Harry, Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, OC
Drama, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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2011-08-09 19:51:24
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2018-01-01 23:01:51
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2018-01-01 23:01:51
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Water Lily

After the war, things may be getting better in the world, but not inside Harry's head. To help battle his depression, Ginny proposes a solution: Go back in time and try to change things - hoping that maybe, along the way, he'll answer the question: Are some things just meant to be?

9083 3
2 The Magic Quill

Harry travels to Hogwarts to record his name with the Magic Quill. Will he be admitted into Hogwarts? He also works on building a relationship with Snape.

5755 1
3 Medicine

It's the last day before the start of Hogwarts, and Severus and Harry go to Diagon Alley. Harry meets Tobias and Eileen and sees just how hard Snape has it at home.

6911 1
4 A New Beginning

Harry, Lily, and Severus take the train to Hogwarts. What will the Sorting Hat decide? And what will Harry change in this reality?

7344 2
5 Furry Little Problem

Harry is just getting back into the familiar rhythm of school life. These first few weeks will set the standard for however long he decides to stay...what friends will he make, how things will change for everyone, and every other little detail. Enjoy!

9586 3
6 Secrets

 Harry struggles to find his place at school while dealing with his friends' problems. Secrets are beginning to unravel, and the lives of the first years are starting to change...

12912 0
7 Revelare Viam

 It's the end of the first year. Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday pranks, Quidditch, love. Could this be the end, or will Harry stay for another year?

11495 2
8 Prank Wars

 Tensions between Gryffindor House and Slytherin House strengthen. 

7725 0
9 The Hate Potion

 Everyone's still friends, for now, but their differences are becoming harder to ignore.

6972 0
10 The Stronger One

Tensions rise, and the kids are faced with choices in loyalty and love. Third year is when innocence starts to crumble, right?

8623 0
11 The Love Potion

Even what is good and wholesome in the wizarding world can't escape the poisonous touch of Voldemort.

8067 0
12 Snape's Worst Memory

 It all comes down to this day, the choice Harry tried to prevent.

7878 0
13 The List

The stakes are higher than they've ever been, and Severus makes a choice that could change his life.

8648 0
14 The Mirror of Erised

Lily started hating Severus and stopped hating James, but after everything, could she like James back?

8963 0
15 One Last Kiss

Maybe all hope isn't lost. They're young, after all, and what seems like it's written in stone one day feels irrelevant the next.

7218 0
16 Albus Dumbledore

Life is good. Not perfect, but the crew only asked that they could have small moments of joy. Also: I wrote this a few years ago, before The Cursed Child was published, so any similarities are a coincidence (I'm being vague so as not to spoil it).

9460 0
17 Room of Requirement

Finally, everything is falling into place.

9912 0
18 Letter Universe

Harry spent years trying to change the past to create a better future. It may be riskier than it's worth, but he has another idea of how to fix things...

8388 0
19 Hero Again

The new universe is better, but Harry has to know if Severus is still alive. And maybe tie up some loose ends.

5935 0
20 A Better Ending

All the loose ends. What it's all added up to. The final chapter.

7714 0


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