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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-08-21 4:12pm
Last Chapter
2012-12-10 10:19pm
Last Updated
2012-12-10 10:19pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Moving and Potter's and Weasley's Oh My!

Paislee's Dad drops a bomb on her. She has to move to another country. Not the easiest thing to do. She meets Dominique and Rose Weasley, who are rather nice, and then James Potter and Fred Weasley, who are rather pratish.

"Sure, being named after an atrocious fabric pattern is really pretty." Paislee Hayes

3,939 6
2 Chapter 2: Getting to Know One Another Is…Er…Great?

Everyone starts to get to know one another on the carriage ride to the castle. Is Paislee ready to tell everyone about her Mom? And will they all think she's just some crazy American? Probably, but at least she's in good company with a bunch of crazy Brits!


“I’m also quick with a wand.” I warned. James smirked.
“I can’t wait to test that.” James said.

3,025 1
3 Chapter 3: New Friends, New Life, New Classes. Sigh.

It's Paislee's first day of classes and she has to do something she absolutely hates doing.......waking up before 10am.

Shenanigans ensue as Paislee meets her fellow dorm mates and starts to see just how big of pranksters James and Freddie are. Plus there's a suprise for the Weasley/Potter clan as they enter their first class of DADA.

5,002 2
4 Quidditch Situations.

Quidditch try outs are finally here! And Paislee is ready to show these Brits a thing or two about being a Quidditch player! Will she be able to handle all those gorgeous Brits on the pitch? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 4!
“How can you get used to that?!” I asked gesturing to the gaggle of gorgeous guys.
Ha. Say that five times fast! - Paislee Hayes

4,801 3
5 Things are Getting a Bit Serious...

Paislee has her first Quidditch match up. How will she deal with the smack talk and competitivness of Quidditch? Will Gryffindor win their first match? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 5!

"Can't accompnay me to my cousin's wedding if your unconscious." James said.

"That's the only way I'll accompany you." - Paislee Hayes


5,321 3
6 The Potter/Weasley Domain...Dun, Dun, Duuuunnnnn!

Paislee finally makes it to The Burrow. Will she be able to survive the onslaught of Weasley's and Potter's? And is James talking about her to his parents? Shenanigans ensue in chapter six!


“Just wait until you meet the rest of them. They’ll be begging for the two of you to talk the entire time. Oh and don’t forget to say ‘ya’ll’ as much as you can Jace. Man oh man, that gets me every time.” Ron said with a laugh.

5,932 5
7 It May Not be My Party but I’ll Cry if I Want Too.

James' party is finally here! What will Paislee be for the costume party? What happens when James opens her present? And what will Paislee do when Freddie decides to make everyone play a Muggle game? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 7!


No offense but you’re slower than molasses in an igloo.” I told him.
James burst out laughing.
“That is the oddest expression I have ever heard in my life American.” James said.

5,544 5
8 Realizations and Terrible Plans

Paislee has a realization and she's not too happy about it. Plus her crazy friends are implementing a plan that she thinks is terrible and won't work. What is Paislee going to do since her friends won't listen to her? Is she going to survive the next month? Shenanigans ensue in chapter eight!

Stupid-girl-that-totally-stole-my-future-husband, say what?- Paislee Hayes.

6,272 10
9 Lots of Unexpected Surprises

So the plan has been put into action! But, will it work? Will Paislee be cooperative or her usual uncooperative self? What will happen to the other boys who happen to notice Paislee's new look? Will James realize his feelings for her? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 9!

“Whatever! I do not love James. I like him, but I don’t love him. I’m too young to be in love with anyone.” I said with an eye roll. -Paislee Hayes

5,767 1
10 Christmas Balls and the End of Term

The ball is finally here! Paislee is excited to go with Braeden and all of her other friends. What will they be wearing? What will Braeden say when he sees Paislee? And what'll happen when Paislee sees James and Kaelynn? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 10!!!

"How can anyone look at us gorgeous Brits with this breathtakingly beautiful American standing here?" -James Potter

3,970 0
11 Christmas at the Burrow: Part One

 The Holidays are finally here and Paislee and the crew are headed to the Burrow. Paislee is excited to spend some non-school time with her friends. But what happens when James catches Paislee in an emotional state? Will he comfort her? And will Paislee allow herself to open up to someone? Or will she be her usual stubborn self and push them away? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 11!

"I'm not going anywhere Paislee. I'll stay right here. You won't be alone." 

