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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Mystery
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-08-02 2:11pm
Last Chapter
2012-09-18 6:31pm
Last Updated
2012-09-18 6:31pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I: Welcome to My Life

Hello.  Let me intorduce myself.  I am Marta, sixth year and Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team (we rule!).  But feel free to ignore me if I talk to Benjamin- he's not really here.

3,205 21
2 II: Please Leave All Broomsticks Outside

The best part about Quidditch is the flight.  I'm off the ground and away from other people.  Nothing feels better than the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, and knowing Benjamin is stuck on the ground.

4,419 14
3 III: Maybe You Just Need Some Rest

I’m not a morning person. And I’m not a scholastically driven student. Obviously. So you’ll understand if I’m not thrilled to attend early classes.

4,171 12
4 IV: Are You Staying All Week for Halloween?

I don't know how I feel about Halloween.  On one hand, I had a terrible experience eight years ago.  On the other hand, I can be free of Benjamin for seven days.  So yeah, therein lies my confusion.

4,940 9
5 V: Here is My Grandfather and There is the Clock

Most people most likely look forward to seeing their grandparents.  I know I do.  But the anticipation of meeting with my favorite relative somehow never lives up to my expectations.

5,149 8
6 VI: Careful, the Stairs Can Be . . . Tricky

What’s worse than having your imaginary friend act like a broken record? Having him act like a broken record around a teammate who already thinks you’re abnormal.

4,835 5
7 VII: Don't Go in There, That's my Mum's Room

Alone at Hogwarts.  Alone at home.  It doesn't matter where I spend Christmas if Benjamin is always there to harass me.

4,679 5
8 VIII: Yes, It's Quite a Large House

Why does my father insist on taking me home for the holidays?  I have nothing to discuss with him.  Well, except one especially sensitive topic.

4,389 6
9 IX: You Don't Seem Happy to be Here

I suppose a good thing about the holidays is that I was able to finish my homework.  But at school, I have a few real people to talk to.  Sure, like that can't go wrong on me.

4,220 8
10 X: Sorry About the Ghost in the Toilet

Yup, everything's normal here at school.  Well, except for James asking to talk with me after practice.  And Sirius still calls me his 'girlfriend.'  And a ghost just yelled at me in the bathroom.  Yeah, like I said, all's normal.

5,498 10
11 XI: Indoor Apparition is Usually Considered Rude

My grandfather paid ten Galleons for these lessons and I feel like he might have wasted his money.  I already know I will fail my Apparition test in April.  It's almost sad, knowing I'm going to fail before my first attempt.  Oh well, at least I can still ride a broom without a license.

5,113 8
12 XII: Bones Aren't the Only Things that can Break

I usually expect Quidditch injuries, especially when they come from a game against the Slytherins.  But lately, I think I'm going to snap something more than just a bone.

5,122 9
13 XIII: Secrets? In This Closet?

Okay, Marta, breathe.  Just breathe, and everything will be fine.  So what if my secret is about to be exposed?  If I ignore the problem, it will go away, right?  Wait.  That doesn't work for Benjamin.  Okay, I'm in trouble.

5,121 7
14 XIV: Most Books are in the Library

Two weeks and nothing's changed in the Benjamin department.  Well, the Marauders keep looking for answers about him, but I'd rather get my Transfiguration homework done before McGonagall can scold me again.  I'm starting to think there's no answer to his origins.  Or is there?

6,361 14
15 XV: One Would Say It's a Family Business

I now know what Benjamin is.  Who he is.  Why he's here.  But being rid of him is an entirely different matter.  I doubt I would be able to banish him all by myself, though.

4,657 7
16 XVI: This Has Been in My Family for Generations

One little thing, this tiny trinket from my mother, might be the answer we've been looking for. Benjamin wants me to leave it alone. But knowing what he is, how can he expect me to listen to him now?

4,727 8
17 XVII: The Storm Outside Looks Nearly Over

I had Benjamin with me for almost seventeen years.  Seventeen years of having a constant companion, sabotaging my life.  But now I must live my life without his help.  Because that part of my existence is finally, at long last, over.

4,807 7
18 XVIII: Can Someone Pass the First Aid Kit?

It was too good to be true.  I should have known that.  Maybe I did, deep down.  But now I have to face the cold truth.  And I have to live with my actions for the rest of my life.

4,183 6
19 XIX: Everything Around Here Has Its Place

It's amazing, how fast one's life can change.  Sometimes, change is for the better.  Other times, one must just accept it.  Because I have no other options.

5,131 6
20 Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

So.  This is it.  I used to call Benjamin my imaginary friend.  Imaginary Fiend is more like it.

4,618 20


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