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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, James/OC, OC/OC, Sirius/OC
Humor, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2011-08-06 4:50pm
Last Chapter
2012-05-26 1:00pm
Last Updated
2012-05-26 1:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Damsel in Distress

 “We thought we heard someone shout,” Remus said. “A girl. We just want to make sure she’s okay, Lily.”

“Out of the goodness of your blackened, shrivelled hearts?” Lily asked.
“Yes!” Sirius pressed a hand to his heart and pretended to be offended. “You should come too. If we’re telling the truth, you’ve done a good deed. If we’re lying, then you can put us in detention.”

1,117 11
2 Introductions

"I’m Sirius by the way. Sirius Black.” He glanced over at the four others. “That’s Remus Lupin, that’s Peter Pettigrew, that’s James Potter and the love of his life Lily Evans, even if she doesn’t know it yet.”

James woke up with a start. “Did you say something?” 

Sirius shook with silent laughter. “Put the words ‘love’ and ‘Lily Evans’ together in a sentence and you’ve got James’ full attention.”

1,555 6
3 The Perils of School: Homework

I blinked hard. Driving away the tears which threatened to spill onto my cheeks. “My stepfather wanted me to come, but we only decided last minute.” My voice stayed level, and I was proud. Tearing up at the first mention of home- how was I going to get through the year? I shut my eyes and forced myself to listen to Lily, and not the memories of my mother arguing with Paul.

1,219 10
4 The Marauders Plan Mischief

“But now we’re afraid we’ve used up all of our creativity. It’s a week in, and we haven’t thought of  our next plan,” Remus sighed.

“Any ideas, Llewellyn?” Sirius asked.

"I’ve always wondered what the other House common rooms are like...”


1,183 7
5 Friends and Morons

"Do you like James?" I asked.

There was a long pause. “I could,” she replied finally. “He’s the sort of person who can be fantastic and funny and lovely, but he’s usually the sort of person who you want to put the full Body-Bind on, and then lock him in a broom cupboard for the rest of the foreseeable future.”

1,390 6
6 Liberty and Justice

Jess actually stamped her foot. “I. Am. A. Girlfriend. Of. Sirius. Black.”

“And you have a really annoying voice,” said Eva. “Anything else you'd like to share?"

1,029 6
7 Lily's Date

“I’VE CUT MYSELF SHAVING AND RUN OUT OF SHAMPOO AND KICKED THOSE STUPID COW’S CAULDRON OVER AND ITS MELTED THE FLOOR AND  I HEADBUTTED THE SHOWER CUBICLE AND... AND... AND I’VE GOT TWO SPOTS!” she wailed, sounding more like ‘those stupid cows’ than she probably wanted to. I didn’t even have the heart to point out she actually had three spots.

2,352 5
8 The Worst Plan Ever

I was bored; Lily had her Walkman on and was ‘chilling out’. James had been a complete idiot today. The door opened and I looked up; it was Alice. “The Marauders want you downstairs,” she whispered.
I sat up. “I’m in my pyjamas. Tell them no!”
“You tell them no,” she said.
“That would defeat the purpose of my saying no!”
She disappeared into the bathroom.

2,072 8
9 Nervousness

I unfolded James' note.

:) Hey girlfriend! Meet me outside common room. Now please. -J xx

Wow. I’d even got two kisses. And a smiley face. And ‘please’. It was my night tonight.

1,072 6
10 Slap-happy Hyperactivity

“No school,” I sang as we ate breakfast. “No schoooooooool. No school. No classes. No work. No schoooooool."

“Homework though,” said Lily.

“Homework? Pah! I scoff at homework,” I said. I waved toast in outside’s general direction, i.e. all around. “Look! Sun equals FUN!”

1,826 7
11 Secrets

I heard footsteps behind me. Because I’m naturally a suspicious person, I quickened my pace. So did they. I turned the first corner I saw, and then full out sprinted until I was around another corner. I pulled out my wand, trying to slow my breathing and heart.

A/N: as you can probably tell, a bit of violence, but then there's some nice stuff, I promise! :)

2,420 8
12 The Dreaded Plan

“We’ve got the password to the Slytherin common room,” said James in an undertone, looking suspiciously around the hall.

Oh dear God.

1,751 9
13 Humilation

The girl smirked. "The Llewellyn’s have history with friends. Stabbing in the back history.”

I studied the faces circling us. About twenty people in all. The three of us had no chance. Eva and I had our wands in our pockets. James' wand was in his hand, but he’d be in St. Mungo’s before he had chance to raise his arm.

1,929 6
14 Quidditch

Frank climbed onto a spindly table. “OY!” he bellowed. There was complete silence. “We are having more Quidditch try-outs, for the position of Chaser! If you want the position, get yourselves down to the pitch NOW! That means you, Eva,” he added.


1,677 4
15 Drugged up on Love

“Whaddya mean 'their potions gone'?” Alice mumbled around a Chocolate Frog. She tossed me the card with a wink- it was Babayaga. I pulled a face at her. A cannibal hag. Oh, she’s so funny.

2,522 8
16 Unexpected, to say the least.

The team were sat on the slatted wooden benches of the guys changing room- Mandy and I had been ordered into the stinking, festering, male excuse for a room so Frank could give us a heart-warming and inspiring speech and then we could all merrily go and kick some Slytherin butt.
Today, there was going to be enough foul play to make the 1473 World Cup look like a friendly game of dominoes.

2,077 10
17 The Aftermath

“Look,” Lily said excitedly, “the steam is perfect ringlets. It is Amortentia!”

"Is this good or bad?” I asked tentatively.

“Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world.”

We’re going to fail. It’s sad, but it’s official.

2,572 6
18 Operation Killer Tomatoes

We started our diabolical plan that night. The first steps meant that Alice was trying to buddy up with the tomaytoes. And no, the ‘let’s say it like an American’ joke hasn’t got old yet, and I doubt it ever will.

2,826 5
19 Complications

Now shut up, we’re in an exam, I wrote.

It’s a test.

We shouldn’t pass notes. Binns will see. And Lily is mentally yelling at us.

Lily’s in another class.

I know.

1,779 12
20 Confrontations

 I was probably speaking far too soon, but this term hadn’t gone that badly. A few minor hiccups, like James’ family being in mortal peril, but that seemed to be all water under the bridge. The Slytherins had certainly backed off considerably since they attacked us, I mused.

And I didn’t get that nauseous sinking feeling in my stomach that I usually felt when thinking about the Slytherins.

Being at Hogwarts was easily the best thing that had ever happened to me.

1,377 9
21 Jitters

I have no patience for guys who complain that they can’t buy girls stuff. Honestly, if nothing personal comes to mind, then you can buy chocolate, jewellery or some sort of bath stuff. Except bath bombs. Don’t ever buy bath bombs.

2,393 6
22 Trains and bikes

 “Is your boyfriend there?” Mum asked.

“We’re just friends,” I hissed.

2,108 6
23 A surprising fight.

 My house had been invaded by the lads, and they were now forcing me to make them tea. The house was long and narrow, the kitchen merging into the lounge, and they were all sprawled anywhere there was space.

2,049 10


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