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Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/OC, OC/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-08-20 4:58pm
Last Chapter
2012-10-28 1:26pm
Last Updated
2012-10-28 1:26pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 September 1st, 2015

Of making new friends, and starting it all over.

"I think we'll be good friends Lise" he told me. I nodded and smiled, fiddling with my plait... I'd thought that too.

1,546 5
2 September 1st, 2021

Back to present time, first day back of seventh year.

"I've just realised that... that Lise is a girl!"

2,244 3
3 I Hate Mondays

James smiled at me and guided my hands to my skirt zip, allowing me to slide the zip down and step out of my skirt.

"I never thought I'd be undressing you Lise."

"I never thought I'd let you."

3,887 4
4 A Knack for Embarrassing Situations

"So Lynch, why don't we go look for the Room of Requirement? Because Hagrid's not the only Giant at Hogwarts if you know what I mean."

2,620 2
5 Robert Darcy

He was gorgeous. In fact, he wasn't just gorgeous, he was full on heart-meltingly, drool-worthy delicious. I just wanted to jump his bones right now, and I was only staring at the back of his head.

2,492 2
6 Naomi Smith

In which Anneliese meets a girl that she will quickly learn to despise. Hopefully, James will too.

"Morning James" she giggled and kissed his cheek lightly.

"Hey Naomi" he smiled and turned to face me. "Sorry Lise, this is Naomi."

"Hi" she smiled prettily at me. "I'm in sixth year, Ravenclaw."

"Oh right. Sorry, I don't know you."

4,225 6
7 Forgiveness

In which Anneliese battles with herself, her friends, James, and a certain fake-blonde haired Ravenclaw.

"Freddy, please drill this into that thick skull of yours. It's not that he's with her, even though I don't like her at all, its the fact that he had the nerve to have a go at me for being with Robert and not telling him about it,  even though I wasn't, and then not tell me that he was with Naomi! We're meant to be best friends!"

4,102 1
8 A Manipulative Witch

In which Anneliese is blunt, cheeky, fun, and then breaks down.


Although I knew Naomi would roar with triumph if she heard my thoughts and Bea would murder me for backing down, Naomi had won.

2,807 1
9 The Drama Begins

Everything seems to go downhill from here.

"You're being idiotic!" I shouted at her. "Choosing Naomi over Bea, what are you thinking?!"

"What are you thinking ignoring James for? Isn't he your best friend!"

2,002 4
10 A Heartbreaking Moment

In which James doesn't do himself any favours. Let's just say, his sister wasn't too happy with him.

"I am going to murder my brother Lise" I heard Lily snarl. "He is going to rue the day he ever chose that bint over you. And I'm going to kill her too!"

2,995 8
11 Merry Christmas!

Off to the Weasley's, as it's that time of year again.

"Did Freddy wake you up to early?" George grinned from opposite me, nudging his son. "We heard his squeals."

"Hey, Lise and I had loads of fun unwrapping our presents together!" Freddy pouted at his father.

4,961 3
12 Happy New Year!

And with New Year, comes new surprises. Who knew life could get even
more complicated for poor old Anneliese?!

2,785 8
13 Back To School

In which the students board the Hogwarts Express, and Lise finds she can't hide from James or Robert Darcy for any longer.

'There was one thing I was sure of now, James Sirius Potter was a git and I was never kissing him again.'

1,956 5
14 The Broom Cupboard

In which events occur. These events are exactly what the title suggests.

1,964 4
15 Through His Eyes

Life's trials and tribulations through the eyes of James Potter... definitely interesting.

1,672 4
16 He Doesn't Care

Back to Anneliese's point of view. Simply a short filler.

1,468 7
17 The Witch Revealed

Back to James' POV, where we learn the story behind Naomi Smith. Can she be forgiven?

2,265 9
18 A Well Awaited Apology

In which James and Lise talk, or rather, talk for a small amount of time. As we know, James must apologise. But can he?

2,248 6
19 It All Falls Down

I didn't want to bother anymore, I didn't want to care anymore.

2,632 7
20 I Don't Trust You

Lise's life falls apart and she and James get a little lost within all the drama.

2,891 11
21 Eveline Warbeck

Anneliese finshes Hogwarts on a low note and returns home to her mother.

3,814 3
22 Fred Weasley II

Naomi comes to visit, Lise makes a mess at her new home and must learn to stop and think for once.

3,003 9
23 A Trial of the Strength of Friendship

We now experience the aftermath of the unexpected kiss. And the comeback of a special someone!

2,958 11
24 Guess Who's Back?

THE RETURN OF THE JAMES-MISTER. And another familiar character!

4,123 9
25 Confused

More of a filler than anything else. Lise is attempting to sort everything out in her life.

2,912 5
26 Together At Last

A chapter full of surprises, cliches and happiness.

3,315 12
27 The Day After

It's Hogsmeade day, and Naomi's back in action! Que a whole lot of Fred/Naomi awkwardness.

4,137 13
28 The Ball

 She tilted her head backwards as he said something to make her laugh and my stomach began to twist violently in jealousy.

penultimate chapter!

3,830 17
29 The End

Final chapter! Just a simple round-off of this story! Thanks so much for reading and loving Lise and James (not to mention the rest of the gang) as much as I do! x

3,119 27


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