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Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, Moody, James, Lily, Sirius, Lucius, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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First Published
2011-08-02 3:04am
Last Chapter
2012-08-30 7:05am
Last Updated
2012-12-11 9:42pm

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1 Chapter 1

‘You look after them,’ Mrs Lupin told her son. She brushed his sandy hair out of his face and then gave him a smile and gathered him into a hug. ‘Oh, Remus! I can’t believe it’s your last year!’

Remus Lupin’s brown eyes met James Potter’s hazel ones over his mother’s shoulder and he gave him a long-suffering look. James smirked; Remus was holding his mother just as tightly as she was holding him. Sirius Black, who was leaning against his trunk sniggered.

2,223 7
2 Chapter 2

The three boys watched Lily’s retreating back until she was gone from the Great Hall. Sirius and Remus turned to James, sympathy written on their faces. James didn’t say anything. Not a word. He didn’t need to.

2,044 2
3 Chapter 3

‘I hate patrols,’ Lily muttered as she and James walked through the dark, abandoned, second floor corridor at four in the morning. She pulled her cloak tighter around her shoulders to smother a shiver.
‘Really? I like them,’ James said brightly. ‘Lots of quality time with you, and-’
‘Funny,’ Lily said coldly. ‘I don’t like patrols for that exact reason.’

1,897 1
4 Chapter 4

‘Hi, Lily.’

Lily spun, one eyebrow lifting, to face Severus. ‘Hello,’ she said coolly.

‘How were your holidays?’

‘Fine,’ she said. ‘Yours?’

‘Fine,’ Severus said in a tone that matched hers. ‘How’s the new house?’

‘It’s not really new anymore,’ she said. ‘We’ve been there for a year.’

‘It’s weird not having you around,’ he said.

‘Mmm,’ she said.

1,399 1
5 Chapter 5

 ‘What exactly have you done, Wormy?’ Black growled when they were out in the halls.

Pettigrew, seeming scared of the wrath of the two dark-haired Marauders was walking next to Lily. She honestly didn’t think he was much safer there. She kept her right hand in her pocket as a precautionary measure.

‘I’m sorry!’ Pettigrew wailed. ‘I was trying to get Bella-’ Black grinned at this. ‘-but I missed! I’m not entirely sure what I cast! I was trying to glue her feet to the floor.’

1,568 1
6 Chapter 6

‘What do you mean “days”?’ Lily demanded, horrified.

Sirius’ expression was just as worried. Normally, he would think this was a great prank, and to be honest he wouldn’t care about being on the receiving end if he were with one of his fellow Marauders – imagine the pranking potential! – or with any girl over the age of fourteen... But this was Evans.

Head Girl, stickler for the rules, and the love of his best mate’s life. Sirius thought of her as a sister and who want to be glued to their sister for a week

1,607 3
7 Chapter 7

‘Prongs?’ Remus asked from his four-poster bed. James knew it looked like he was alone, though Lily and Sirius were only a step behind him, under the cloak. ‘Where’s Paddy?’

‘Here I am!’ Sirius announced. ‘Did you miss me, Moony?’ Lily rolled her eyes. James could see it on her face she thought Sirius had planned his dramatic entrance. James knew better. His best friend was always like that.

‘It’s so clean,’ she muttered. ‘I thought it would be messy.’

1,838 1
8 Chapter 8

‘Merlin!’ Lily muttered sleepily. ‘What time is it?’ When she sat up, Remus realised she was still wearing her slightly crumpled school uniform.

‘Three in the morning,’ Remus said from the other side of the room. He was loading books into his bag, ready for the Marauders’ usual early morning study session. Lily made a rude hand gesture and tried to roll over, failing because she and Sirius were still stuck together.

‘Paddy, get up!’ James bellowed.

1,493 3
9 Chapter 9

Lily was still marvelling that Potter had managed to transfigure her rumpled school uniform into a pair of faded jeans and a long-sleeved shirt when a voice interrupted her thoughts.

‘James! Hey, Potter!’ Lily looked up from her spot on the couch next to Black. Katelyn Reid from her dorm was walking over with a mischievous gleam in her blue eyes.

1,171 4
10 Chapter 10

Dissendium,’ Potter whispered.

