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Luna, Draco, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
Romance, AU, Young Adult
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-07-03 10:05pm
Last Chapter
2011-09-12 12:14pm
Last Updated
2012-06-07 12:38pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Different Masks

I pulled the list out of my pocket and quickly scratched on it Take away Draco's Mask, find the real Draco.

1,494 16
2 Every Rose Has Its Thorns

'Great, now I'm a flower.'

1,378 14
3 Radishes?

'They're dirigible plums, they're very lucky.'

2,319 9
4 Radishes And Books

'Night Luna.' I heard him say. I smiled, if I hadn't been listening for it I would have missed it completely.

2,141 10
5 Getting Along

I was taken a back, Harry had never directly shouted at me. I could feel the tears starting, 'Harry you don't know that!'

2,546 10
6 Getting Along, A Different Perspective

Draco's POV -- And the fit was perfect.

2,834 8
7 The Snitch

I let the Snitch out of my hand and it flew a few times around my head before hoovering next to me. I burst out in laughter, 'Look Draco! It likes me!'

2,827 13
8 Mixed Feelings

I smiled at the thought. I had really mixed feelings. Maybe I was actually the one with the mask on. I shuttered, I didn't like that thought.

3,110 4
9 Tryouts

There was always tomorrow.

2,396 1
10 Love?

Draco POV -- But she wouldn't know yet. And definitely not today, but there was always tomorrow.

1,970 9
11 Dodging The Question

'Maybe it bloody is love. Whatever that is.' And with that he hit his head against the wall, hard.

1,147 3
12 Tears

'What more could go bloody wrong today?'

2,441 7
13 Slytherin VS Ravenclaw

Theodore smirked, 'That kiss said otherwise.'

3,502 14
14 First Kiss

I pulled out the list from my pocket once more and looked at the three-times crossed out First Kiss

1,970 5
15 Cracks Of Love

Draco POV -- And as I let the feeling wash over me I saw thick cracks starting to appear threw the previous reflection I had been looking at.

1,155 5
16 I Don't Know How To Love Her

Draco kept his eyes tightly shut, his lower lip quivering ever so slightly. He was upset, and failing at trying not to showing it.

1,262 11
17 Playing Cupid

Theodore's POV -- Love always wins out in the end.

682 1
18 I Don't Deserve You

Because both of them, Harry and Draco, were more then I would ever deserve. And I would always be thankful for them in my life because of that.

1,143 6
19 The Dress

I smirked and turned to him, my eyes bright, 'I seem to be doing that to a lot of Slytherin's lately.'

2,672 7
20 Acceptance

'I accept you Luna Lovegood.'

'And I accept you Draco Malfoy, past and all.'

2,282 6
21 The Girl Of My Dreams

Draco POV -- Theodore popped his head out from the room, still smiling and shaking his head, 'Whatever you say Ferret-Boy.'

694 19
22 Favorite Names

I tilted my head the other way, 'But I'm a Pisces, Harry.'

2,084 9
23 Making Captain

I pulled back, my eyes growing a bit more serious and lips growing a bit straighter, 'But seriously Draco, I do want the Cup.'

1,058 9
24 The Romantic Stars

He was trying.  Just. For. Me.

994 10
25 The Prophecy

Draco POV -- I would do anything to protect Luna, including ruining the rest of what little ego I had left.

1,655 9
26 A Ring?

Draco POV -- 'Ahh, Draco I'm flattered!' Theodore smirked.

2,094 9
27 The Celebration

I was so happy I got to go with Draco but...well, a part of me wanted to a small something from him. Just a memento to have that he accepted me.

2,015 7
28 The Question

'I still haven't found the right one.'

2,205 14
29 Taken

'When? Because I have a test on Monday for Potions.' I pulled back to look at him, 'Maybe next Saturday?'

1,707 14
30 A Ripped Out Heart

Draco's POV --  'She's gone....she took her...'

941 7
31 Love

His friend walked up to him and placed his hand on Draco's shoulder, 'We'll find her mate. Promise.'

1,144 7
32 Always

 Knowing I was safe and that everything would be alright as long as Draco was there.

1,210 7
33 Escaped Secrets

He smirked to himself and pulled at his own bangs, 'Never thought I'd be able to say that and really mean it.'

1,377 6
34 Her Hand

Draco looked to me then back to my father, 'Umm...yes.'

1,024 9
35 The Wedding Dress

As long as we were together nothing could tear us down. 

1,442 10
36 Alec Liam Malfoy

Life wasn't perfect, but this moment was.

1,394 29


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