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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2011-08-14 7:19pm
Last Chapter
2012-10-28 9:29am
Last Updated
2012-10-28 9:29am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth to Bite With.

Where else would it begin but Privet Drive, it's haven still offered to Harry.

7,045 6
2 What happened … happened!

Back at Grimmauld Place Ron explains what happened at Privet Drive and Ginny deals with her heart ache. Molly remembers the unusual birth of her only daughter.

4,222 3
3 Just Between Us!

From heart ache to horcruxes a few days at Grimmauld Place can change a lot.

4,135 2
4 Love Snares and Madeye Prepares !

Harry bids farewell to the Weasleys and awaits his seventeenth birthday, but time doesn't go idly by.

4,253 2
5 House Head, House Elves and House Rules.

Harry comes of age and finds his life gets more complicated, rather than less. Unexpected developments, rewards and consequences follow when earning an apparation license becomes a dance with celebrity

4,537 1
6 Dead Dad, Dementors, Dragons and Despair.

Going to Godrics Hollow, Harry learns the secret of his family heritage.


Hope everyone is enjoying the story so far, please if you read, review. I'd really like to know what you liked or disliked.




3,817 3
7 A Sorcerous Beginning.

In desparation Harry flees Godric's Hollow and under duress his magic becomes primal. Chaos or order, good or evil only time will tell.

3,522 3
8 Stolen Time with the Fishes

Big thank you to all who have read and especially those who have reviewed. Please Please Please if you read review, good or bad, long or short let me know what you think.

Harry wakes after his ordeal to the guilt of what has happened, dealing with it takes him further from home than he would have thought possible. Greater responsibility and greater power and a step nearer his destiny.

4,388 3
9 Home is Where the Heart Bleeds

Returning to Hogwarts, Harry has a lot to explain.


Thanks again to all who have read and reviewed and I ask again ... please, please, please if you read the story ... love it or hate it ... please review.




3,758 3
10 Love and Hate and Dinner Dates

Harry, tells his tale and pledges his heart and accidentally plays match-maker, all in a days work!

6,557 4
11 And a Good Night to You Too.

The young couples settle in and enjoy a night of relative peace

4,188 3
12 A Day of Innocence Blackened

Voldemort keeps the preassure on and Harry is attacked from another angle.

4,631 1
13 Time to Regroup and Fortify.

The hogwarts refugees take stock and prepare to return to the world at large.

3,585 1
14 Another Piece of the Puzzle.

The truth comes out, as information is shared, but not everything is understood by everybody. Potter Mansion calls and the Black inheritance shows its dark origins.

6,289 3
15 Two Down and Two Down

Breaking from canon yet again, please review and let me know if I'm stretching the boundaries enough or too much for your liking.

Unexpected results from touching Helga Hufflepuffs cup, leave Harry and Giny facing as unexpected apponent. Hermione realises what its like for Harry risking those he loves ... and the price of acquiring another horcrux proves to be too dear.

3,571 1
16 Opposites Attract and Interact

The twins visit the Burrow and Ginny returns to Grimmauld Place.

4,981 1
17 Explanations and Extrapolations

Harry wakes to accusations, explanations frustration and experimentation. Just another few ordinary days in the life ...

5,046 0
18 Books, Quidditch, Wands and Finished

Time to get ready to go back to school. Easy huh! unless you're a mermaid.

4,300 0
19 Back with a Difference

Back to Hogwarts where its darkest before the dawn

6,084 1
20 Teaching, Learning, Satisfaction, Yearning.


Thanks to all who are still reading. Almost 6000 reads yet so few reviews. Please please please review it would mean a lot to little ol me ;0)

Harry comes to grips with his new role and Voldemort loses his grip on his patience. What will this new shift in Harry's life bring?

4,509 1
21 Animagus Clever

Harry settles in to one big change in his life, only to find another.

4,308 3
22 Castle Under Attack? Release the Dragon

Harry settles in to a teaching life and he reacts to Voldemorts lesson with unexpected savagery.

5,640 0
23 Potions Commotions and Notions

Harry finds more than the students in awe of him and a Ministerial visit reveals an unexpected ability.

4,528 3
24 Love and the Powers Thereof.

Old loves, new hate. New loves no breakfast ... go figure!

3,841 1
25 Waning Magic and Surging Feelings

Harry truely takes on the role of Professor Potter, but he's still the son of a marauder.

3,849 1
26 A Taste of His Own Medicine and the Side-Effects.

Wheels get set in motion, paths start to diverge as each side suffer set backs.

4,634 1
27 A Captured Trial and the Trials of Capture.

Harry and Ginny search for the power source of Hogwarts while Ron searches for freedom. Will they find what they want or need?

3,805 2
28 Death Reigns, Puzzles Strain and Bloods Refrain.

Ron sinks further into Seraphina's clutches and Hermione can do nothing but wait. Harry and Ginny carefully explore.

3,947 1
29 Death and Destruction While We're Away

Deatheaters strike while Harry is occupied elsewhere ...

3,974 0
30 Back to Life, a New Life

Everything changes as Harry, Ginny and Ron return ... changed.

3,857 0
31 Half Demon, Half Dragon, Half There.

Ron is brought to the only place he can find help, Fred and George meet their real girlfrinds and Harry pays for his gifts.

4,427 1
32 More Knowledge, More Magic, More Crowded.

Power, and knowledge are a double edged sword.


Please review, I can't make it better if I don't know what's wrong.

4,698 2
33 New Beginnings and Old Beginnings

Ron begins life as a Dhampir, Harry takes his place on the Wizengamot and McGonagall gets an insight into the new Harry.

4,085 0
34 A Crowded Mind Needs an Anchor

Harry starts to come to terms with his inheritance and Ginny comes to terms with the new Harry.

4,755 0
35 Together ... Really, Really Together

Everything looks different in the morning, and there are a lot of people looking ;0)

Please please please review, love it or hate it I really want your feedback .... don't make me beg ;0)

4,106 5
36 Who and Where We Are Now.

Harry recruits the Order and explains what he can.

5,866 2
37 Where Cambion Exist

As Harry and Ginny find happiness Ron find something else.

4,673 7


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