‘Where are we going?’ Lily asked again. ‘And I swear if you say “you’ll see” again I’ll-’

‘Hogsmeade,’ Black sighed, rolling his eyes at James who was only partially visible through the witch’s hump.

What?’ Lily screeched. They’d actually been halfway decent all morning. She hadn’t been enjoying their company, but it hadn’t been that bad. Until now.

1,219 4
11 Chapter 11

‘No! Not them. Take me! Take me! NO!’ Potter began to thrash around from his bed on the floor, pushing his blanket away. Worried, Lily sat up as much as she was able while being stuck to a sleeping Black and tried to shift so she could get closer to him.

His hair was damp with sweat and he was panting. Lily ducked as his arm went flying overhead to cast a spell at an unknown attacker.

1,785 1
12 Chapter 12

Lily and Sirius were alone in the boys’ dormitory. Lily was doing homework and Sirius was sitting on his bed, drumming his feet on the floor.

Lily had never seen him so agitated. She knew he had missed Quidditch trials that afternoon, but surely that wouldn’t make him this antsy, would it? She had been there when he talked to Marlene and explained why he couldn’t make it. She had promised him a position on the team anyway.

A wolf howled in the distance and he stiffened, his hands clenching into fists.

1,653 2
13 Chapter 13

‘Sirius! What’s happening?! Why are you acting-’ Lily didn’t have a word to describe how he was acting, ‘-like this?’ she finished lamely.

Sirius had grabbed his wand and was dragging Lily to the door when there was a loud crack behind them.

He spun and the look on his face was one of complete shock. ‘Noddy?!’

1,827 2
14 Chapter 14

For a few stunned seconds, all Lily could think was that Severus Snape, her ex-best friend, had been right. ‘You’re a Werewolf.’ She was pleased at how rational her voice sounded. ‘You’re not joking? You’re serious?’

‘Of course not,’ Remus said smirking. ‘That’s Sirius.’ Then he sighed. ‘I am a Werewolf.’

‘Wow.’ She stared at him as if she had never seen him before.

1,098 2
15 Chapter 15

Sirius dragged an exhausted Lily through the door of the Transfiguration classroom. McGonagall gave the sleepy Head Girl a pitying look that she was too tired to acknowledge with words. She smiled wearily at her House Head as she flopped into the seat on Sirius’ left.

James handed her her bag - which he had insisted on carrying - and, once her books were stacked to her liking, she let her head drop onto her desk. She would have been quite happy to stay there, and sleep, even if the hard wood was not as comfortable as James' pillow.

1,771 6
16 Chapter 16

‘We’re free!’ Sirius shouted. Madam Pomfrey shushed him and snapped a reprimand about having other patients in the Hospital Wing. Sirius ignored her, picked Lily up and swung her around in a circle, whooping. Lily wiggled the fingers on her left hand, pleased to feel them moving again.

Sirius set Lily down on her feet and then, as if something monumental had occurred to him, dashed out of the Hospital Wing. Lily watched him go, thoroughly confused.

1,411 13
17 Chapter 17

‘So what exactly is going on with you and Lils?’ Marlene asked.

‘I don’t know,’ James sighed. ‘She doesn’t hate me anymore, that’s got to count for something, right?’

Sirius emerged from a shower-stall with a towel around his waist. Marlene glanced at him, smiled and then looked away. ‘Like what you see, Marly?’ She rolled her eyes. 

1,419 9
18 Chapter 18

'Padfoot!' James called sleepily. 'Is that you?'

'No, Prongs, it's Voldemort,' Sirius called back sarcastically as he pulled his school bag out from under his bed. Peter jerked awake, looking terrified.

'Don't joke about things like that, Sirius!' he said shrilly, before burying himself in his blankets again.

'Sorry, Pete,' James said, grinning. 'Anyway, Sir, I have to tell you something important.'

1,214 5
19 Chapter 19

“They’re together?”

“Took them long enough.”

“She’s only dating him to get to Sirius!”

“Do you think he slipped her Amortentia?”

Amortentia seemed to be the most common explanation; several students had seen James pour Lily a drink on the first night she and Sirius had been stuck together and he’d also done it a few times since. 

1,692 3
20 Chapter 20

Chortling at Malfoy, James stepped forward.

