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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 When I arrived

When I arrive at Hogwarts some strange happenings occur making me look like a fool.

231 9
2 When i recovered

Once i recover from my polyjuice potion incident, i start to feel im fitting in, or do I?

410 4
3 maybe i'll just leave

When things keep going wrong, Maybe I'll just leae, or not?!?

446 4
4 Framed, by the fat lady

When I get out of the hospital wing I run into more trouble, this time with the fat lady from the portrait hole, and will Poppy ever grow up?

636 3
5 Mischeif day

When Mischeif day rolls along what will Poppy have up her sleeve?

822 5
6 Poppy's back

When Poppy escapes, what will she have planned next?

620 3
7 The last straw

It's graduation day for me, and will I make it through, or will Poppy stop me.

432 5


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