either Gloria doesn't hear or just wants to have Malfoy sit with us she motions to him and before I know what is happening our table is set for four.

2,938 9
9 Dark Woods and Rain

“Why do you call each other by your last names?” Gloria buts in clearly enjoying the easy banter.

2,564 3
10 News Flash

 “I asked Potter.” He says sheepishly while smirking so it sort of ruins the affect.


“Nice, bribery I take it?”  I ask and he just shrugs.


“I do what I can.”  He says smartly and moves to set out our dinner.  “I was going for the ‘impress the girl’ route, how did I do?  He asks in such a knowing way that we both knew it isn’t a question that needs an answer.

3,027 10
11 Understanding

 Harry takes a couple deep breaths, and then sits for a couple minutes; he looks over at me and with a spark in his eye he asks. “Really you think Baby can hear when you talk?”  He doesn’t look like he is being sarcastic so I answer him truthfully.


“Yes.”  I shrug and put my hand on my little bump.


Harry smiles and says. “May I, ah, introduce myself?” He looks hopeful and seriously happy.

2,350 9
12 Late Night Soriee

 “What it looks like is that Hermione is pregnant.  You being her best friend talking to the baby as an uncle and NOBODY thought to tell me?”  She screeches looking partly angry and partly surprised.  “Why would you think of telling your bloody best girl friend?”  She yells at the room in general waving her arms around.

4,061 10
13 Another Surprise

 “We can give her a modified draught, but she will need to focus on something that calms her.” The healer gestures to Lucius and Hermione’s hands.  “A touch usually helps enough for the person to think through the panic with the modified draught.”


“She has a death grip on my hand, I don’t think I could even pry it off.”  Lucius says.

4,085 5
14 Growing and Falling

 I make my way to the kitchen to make something to eat and stop in the doorway seeing Ginny and Narcissa both in the kitchen, cooking.

2,946 8
15 The Date

"Hermione, are you almost ready?" Cassie calls through the door to my room, she had come over to get ready with me, and the boys are picking us up here. "The boys will be here soon."

2,985 6
16 Names and Pictures

 I am just about to ask what is going on when Narcissa speaks up, "Gin, did Hermione tell you she chose a name for Baby boy?"

3,075 9
17 The Shower

 “I know you will be a wonderful mum.” He says and downs another shot, then leans down and kisses my belly, “I am excited to see the next tricksters.”  He says and winks at me. I smile as I feel a little choked up.  Andromeda nods and George heads back to the line.

5,311 7
18 You are Safe

Lucius spoke up, “Once you woke up, I figured it was just a matter of time so I contacted everyone to share in the happiness.”  He looks nervous and his cheeks turn pink.

3,162 7
19 So Smart...Or not?

  I wait outside the loo for her to come back out, and once she is out, there is no more hiding, this will work I tell myself, and I take a deep breath I let it out as she opens the door.

1,737 13
20 Mad Lib

“Ginny what do you have planned for tonight?”  I ask looking at her warily as I pull the dress off the hanger.

3,121 9
21 Fear

 Marcus looks at Alicia who is blushing furiously and shrugs. “Cute huh?  Whatever helps you win.”  He then takes her hand and pulls her out to dance.

4,079 6
22 Despair

 “Yeah, I thought it was you because I saw red hair, it’s not hard to miss.”  He says and smiles a little still looking confused and a bit uneasy.


“Oh, no.”  Ginny says barely above a whisper, feeling the blood rush from her head and swaying slightly.


Marcus grabs Ginny around the waist to keep her from falling and asks in concern, “Ginny, what’s wrong, who was it?”

3,014 5
23 Honour

 Harry stands there stunned for a couple minutes before shaking himself, and stepping into the floo, calling out St. Mungos.

3,914 7
24 Promises

I open my eyes to the sun streaming in the window.  I blink a couple times trying to figure out where I’m at, and then I remember that I’m at the Manor and I’m getting married today. 

4,726 7
25 The Delivery

 I rub my belly through the pain and take a deep breath, “Thank you all for coming to our wedding.  Please stay and enjoy yourselves.” 

3,374 7
26 Introducing

  “I would like to introduce to you, Mr. Draco Lucius, and Mrs. Hermione Jean Malfoy...

4,177 2
27 Unwelcome Visitor

 “Monday?”  I whisper and Lucas’ arms tighten around my neck as I feel tears fall from my eyes in dread.

3,305 2
28 What do we do?

 “I hate Mondays.”  I deadpan and shrug; she looks at me for a minute then shakes her head on a chuckle.

2,695 3
29 Last Chance

 Draco looks from the top of Libra’s head to me and grins, just as Lucas chimes in, “Mummy.”  Then Lucas giggles pushing his face into my neck, which makes me chuckle feeling hopeful and happy.  Maybe Monday won’t be so horrible.

3,283 2
30 Dreaded Meeting

 “Go to sleep sweetheart, I’ll watch over you.”  Draco whispers against my ear and kisses my hair as I drift off in his arms.

3,013 4
31 It’s a Pleasure

 I laugh and nod, “You know you are never allowed to leave or quit, because I will never find anyone as talented as you.”  I say and watch Jake blush at the compliment.

3,683 5
32 Not again

 She blinks at him turning red and looks from his hand to his face and back again a few times.  She seems to not know what to do and is completely star struck.  I giggle a bit then lean in to Harry and whisper, “You are her hero.”

3,190 5
33 Future

Maybe I do like Mondays after all I think to myself, then I really think about it and shake my head chuckling, nope still hate Mondays.


1,537 27


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