Lily craned her neck, trying to get a better view. She was very curious about what her boyfriend was most afraid of. In an instant, the Boggart became Sirius. He smiled sadly, and promptly collapsed. It was obvious he was dead.

1,476 6
21 Chapter 21

‘Never again,’ James said with a shudder.

‘Agreed,’ Lily said in a flat tone. She shook some of the pink heart-confetti out of her long hair. James grinned and brushed glitter off her shoulder. It sparkled against the snow by their shoes. ‘Do you want to go to the Three Broomsticks?’ James beamed down at her and practically dragged her down the street and into the crowded pub.

‘This is better,’ James said when he returned to their little table with Butterbeer.

2,006 1
22 Chapter 22

The boy slipped into the abandoned classroom that had been their meeting place as of late; they changed location regularly. He faced the taller, masked boy who was sitting lazily behind the teacher’s desk. ‘Are you alone?’ the masked boy asked.

‘I am,’ the tremulous voice replied. Wasn’t it obvious? No one had followed him in, and there were others patrolling outside.

‘Do they suspect anything?’

‘N-no.’ At least he hoped not. They had an uncanny knack for unveiling secrets.

2,567 3
23 Chapter 23

‘Ugh! Charms was a disaster!’ Peter groaned as they headed off down the busy corridor. Remus smiled sympathetically. Peter hadn’t been able to cast his Disillusionment charm properly and had somehow managed to transfigure himself into a chameleon. They hadn’t known until then that Professor Flitwick was Scoliodentosaurophobic. The little Charms Professor had spent the lesson on his desk, even after James had transfigured Peter back into human form.

1,491 5
24 Chapter 24

‘Where were you?’ James made a shushing gesture. ‘Keep your hair on,’ Sirius whispered back, ‘Minnie’s not even looking.’ He glanced up, just to check, but James didn’t notice. He had a look of utmost concentration on his face. Sirius knew that look. It was the one he had worn many a night trying to figure out why Lily hated him and also the look that had resulted in them becoming Animagi. ‘What’s happening?’

1,362 6
25 Chapter 25

‘So...’ James said casually strolling in. He was still dressed in his Quidditch uniform, looking every bit the star player he was. Even his messy hair looked cool for Merlin’s sake!

‘Come in, Sirius,’ Peter called in a weary voice. He had listened to his three friends debating over who would be the first to talk to him. ‘I know you’re out there.’ Sirius and Remus shuffled into view, coming to stand behind James. All three of them looked a little sheepish. ‘Get it over with,’ Peter muttered.

1,426 5
26 Chapter 26

‘James!’ Lily called.

James smiled at the sound of his girlfriend’s voice. Seeing Sirius’ look he grinned. ‘Sorry, Lils!’ he called back. ‘Can’t talk now!’

‘Where are you going?’ she asked, appearing at their side.

‘Library,’ Sirius said, pulling James’ arm. ‘Come on, Prongs! Bye, Lily!’

‘But of course, Mr Padfoot!’ James said, running after him, leaving his stunned girlfriend behind. ‘I’ll see you later, Lily!’

1,967 9
27 Chapter 27

‘You’re late, Wormtail.’

Peter ignored him. ‘It’s a full moon tonight. I think this afternoon is the best chance we’ve got.’

‘You’re sure of this?’

Peter thought for a moment and then nodded. ‘Lupin will be weak, so Potter will be distracted, making sure he’s all right. Black will be with me. You’ve arranged a group to take care of him?’

‘I have,’ the voice was amused. Peter though he was still bitter about Sirius earning him a detention.

2,399 4
28 Chapter 28

Sirius was the first thing Remus was conscious of when he woke up.

The shaggy haired boy was watching him pityingly from the bed on his left side. The second thing Remus was aware of was intense pain. His legs were stiff and cramping, his chest was tight and he had a throbbing headache. He was also covered in a cacophony of bite and scratch wounds.


1,341 5
29 Chapter 29

‘Mr Potter?’

‘What?’ James asked. Sirius glared over at him.

‘I asked,’ Professor McGonagall repeated curtly, ‘if you might demonstrate.’

