Harry, Ron, Hermione, OC
Crossover, Drama, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence
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2011-06-10 20:50:38
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1 Prologue

It was the last dinner of the year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The air was filled with excitement as everyone talked about summer plans, but sadness also lingered as people said their good-byes. It was sort of bitter sweet time as people waited impatiently for their food to magically appear on the table as it had every day before and as it would every day afterward.

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2 The Hogwarts Express

Jasmine stood staring at the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 ¾. She held her suitcase in one hand and her bird in the other, just staring. This was the last time that she was ever going to see Hogwarts. This was the last time that she was going to ride the Hogwarts Express. She sighed and turned to see her step mother walking onto the platform.

1777 1
3 Arriving at Hogwarts

Jasmine woke to a girl talking. She groaned slightly and rubbed her eyes and nose. The voice sounded vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t place a name or face with the voice.

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4 Passing Out Makes a Lovely First Impression

“No. I just…” she mumbled shaking her head. She took a few steps away, pulling her hand out of the girl’s grasp, before she fell to the ground. She hit the floor completely unconscious.

2512 1
5 Surnames and Namesakes

Jasmine rolled over, took a deep breath, and sighed. Bright light spilled in from the window. Her eyes still closed, trying to block out the light that woke her up. She desperately wanted to go back to the dream she was having before the light woke her up.

2565 1
6 O.W.L.s, and Slytherins, and N.E.W.T.s, Oh My

Jasmine took a second look at the schedule that the confused old man had given her. She was sitting on a bench in some hallway or another—she couldn’t remember where—staring at the seemingly innocent paper.

2050 1
7 Headmaster?

“And you’re sure that he is expecting you?” the woman said unsure as she looked down at Jasmine.
“Oh yes, defiantly,” Jasmine smiled, hoping that her face radiated sureness and confidence.

2833 1
8 Memory Loss?

Jasmine rolled her eyes and kept talking, “The food last year was poisoned. Did I tell you that?...Yeah I did…Well, I ate some….I told you that already too…Amanda described the poison’s effect to us…but I didn’t have any of those symptoms. At least I don’t remember having any of them. What if part of the poison’s effect was memory loss?”

2494 0
9 Death Eaters? Here? Now?

Jasmine shook her head. She knew what she wanted to say, but could find the right words. She couldn’t even decide if this whole thing was worth bringing the attention to the Headmaster. It freaked her out that there were Death Eaters rising, but she was sure that he had to know. As crazy as the old man seemed he had to know. This isn’t the kind of thing that you miss. She groaned and banged the back of her head against the wall.


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