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    Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, Lily, James, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC
    Drama, General
    Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2011-08-23 2:45am
    Last Chapter
    2012-08-07 1:47am
    Last Updated
    2012-08-07 1:47am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 There's always a first

    "Potter," Lily greeted him, "You got Alexis a detention." Oh Merlin, she was going to draw the attention to me. I wished the floor would just swallow me whole there and then.
    "Alexis? Who's Alexis?" he said cluelessly. I've been in your year and in the same house as you and have been for the past 4 years. Are you blind?!

    1,125 14
    2 Spilt pumpkin juice

    "Yo, Pads! Move your derriere," James appeared with Peter and shoved Sirius to make room for himself. Sirius dramatically swept his arms as he was pushed closer to me and in the process dumped pumpkin juice all over me.

    2,110 5
    3 Mounting brooms

    "Very good, Miss Rose. 30 points to Gryffindor,' she whispered uncharacteristically and moved to help a Slytherin. I blinked a few times, wondering if I just imagined what I had seen.

    2,681 4
    4 Par-taay Pooooper


    3,091 3
    5 Too young to die

    I looked up to the teachers table, but Professor Merrythought was the only teacher there and she was eating like there was no tomorrow, so I wasn't going to get any help there.
    All too soon, I reached the Marauders. I gulped and said as casually as I could,
    "Hey, guys. What's up?"

    1,477 4
    6 Rebecca

    It has been 9 years since your mother has gone. 9 years of watching you grow up. I wish she'd been here with us every step of the way. Every day I regret being with her because it is my fault she was disowned by her family.

    1,496 4
    7 Ugly words

    "You stay away from her." A second voice said,
    "And if I don't? What are you going to do, Potter?" oh, so it was Smith talking to James. Alice nudged me with wide eyes and mouthed,
    "What do we do?" I put my finger to my lips and flattened myself against the wall and kept listening.

    1,789 3
    8 Real love?

    "What are you guys talking about? He's...James Potter. He makes my life hell," she protested.
    "Sure thing, Lils. You keep telling yourself that," Alice snorted. Right about at this point she was laughing so hard she fell of her bed.

    1,484 3
    9 Shock horror

    "Shock horror!" leaked from his mouth. I glared at him and he gave me a loopy grin, "I'm not the one in luuuurve with Alexis!

    2,731 5
    10 Side effects

    "Alexis?" Remus shouted over the din, "Are you all right?"
    And that was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

    1,574 3
    11 Butterbeer is for girls

    People were dancing and drinking and eating and there were some couples in their own private little corners. A bit early in the night for that kind of stuff, I think.
    The party was just getting started.

    1,698 3
    12 Butt-chin and Elf-ears

    "Sirius..." I said. Maybe he would talk to me, although I wasn't sure why he was angry at Remus.<
    "Don't, Alexis. Just don't," He said sadly.

    1,142 2
    13 Ready for anything...

    "Lumos," I whispered and braced myself for whatever horrors Lily had gotten herself into.
    Basilisks to boggarts, I was ready.

    1,320 2
    14 ...except Sirius Black

    "Don't worry. What's the worst that could go wrong?" I assured her. We were sitting in a corridor a few hallways away from Sirius and Alexis.
    "He doesn't have his wand! Alexis could KILL HIM!" she shrieked.

    1,309 3
    15 Let me out

    Today was the big day: I'd decided I was going to ask Rosie to Hogsmeade.

    1,554 3
    16 Believe it or not

    I was walking back to Gryffindor tower when I was attacked by Butt-chin and Elf-ears.
    "Sirius!!? Elf-ears cooed.
    "Um, hey?" I forgot what her name was.

    2,450 3
    17 A friend in need

    James looked terrible. There was a long rip down the back of his robes while his tie was slung around his neck. His hair didn't stick up in every direction like it normally did.
    "Dunnno," I said, "He came back from McGonagall's looking pretty upset."

    1,685 5
    18 Taken for granted

    “Nice to meet you, Mrs Rose,” Lily said.
    “She’s not Mrs Rose,” I said quickly, “Not yet anyway.” Lily shot me a look that said why are you being so bratty?
    “Call me, Rebecca,” she smiled her large fake smile.

    2,415 4
    19 Just Alexis Rose

    "Where is what going?" he said while running his hand though his hair.
    "This," I said gesturing towards him and then me, "Us."