‘Oh, er, yeah,’ he said, looking sideways at Peter for help. Peter shrugged. Sirius frowned. James never needed help in Transfiguration, and if he did, Peter was the last one he’d ask. James scrunched up his face and jabbed his umbrella stand with his wand. ‘Alica Phoenicopteri!’

1,801 10
30 Chapter 30

‘Please?’ James said pleasantly.


‘I’d do it myself,’ he said, trying to keep the frustration out of his voice, ‘but unfortunately I seem to have misplaced my wand...’

‘And whose fault is that?’

‘Yours,’ James told him bluntly.

1,889 8
31 Chapter 31

‘Lily?’ Remus said softly, sitting down beside her. She nodded, too busy staring at the wall to pay him much heed. He shared a look with Sirius. ‘Why weren’t you at dinner?’ Remus asked, putting off his real question.

He shot Sirius a look, which he missed; the shaggy haired boy was deeply interested in a painting on the other side of the room. Sirius had insisted Remus would be the best one to breach this topic with her.

2,369 10
32 Chapter 32

‘I still can’t believe you made me tell him I was pregnant,’ Lily grumbled.

‘He won’t tell anyone,’ Remus assured her. ‘No bloke would let that get out if the girl’s happy to keep it quiet.’ She nodded, pursing her lips.

‘Oi! Wait! Moony!’ Sirius’ loud footsteps echoed behind them. When he reached them, he turned to Lily. ‘Prongs says you’re pregnant. Congratulations.’

Lily smacked Remus. ‘You said he wouldn’t say anything!’ she said furiously. Sirius chuckled.

2,204 6
33 Chapter 33

‘Come in,’ Dumbledore called, placing a letter from Lorcan MacLaird back into its envelope. He looked up with a smile. ‘James, dear boy, how can I help you?’

James strode into the office, a determined look on his face. Though he’d never admit it to anyone but himself, Dumbledore was a little perturbed that James was alone. James Potter was many things, but alone was not one of them. Usually one of the other Gryffindor seventh years were with him – most commonly Sirius Black – to receive discipline for some prank or other.

1,976 10
34 Chapter 34

‘Oh, when I get my hands on him again he’s going to-’

‘Marly,’ Sirius said placatingly, ‘it’s fine. And if he’s in the Hospital Wing with a broken nose, I think you’ve done enough.’ He was absolutely delighted by that, though he was trying not to show it.

‘It’s not fine!’ she said, throwing herself down on the couch. ‘He tried to kiss me, Sirius!’

2,538 13
35 Chapter 35

‘Who-who are you?’ the boy croaked, shying away from the light that filtered into his room.

‘I am Lord Voldemort,’ the man said in a cold, high voice that the boy didn’t like.

‘Have you come to see me?’ he asked, shifting away. He didn’t like this man. He didn’t like any of the men who came to visit him, actually, or the women. He looked at the tall, pale man in front of him. No, he definitely didn’t like this man.

‘Yes,’ the man called Voldemort said.

2,232 6
36 Chapter 36

‘Professor,’ Sirius said. ‘That’s not James.’ James was staring at “James” who was now watching Sirius as if he was insane. Sirius honestly didn’t care what the Death Eater thought of him. James was back. Or, at least he thought he was. It was sort of hard to tell, since he didn’t remember anything. And he didn’t know that he didn’t remember anything. But Sirius thought it was James, and that had to count for something.

Dumbledore cleared his throat. ‘Mr Black, if this is some sort of-’

‘Professor,’ Sirius snapped. ‘This is not a joke.’

1,683 3
37 Chapter 37

‘Sirius,’ James whispered. ‘I think I know why my favourite colour is green.’ He smiled over at the stunning red-head who had just walked in with Pete, the boy from before. Her emerald eyes flicked between the boy called James next to Dumbledore and him. James ran a hand through his hair, nervous under her scrutiny.

Sirius laughed a truly happy sound. The boy called Pete muttered something about the moon and ran out. ‘James?’ the girl said slowly, staring at Sirius, who nodded. The girl’s whole face lit up. ‘James!’ she said again and ran over to throw her arms around him.

2,227 14
38 Chapter 38

Dumbledore’s wizened hand brushed James’ neck. ‘I was afraid of this,’ he said, as his long fingers searched for a pulse. His face relaxed considerably upon finding one. The boy really did look pale.

