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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, General, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2011-08-18 1:20pm
Last Chapter
2016-03-14 12:08am
Last Updated
2016-03-14 12:08am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Reunion

Harry wakes up the morning after the Battle of Hogwarts. What will the first few days of the rest of his life have in store?

Edited January 2012 - thanks so much to everyone who has left feedback!

5,019 32
2 Rebuilding

Rebuilding work gets under way at Hogwarts, and Harry and Ginny get closer.

2,483 16
3 Choices

 Harry, Ron and Hermione have choices to make about their future.

3,760 11
4 September 1st - Part 1

 Ginny and Hermione return to Hogwarts - and there is a surprise in store for them.

2,729 14
5 September 1st - Part 2

 The Ministry of Magic welcomes its newest Junior Aurors.

4,921 7
6 Return to Hogwarts

Harry and Ron complete their first month as trainee Aurors, before returning to school. What does Professor McGonagall have in store for them on their arrival at Hogwarts?

4,363 9
7 Of Animagi and Men

Professor McGonagall teaches Harry and Ron to become Animagi, with some unexpected results. Meanwhile, Ginny has plans for Harry's last night at Hogwarts.

Betaed by the utterly fabulous CambsAngst - thank you so much!

5,220 8
8 As You Were

Ron struggles to come to terms with Harry and Ginny's relationship, Hermione has a confession to make, and Draco finds himself out in the cold. Meanwhile,  there's an important development at the Auror office.

Betaed by the amazing CambsAngst - thank you! Reviews are very welcome! I would love to know what you think.

5,943 10
9 A Christmas to Remember

The Christmas party at Grimmauld Place proves to be a night to remember, especially for Ron and Hermione, and Mr Weasley has a surprise for Harry. 

6,419 8
10 Quidditch Fever

 Quidditch returns to Hogwarts, and Ginny receives and unexpected request for help.

5,188 12
11 Crushed

Ron and Harry make a familiar journey and Ginny has an apology to make. Meanwhile Draco overhears something interesting...

5,461 11
12 The Thin Blue Line

The trainee Aurors find themselves back on the 'Wanted' list, Ron learns an important lesson, and a visit to a crime scene turns out to be more important than anyone realised.

6,296 6
13 Commemoration Day

Harry struggles with mixed feelings as the wizarding community commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. Ginny reaches a decision about her future.

6,776 12
14 The Winner Takes it All?

Ginny impresses her sporting idol, the seventh years take their final exams, and a secret is revealed at the post N.E.W.T. party.

6,680 15
15 Crossroads

On N.E.W.T. results day, the post owl brings Ginny news that will change her life. But how will it affect her relationship with Harry?

7,067 8
16 A Tale of Two Houses

Harry and Ron make a big step forward at work, while Ron interferes with Hermione's plans to find a flat of her own. Meanwhile, Ginny makes the move the Holyhead, and makes some surprising new friends.

7,130 3
17 Cracks

While Ron and Hermione make the most of sharing a home, Harry and Ginny begin to feel the strain of their separate lives. Meanwhile, the Weasley family welcomes its newest addition.

5,779 4
18 We All Fall Down

A major success at work leaves Harry and Ron elated, but then a break on the Jugson case leads to tragedy for the Auror Office.

5,209 4
19 Aftermath

Ben's death hits Harry hard, while a piece of evidence recovered by Ron and the rest of the team at the crime scene points the investigation in an unexpected direction. 

4,473 7
20 Shattered

When the Malfoy family find themselves on the wrong side of the law once more, Draco finally takes his revenge on Harry and Ginny.

6,023 7
21 Lean On Me

Ron and Hermione piece together the events leading up to Harry and Ginny’s break-up. Then, as Hermione provides much-needed support to her friends, Ron seeks out Draco Malfoy, looking for retribution.

7,340 12
22 Ginny's Story

Ginny throws herself into her work as she tries desperately to come to terms with her split from Harry. Then a letter arrives that shakes her resolve...

4,273 10
23 Harry's Story

Harry is in shock as he struggles to cope both with losing Ginny and Ron’s anger. Then, a mistake at work leads to a very close call indeed.

5,867 7
24 Where the Grass is Greener

Ginny is flying high with the Harpies, but still feels empty without Harry. Will an unexpected offer help to fill the void? Meanwhile, Harry dreads spending Christmas alone.

7,489 9
25 Crash and Burn

Harry finally begins to feel as thought he's finding his feet again. But when Percy lets slip about Ginny's new relationship, things take a turn for the worse

6,928 11
26 The New Normal

Harry struggles to cope with Ginny's relationship with Viktor, while Percy's wedding stirs up some surprising emotions for Ginny.

6,579 12
27 Epiphany

Ron makes a momentous decision, but soon comes to question the wisdom of his choice. Meanwhile, is there trouble ahead for Ginny and Viktor?

4,828 11
28 Pop Goes the Question

Ron finds it more difficult than expected to propose to Hermione, especially when Harry's lack of discipline ruins his plans. But could the consequences be even more serious? Meanwhile, Viktor has a surprise for Ginny.

6,117 17
29 The Things We Do For Love

While Ron is held captive by Rabastan Lestrange, Hermione hatches a plan to rescue him. Meanwhile, Ginny has an answer for Viktor.

6,365 19
30 Intervention

Ron returns to the Ministry in triumph, and is delighted by his reward for his heroics. Meanwhile, an unpleasant confrontation make Harry realise that he needs to make some changes if he is going to turn his life around.

6,300 12
31 Green Shoots

Harry begins to put his life back together as his probation starts, while Ginny has adjustments of her own to make when she returns to Holyhead. 

7,912 20
32 Homecoming

Harry continues to get his life back on track, Ron has plans for Hermione's birthday, and two familiar faces make a welcome return.

5,572 5
33 Shock and Awe - Part 1

Hermione's party throws Harry and Ginny together again. Meanwhile, there's an unwelcome surprise for the birthday girl.

7,967 23


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