    1,709 3
    20 Diamonds in the sky

    I kept sipping my firewhisky while I looked out the window. The night sky was like a black cloak and the stars were like diamonds.
    Suddenly, I knew what I had to do to get Rosie back. I had to get her a star: I had to get her the best diamond of all.

    1,789 4
    21 Someone else's secret

    The stag mustn’t have realised that I was there because it started to trot in my direction. I wanted to scream: to yell and rage and ask the stupid stag what it was doing but I had no time for emotions as the werewolf suddenly sniffed the air and looked right at me.

    2,566 3
    22 She knew

    What she was saying was ridiculous. I mean, I'd just started first grade and she wanted to talk about me getting married?
    But it all made sense now. Mum was telling me to follow my heart and not be influenced by other peoples' thinking's and ways of life.

    1,859 3
    23 Avoiding explanations

    "I...I don't know," I said. How did I feel about Remus being a werewolf? I hadn't anytime to think about it last night and it was just starting to sink in.

    1,528 5
    24 The truth

    "You knew?" Dad spluttered, "You knew that Esmeralda was going to kill Calla?"
    "Yes. It's all my fault," I sobbed. I wanted Dad to give me a hug and tell me it was ok and that it wasn't my fault. I wanted him to make me warm milk like Mum used to. I wanted him to not be so disappointed in everything I did.
    There were many things I wanted but instead, Dad got up and silently walked out of my room.

    1,719 5
    25 Mending broken ties

    Slowly my mind turned to what Dumbledore had told me the day after the full moon.
    No doubt that every single thing will come true...use this gift for the greater good...
    Was he right in saying that everything I Saw would come true? Maybe I was just a really bad Seer and my mind just liked playing tricks on me.

    1,851 3
    26 Something to tell you

    “Alexis has been hiding something,” she said in an accusing voice. I looked out the window and didn’t say anything.
    “What?” Alice asked, “Al, what is it?” I was silent for a while, hoping that maybe they would give up.
    “I can’t say,” I whispered. Lily snorted.

    1,793 4
    27 Secrets and lies

    I avoided looking even in her direction. I mean, what was I supposed to say?
    I hated it when I didn't know where I stood with people I cared about.

    1,817 6
    28 Facing the music

    My mind rejected this explanation. It was just so wrong.
    But it was the only explanation.
    I felt sick at the thought of what lay ahead in life for Sirius.

    2,200 5
    29 Different this time

    "It's no problem. You probably should be going to sleep," James said.
    "I don't think Al wants me up there. Not after what I said to her anyways," Lily whispered, "And besides, Dorcas and Mary are up there."
    "I'm sure everyone will be asleep by now, but how about you come sleep in the boys dorm?" James suggested. This was scandalous. Lily Evans sleeping in the boys dorm on the request of James Potter?

    1,889 6
    30 Forgiveness

    "So that's it?" Al said and stared at me, "That's all we're going to do?"
    "Well...yeah," I said feebly.
    "James," she said and took a sip of her pumpkin juice, "They just insulted and hurt your precious Lily flower-"
    "I'm not his Lily flower!"
    "- and all you're going to do is prank them?" She stared at me some more.

    1,152 4
    31 Love of my life

    James' eyes bulged. His face flushed and his breathing speed up. He choked on the piece of toast in his mouth. Remus thumped him on his back but that probably just made it worse, judging by the way James was swatting at his hands. I looked over to Lily to find that she had left her seat and was running out of the Great Hall.

    1,434 3
    32 A Marauder secret

    "No no no! Definitely not Al!" Lily said and looked up at me, "We can't tell her!"
    "And why not, Lily?" I demanded.
    "Do you know how she will look at me if we told her?" Lily said and covered her face with her hands, "She would be so disgusted and horrified and she wouldn't want to be friends. She'd hate me!"

    1,512 4
    33 We need to talk

    "Are you done?" I said quietly.
    "Then get out and let me sleep." I yanked the curtains out of his hands and rolled over.

    2,034 3
    34 Enjoy it now

    If Lily like James, then that was ok. If she started going out with him then it was not good at all.
    If she actually liked him and she acted on it then there was every chance that what I had Seen would become true.

    1,487 5
    35 The definition of 'ok'

    I still loved Lily with the bottom of my heart but things had changed.

    1,750 3
    36 Save your questions

    "A serious incident had occurred," he started off, "Although I do not know the full story, it appears that Miss Evans took it upon herself to confront and number of Slytherin. Unfortunately they were too strong for her but luckily Miss Rose and Mr Black came to her aid but it was still the three of them against about 6 Sly-"

    1,507 0


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