‘Professor, what’s wrong with him?’ Remus asked, hovering over his friend with a look of intense concern. Anyone who thought Werewolves were monsters with no emotional capacity would only need to look at the boy's face to be proven wrong.

2,040 11
39 Chapter 39

‘I’m here to see James Potter,’ Sirius said, giving the blonde witch at the desk his most charming smile.

She looked up, flustered, shuffling papers. ‘I’m not supposed to tell anyone where he is,’ she said apologetically, as though she wished she had better news for him.

Sirius leaned forward. ‘I’m family,’ he said pleasantly.

2,154 11
40 Chapter 40

James woke up, staring blearily around. His head was throbbing and he was exhausted, as if he hadn't slept at all. Remus was dozing in a chair on his left, and Padfoot had nuzzled under James’ arm and was breathing loudly, taking up most of the pillow. James laughed quietly and shoved the dog off the bed. There was a yelp, and a moment later, Sirius sat up, looking disgruntled. ‘That was rude,’ he said.

‘Where’d the dog go?!’ James said in alarm. ‘There was a dog, right there and then I pushed it and now you’re there! You weren’t there before!’


2,284 8
41 Chapter 41

‘Are you sure you’re all right to walk?’ Remus asked worriedly. ‘I’m sure we’d be allowed to Floo right into the castle-’

‘I’m bit stiff,’ James said, hiding his grimace, ‘but it’s nothing I can’t handle.’ In truth, his legs were killing him and he was a bit dizzy. But he couldn’t say that. He was sick of being treated like glass. Remus didn’t look convinced. ‘Come on, Remmy, I haven’t seen Hagrid all year!’

‘He’s right,’ Peter chimed. Remus scowled, clearly feeling outnumbered.

2,135 5
42 Chapter 42

Sirius blinked himself awake. It was still dark outside, but the sky was beginning to lighten. ‘Lumos Minimus,’ he muttered, lighting his wand just enough to read the clock by his bed. It read six-forty-two. ‘Nox.’

He knew he wouldn’t sleep again. He was used to waking up early, but they’d decided to forgo their pre-sunrise study sessions until James could join them. Sirius glanced over to James’ bed. It was empty.

Cursing, Sirius tore back his covers and snatched up his wand. ‘Moony!’ he bellowed.

2,077 7
43 Chapter 43

‘I can’t believe Slughorn!’ Sirius muttered furiously, crossing out a mistake in his essay. ‘He gives us no homework, no assignments, and then suddenly he realises we’ve only got two weeks until Christmas holidays and he gives us this Merlin-cursed essay! One night is not long enough to write three rolls of parchment on everything we’ve learnt this year! I mean, it’s been three months and he expects us to remember that all in a night?!’

‘Get over it, Padfoot,’ Remus sighed. ‘I thought you were finished.’

‘I am. I just think it’s rude.’

1,919 9
44 Chapter 44

‘He’s waking up,’ Lily whispered, smiling down at James.

‘Morning, beautiful,’ he said sleepily. Remus heard Sirius snigger, but kept his eyes shut, as planned.

‘Good morning,’ Lily said, sounding distinctly amused.

‘Are you blushing, Lillian?’ Sirius asked sounding amused. There was silence after that and Remus assumed that both James and Lily were now red-faced. His suspicions were confirmed when Sirius laughed and said, ‘Look at you two.’ Sirius laughed again.

1,901 4
45 Chapter 45

‘James. Hey, Potter.’ James swallowed the rest of his Nutritional Supplement Potion with a grimace and turned around.

‘Hi, Alice,’ he said, confused. While he and Alice were on friendly enough terms, it was Lily who usually got a greeting from the sixth year.

‘Hi,’ she said. ‘The Headmaster told me to give you this.’ She passed over a scroll of parchment.

‘What were you doing with the Headmaster?’ Remus - who had just arrived back from the Hospital Wing - asked.

2,411 9
46 Chapter 46

‘Dark Lord,’ Peter breathed. The wall rumbled quietly and slid across.

Peter morphed into Wormtail and scurried through the opening and into the dark, silent Common Room. Surely Lucius wouldn’t mind...? Shaking his head, Peter ran through the door by the Slytherin banner which took him into a circular room with seven doors spread over the walls. One of the doors creaked and a sleepy looking first-year boy came out, rubbing his eyes. He tottered toward the Common Room.