4,700 6
12 Christmas at the Burrow: Part Two

Paislee wakes up in James' arms after a horrific night. Starlene and Scorpius finally make it to the Burrow. Will they be able to cheer her up? And what happens when James finally hears how his family and Paislee feel about his girlfriend? Will Paislee be able to smooth things over with James? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 12!

"I care. I care so much it scares me." -James Potter

4,427 8
13 Boyfriends, Girlfriends, the Whole Sha-Bang

Paislee and James have finally kissed! They've admitted they like each other and that they care about one another. Where do they go from here? Will James dump Kaelynn? Will Paislee tell Braeden she likes someon else? Or will they act like nothing has happened? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 13!

 "I know that I'd drop Braeden like a bad habit in an instant if it meant I could be with you." - Paislee Hayes

3,869 5
14 Some Fights, Some Tears, and Some Laughs.

So the gang has found out about James and Paislee and they're estatic to say the least. Paislee and James are learning all they can about one another. But what happens when a fight breaks out within the family? Will Paislee be able to help both sides? Or will she be stuck in the middle? Will it help? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 14!

 "It takes only a split second for a loved one to be taken away Lily, you don't want to waste any moment being me." - Paislee Hayes

3,800 3
15 The Quidditch Cup and Serious Injuries

The three Potter kids are finally doing better and guess what? The Quidditch final is finally here! It's Slytherin against Gryffindor and Paislee is stoked for the opportunity to help her new friends win the cup! Will Gryffindor win? What will Paislee do when the competition heats up a bit? And what happens when tragedy strikes? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 15!

I watched as his chest rose and fell shakily. It looked as if he were fighting for each breath.- Paislee Hayes.

3,981 4
16 Guilt Thy Name is Paislee...

James is in a coma and doesn't look as if he's going to wake up anytime soon. Paislee and her friends keep vigil, but what happens when the guilt of what happened to James starts eating at Paislee? Why does she blame herself? And will she let anyone in and help her to see the truth? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 16!

'They went after him because of me! This is all my fault and I have to apologize! I have to make up for what I did!' - Paislee Hayes

5,089 2
17 No Time Like the Present

James is recovering from his injuries and him and Paislee are going closer and closer. They're still not an official couple though. So what is James waiting for? Is he ever gonna ask Paislee to be his girlfriend? And what happens when James and Paislee realize their feelings for one another are stronger than ever? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 17!

Well, there's a Hogsmeade weekend when we get back from Easter break. We could go to the Three Broomsticks, visit Zonko's, stroll to the Shrieking Shack and snog...- James Potter

4,490 10
18 Word Vomit and Other Dangerous Devices.

Paislee and the gang head to the Burrow when many things happen. Dress Robes fittings, promises are made, and a not-such-a-secret, secret is revealed. What will happen when Teddy and Vic ask Paislee for a favor? Will she accept, or decline? And what will happen when James finds out Paislee's plans for the future? Shenanigans ensue in chapter 18! 

"Like I could ever forget y'all! You'll just bug the heck outta me until I end up visiting y'all or y'all visiting me!" -Paislee Hayes

4,016 6
19 Birthday Surprises and Proclamations.

Paislee finally told James of her plans for the future. James isn't accepting it. But there isn't much time left as the end of the school year draws closer as well as Paislee's birthday. What does James have planned for her birthday? Will James be able to admit his feelings about Paislee?  Shenanigans ensue in chapter 19!

“I can’t imagine my life without you Paislee. You have become such an important part of my life…such an important part of me." James Potter

3,365 2
20 Finals Finally Arrive. Ugh.

It's finally time for finals! Professors are cramming information down students throat and it's almost too much to bear. Graduation and Teddy and Vic's wedding is coming up fast! Paislee's iminent depature looms in the very near future. Will James be able to make his last few weeks with Paislee last? Will Paislee still leave? Shenanigans ensue in ch. 20!

"Why is everything so bloody complicated?" I groaned.

"Did she just say bloody?" Freddie asked.

3,290 1
21 Graduation, Weddings, and Goodbyes

So much is happening and Paislee feels like her head is spinning! Graduation, Weddings, and then the big move back to America! Will James be able to convince her to stay? What will Paislee ultimately decide to do? Shenanigans ensure in chapter 21!

" I'll love you forever and the life after this, if there is one, I'll love you then as well."

5,647 2
22 Home

Paislee left. She's gone. She's back in America with her family and her old friends and her new school. But is it everything she dreamed it would be? Or is all not as it seems? What happens when Paislee isn't exactly happy with how things are going? And what will happen when an old friend gives her something new to think about? Find out in the final chapter of Southern Comfort!


"Time never fails to remind us of what we once had." 

4,794 16


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