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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius, Bellatrix, R. Lestrange, Narcissa, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Ron/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-07-20 3:08pm
Last Chapter
2014-08-11 11:49am
Last Updated
2014-08-11 11:49am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 That day...

A story about how Hermione's life after the war. She was happy or thougt she was. Ron is acting weird towards her and she finds out that there a case involving him. ~ A few new character's with ties to old one. A love story with lot's of action.

2,747 12
2 Chapter 2: Insights

Trying with Ron and seeing the world around her for the first time.
 *would like to thank majamariamaja for her inspiring words.

4,099 9
3 Not what she thought......

Hermione had to do something, but she just didn't know what.
 *edited for pov 6/12

4,107 5
4 The real question here is how does Ron knows her?

       They heard that familiar popping sound not far from where ther were standing. Quickly they got to their feet and ran down to beach out of sight. It was then that Hermione saw her.

2,515 4
5 I wish it wasn't like this.

     He couldn’t go home and it was too early to go to his office. So, he just sat there hanging his head in his hands wondering how he got here. He remembered when he felt like a hero after the war. He remembered how Hermione use to look at him, how he use to hold her in his arms when she had nightmares. How he was the one that made her feel better and now he felt like garbage.

1,607 9
6 A bit of understanding.

A bit of understanding of Draco's past.

942 3
7 The first time seeing the dark mark up close.

The first time seeing the dark mark up close.

3,300 1
8 Changing Draco.....

It was a beautiful Indian summer day. I left a happy home to pick up the mother of my child. If this dinner went well, I will marry her, I thought, and I aparated away. She met me on her stoop, her long golden blonde hair was blowing in the gentle breeze. Her lidded eyes seemed to elongate her green eyes and long dark lashes. Her  soft pink lips mouthed the words “I love you.”

2,625 4
9 Chapter: 9 Waking up.

It was bad enough that I felt that it was written all over my face.

909 1
10 The Docks

“Good work Ron, every penny has been worth it”

1,325 1
11 Chapter 11: A few answers

Draco’s head swam with worry while he walked down the street. He was about to walk into a pub, when he heard a familiar popping sound behind him. It made him to look over at the corner of the street. Justice flashed before his eyes and Draco thought let’s see what going on here?  Draco put his hand on Justice’s shoulder. He jumped as he turned around to face Draco.

2,027 4
12 Another night he didn't come home.

As hard as she could try to open them, she couldn’t, and fell in to a still dreamless sleep.

2,420 1
13 Some background...

            Ron awoke at his desk at the ministry wondering; how could he have let this get so out of hand. Just then Harry walked up to his desk
“Haven’t you been home yet, mate?”
Ron just shook his head, no. He was trying not to let Harry know how miserable of a person he felt like. He rubbed a hand across his chin and felt two days growth.

4,879 1
14 Midsummer...

“What was he going to do about Ron? Justice and the U.S. were now involved, how he could keep her safe from his deranged cousin. He knew that she was planning something, but what?”

1,736 5
15 I thought I was a goner.

“I’ll take you anywhere you want?” he looked into her eyes, took her in his arms, and squeezed tightly around the waist. “Anywhere, but my house”

2,343 1
16 Chapter 16: Anywhere, but home...

It was just a reminder of how everything went wrong. It’s just a random piece of metal now. Our vows are broken, so why am I trying to fool myself. It’s over, just a memory now

3,271 1
17 More in love with the idea of love, than in love.

“I don’t have business with him, but he is my business.” The man said

2,417 2
18 ***18***

Ron and Hermione talk at their house.

1,689 4
19 Chapter 19. Her night out.

I came her so I didn't have to go home....

Shh. I know what you mean.

4,199 4
20 Chapter 20: Meetings and other events.

                    Ron didn’t know where to go when he left Hermione in the fight, he went to the first place he thought of, to find the only person he could think of, and the only one he wanted to see

4,272 1
21 Chapter 21: Copenhagen, Part 1

I stood there with closed eyes, concentrating on Ron. In my mind’s eye I could see a train, fog, and water. I kept on seeing my Godfather’s face smiling, laughing, but couldn’t see the reasons behind it. My heart was heavy with the feelings of dread that these images were giving me. I felt sick to my stomach and could taste it on the roof of my mouth.

3,605 3
22 Chapter 22: Copenhagen, Part 2

“What, I would give if I could get out of here. If only someone knew where I was?” He thought to himself as he slumped down to the damp floor with his back against the wall, all the while trying to figure out what to do next.


5,986 4
23 Added guests and Harry's events

Harry gets clued in.

3,302 1
24 Friends and Foes

The barmaid, Jorgen,  and the island with the fortress on it.

4,476 2
25 actions and reactions

“I’m not so sure this is a good idea.”
“Don’t worry it’ll be fine” she said with a smile
“For you sake I hope you’re right.” And he gave his sister a kiss on her cheek and smirked.

3,399 1
26 Unexpected events....

The cookie crumbles. Who will pick up the pieces?
  revised 9/12

2,753 2
27 The Un-united front pt. 1

Justice took up pacing after Draco stopped “This could be a trap? You know.”
“But, it’s the only thing we got right now” Ron pleaded
“No, we are going, but it may get really hairy. I was just letting you know.” Justice stated
They all grabbed on to each other forearms making a human square and the aparated into the unknown situation with a loud crack.
  *revised 9/12

3,818 1
28 The Un-united front Part II

Part II
  revised 9/12

7,293 3
29 What to do next?

When people are the most lost they are the closes to being found.

4,011 2
30 ***Chapter 30: Pillow talk***

Late night talks......

3,505 4
31 From Another POV

Randolphus' POV of the plus ackward mornings

5,044 1
32 The calm before the storm.....

The events that lead up to understanding

6,722 1
33 Chapter 34 beginning of the end…

Chapter 34 beginning of the end…

5,797 3
34 Sides and Truths...


3,627 1
35 Falling into Place...

After the wall fell and how thing start to fall into place.

4,649 2
36 Days of the new sort

In lock up and about's

3,878 1
37 Old and New Information.

What will happen when Hermione and Sari talk face to face. Also, an understanding of falling into old patterns.

3,669 2
38 American Council

NYC, The American Council and Ron's agreement.

3,842 3
39 Could be more?

Chance meet ups and discoveries.

3,154 2
40 A First Time + a little more

 A first time. New info. Begining of answers.

3,794 2
41 Yankee's tell all

 ***Mature content****

"Almost all the why"

4,397 1
42 Last ditch effort.

 “I hate guys like that.” Sari sighed as the city wizzed by the yellow cab’s window. "Such a creep"


“Yeah, seems like it; big time.”
“Well, at least he took the bait.”
“Do you think it going to work?” Hermione asked
“It has to. There is no other choice.”

3,751 2
43 Our only ace in the hole.

Draco’s face light up once the Justices words settled in his head. “Do you think we could use his ego against him?”
Justice slowly looked up from a cup of coffee that he had poured for him-self, he then took a long dragged out sip, before answering “That might just be our only ace in the hole.”

3,337 3
44 All in...

 There was no more time.

*updated 9/13

2,835 7
45 Spring the chicken...

Spring the chicken.....

3,113 2
46 The End

 The end.

1,712 27


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