Peter sat gasping against the dull skirting, next to a carved message reading “Tom was here”.

2,499 5
47 Chapter 47

‘Everyone staying?’ Gurdan asked. ‘Good. Line up.’ Chairs scraped on the ground as the class got to their feet and lined up in the middle of the room. Gurdan waved his wand and sent the desks and chairs into the back corner of the room. ‘Right, you can put your wands away. You will not be using them in this lesson.’ Some of the Slytherins grumbled but no one challenged the instructions. ‘We’ll be starting with the Imperius Curse,’ Gurdan said. ‘I want you to fight it. I want you to try to ignore my voice in your head, and answer your voice. You first, Miss Black?’

1,932 5
48 Chapter 48

‘Merry Christmas!’ Sirius bellowed.

‘Merry Christmas,’ James mumbled. Sirius pouted at the unenthusiastic tone.. He glanced at the window and then blinked. ‘Merlin, Padfoot! What’s the time? It’s still dark outside!’

‘Five-oh-three,’ Sirius said, bouncing onto James’ bed.

‘I wish Moony and Pete had stayed. It’s our last Christmas at Hogwarts,’ James said, shoving Sirius off. ‘More importantly, I could have made Moony deal with you and gone back to sleep.’

2,182 11
49 Chapter 49

‘Are you ready?’ Lily asked, scuffing her boots on the snowy Hogsmeade road. James thought she looked nervous.

James caught her gloved hand and squeezed. ‘Yep.’ Lily glanced up at him, green eyes searching and nodded once. Her grip tightened on his hand and she spun on the spot. When James was able to clearly see his surroundings, he found they were in a very Muggle sort of street, lined either side with small, neat houses. ‘I thought you lived in Spinner’s End,’ James said, glancing at the “Privet Drive” sign at the end of the street.

1,973 7
50 Chapter 50

‘James?’ Mr Evans called, ‘I’m making a sandwich for lunch. Would you like one?’

James - who had been flicking through a Charms textbook on Lily’s bed - got up and headed downstairs. ‘That would be great. Thank you,’ he said, walking into the kitchen. Mr Evans, who was rifling through a big white cupboard, jumped and dropping the lettuce he was holding.

‘Didn’t expect you to come down so quickly,’ Mr Evans said, putting a variety of vegetables on the kitchen bench. ‘Did you use magic?’

James laughed. ‘No, sir. Just quick. Do you need any help?’

2,240 15
51 Chapter 51

‘James? Dad?’

‘In the kitchen, love,’ Mr Evans called. Lily bounced in. ‘How’d you go?’

‘Fine,’ Lily said, hugging James. She wasn’t quite sure how her father would react to her kissing him. ‘Oh, hi, Sirius. When did you get here?’

Sirius shrugged. ‘An hour ago, maybe.’

‘Have they been behaving?’ Lily asked her father.

He smiled in a way that made her dread the answer. ‘They’ve discovered the refrigerator-’

2,433 10
52 Chapter 52

When Lily and Sirius reached Lily’s room, James was sitting on the bed, hands balled at his side. He was staring fixedly at the wall, something Sirius knew was a very, very bad sign. ‘I’m so sorry, Lily,’ James said in a forced-calm voice. Sirius watched warily. James had stages of an emotional breakdown. First, his jaw trembled and he sought a quiet place where he inevitably built up his anger, second, he apologised and blamed himself. Third, he got angry and if no one found a way to vent that anger, he’d shout until he’d let it out.

2,271 6
53 Chapter 53

James blinked himself awake, hearing footsteps in the hallway. A glance at Lily’s alarm clock told him it was eight-oh-seven. Yawning, he sat up, kissed Lily on the cheek and made his way over to the desk, where his rucksack was. He grabbed his Invisiblity Cloak, threw it over his shoulders and slipped out of the room.

He almost collided with an oblivious Mrs Evans on the landing, saved only by her poking her head into Petunia’s door to check of her oldest daughter was still asleep. James hurried on downstairs and back into the guest room.

1,920 11
54 Chapter 54

‘Good luck,’ Sirius muttered as he, James, Lily, Remus and Peter stopped outside Professor McGonagall’s office.

‘Thanks,’ James said, nodding. He and Lily both looked exceptionally nervous. ‘Remember to stay calm. She can’t expel you-’

‘Is that so, Mr Potter?’ Professor McGonagall asked crisply, opening her office door. Everyone stared at her. ‘I believe you have somewhere to be?’ James and Lily nodded and fled, headed for Dumbledore’s office.

2,053 12
55 Chapter 55

‘Potter!’ a girl’s voice screeched. James looked up worried as Marlene stalked over, dressed in her Quidditch robes. ‘What in Merlin’s name are you doing?! I told you at breakfast I wanted the you and the Chasers at training an hour early! The rest of the team has already headed down!’

James swore, leaping to his feet. Tufty mewled grumpily and sat on Remus instead. ‘I’ll see you three later!’ he said. He tripped over Peter’s feet in his hurry to get to the dormitory stairs and ended up sprawled on the rug. He glared at Sirius and Remus for laughing then charged up the stairs.

1,953 6
56 Chapter 56

Remus shuffled through the familiar doors which were guarded by a pair of hard-faced Aurors. ‘Moony!’ James called, waving him over. James was sitting on the bottom of the steps inside Potter Manor. Remus wasn’t entirely sure what they were doing in there - Benjy hadn’t been very talkative as he ushered Remus inside, probably due to his broken collarbone – but he guessed it was the safest place in the area and big enough to hold everyone.

‘Prongs,’ Remus said, relieved. ‘Are you hurt?!’ he asked, glancing at the enormous blood stains on James’ formerly white Quidditch pants.

2,395 9
57 Chapter 57

Lily hovered at the edge of the Death Eaters’ camp under a strong Disillusionment Charm; Sirius had managed to find her wand within a minute of them escaping. His wand had not been with hers, and he’d refused to leave until he found it, so Lily had given him the Cloak and her wand and was waiting anxiously for him to come back; they had agreed it was too dangerous for them both to go looking, in case they got separated.

‘Where are you?’ a deep voice muttered from somewhere behind Lily. She froze, not even daring to breathe.

2,419 7
58 Chapter 58

Lily snatched the Cloak and the fallen trowel-Portkey off the ground and helped Remus tow Sirius away. They’d gone about twenty paces when they hit a slight resistance in the air; the wards. Hope fluttering in her stomach, Lily pushed through. Remus reversed his Disillusionment Charm, becoming visible again, and swapped his wand for a cracked flowerpot, still somehow managing to keep his hold on Sirius.

‘Prongs!’ Remus shouted. ‘Hurry up!’

James didn’t spare them a glace - he bound a fallen Death Eater with conjured ropes and blocked another attack a second later.

2,595 18
59 Chapter 59

‘B-b-but they were t-there!’ Dorcas stammered, staring into the Cellar.
Dumbledore waved his wand and frowed. There were two magical traces in the Cellar, from Portkeys. Unfortunately, he had no way of knowing whether the Portkeys had been used to come or go. ‘I have no doubt of that,’ he told the confused blonde.

‘So they’ve escaped?’

‘Left is more likely. Perhaps they Death Eaters who realised they couldn’t get out and fled before they were discovered.’

2,084 11
60 Chapter 60

‘All right, take care, Padfoot,’ James said, setting his mirror down on the table. Lily came to stand beside him and play with his messy hair.

‘I’m not going yet, you git,’ Sirius said indignantly. ‘I’m just finding a place to put my tea and I can’t do that while I’m holding my mirror and my key and my wand.’

‘Have they found any signs of Dearborn?’ James asked. Lily prayed for good news; an attack had gone wrong two days ago and Caradoc, Benjy and the twins were still missing.

1,185 13
61 Chapter 61

She had absolutely no intention of moving until-

‘Siiilllyyy!’ echoed down the stairs. Harry had yet to manage to pronounce Sirius, and as such, his godfather was known as “Silly”. Sirius had been mortified and had taught him to say “Padfoot”, but though Harry knew the word, he still used “Silly” far more. ‘Mooeeeeyyy!’ Harry shouted hopefully. Peter seemed terrified of the one-year old and trembled every time he so much as touched him. Harry didn’t call for Peter nearly as much as the other two.

1,063 58


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