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2011-06-05 23:54:19
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2014-03-01 22:24:23
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Normal Boy

How Liam discovered his magical abilities, and how he was contacted by Hogwarts. Intro to Liam, his mother Annie and his younger brother Patrick. (Nov 2013 - minor edits & corrections).

2365 4
2 The Mysterious Visitor

The Wren family receives a mysterious guest from the Ministry of Magic. November 2013: minor revisions and corrections based on reader feedback.

2729 2
3 Memories of War

Liam learns some dark family secrets, and the debate begins as to where he will go to school in the fall. Some fun details mixed in for the hardcore HP fan. Nov 2013: minor corrections based on reader feedback.

2408 2
4 The Pregnant Hero

In which Liam and his family visit Diagon Alley. Liam makes a new friend, purchases some school supplies, and meets a war hero. The author makes a guess as to the birth month of one the the next gen characters. Nov 2013: small edits and corrections.

3160 2
5 Between Two Worlds

Liam waits impatiently for his train ride to Hogwarts. He experiments with his wand and his potion ingredients. Finally, we go to London and get a glimpse of Lara. Dec 2013: Minor corrections based on reader feedback.

2472 2
6 The Train Ride North

Liam meets some friends, and a rival, on the train ride to Hogwart's. The author shows off his knowledge of obscure wizards, and finally, there's a bit of action. Dec 2013: minor changes and corrections based on readers feedback.

2323 2
7 A Conversation with a Hat

Liam and his friends take a ride across the lake in the rain, and then, are sorted. Cameos by some very tall people. The writer continues to have fun with names. Dec 2013: Significant revisions, including additional names added from Witches of Slytherin.

2822 2
8 The Badger's Den

A cozy tour of the Hufflepuff common room. Liam learns a bit more about what it means to be a Hufflepuff. December 2013: minor edits and corrections.

2462 1
9 The Scent of Jasmine Heather

In which Liam has a strange dream. Later, he stands up to his Potions Master and makes a contribution to the Hufflepuff House point total. Dec 2013: minor edits and corrections. Seating arrangements now match "Witches of Slytherin."

2571 1
10 Formal Magic

In which our hero learns that Formal Magic is hard work, and determines that girls are unfathomable. Dec 2013: minor edits and corrections.

3004 1
11 Owl Post

In which our hero sends and receives some mail, and comforts someone in need. Dec 2013: minor edits and corrections.

2598 1
12 The Consequences of Violence

Our hero tangles once again with Cyrus Kane, and afterwards faces a variety of consequences. Dec 2013: minor edits and corrections.

2577 2
13 The Voice of the Dragon

In which our hero wrestles with a mysterious and frightening dream. December 2013: thoroughly revised, with significant changes.

2296 4
14 Dragon Lore

We get a glimpse inside the Halls of the Serpent, and meet some of its inhabitants. Later, our hero exhibits some very poor research skills. At the library, we learn more of Madagascan Dragons, but not enough to solve the mystery of the dream. (Thanks to Sherriff, by the way, who pointed out that people and things from Madagascar are called Madagascan, not Madagascaran.) Jan 2014: significant revisions.

2148 1
15 Ruffled Feathers

In which our hero continues to struggle in Formal Magic. He gets the best of a stubborn porcupine quill and a nosy prefect. Jan 2014: very minor revisions.

2315 2
16 A Day with the Gryffindors

The next two chapters concern the Capture the Hat game that I made mention of in "Black Cats." Though no one ever seems to get the joke or think it's funny, I did have fun with the names of the boys in this chapter. And then, there's Gillian, one of Liam's future girlfriends . . . Jan 2014: I re-wrote the opening paragraph. The rest of the chapter has minor edits and corrections.

2371 0
17 Battle on the Grand Staircase

Finally, the game of Capture the Hat. Plus, Liam overhears something mysterious. And, he learns about another famous Hufflepuff. Jan 2014: minor edits and corrections.

2754 0
18 Potions Partner

Through a chance occurrance, Sadie works her way into Liam's circle. Liam learns something that many other people seemed to know already. Daisy roots are chopped, as is a thumb. The writer tries his hand at a blank verse couplet. Jan 2014: Corrected spelling of Reuel, and worked the lovely Sally Poysenberry into the story.

2662 1
19 Sadie's Request

In which our hero is teased for having a girlfriend from Ravenclaw and the writer takes liberties with Tolkien's The Silmarillion. January 2014: very subtle edits.

2891 1
20 Christmas in the Badger's Den

The First of Three Chapters with a Christmas theme. There's caroling, tree decorating, and some mischevious mistletoe! Plus, cameos from Firenze, Professor Sinistra, and a very special dragon! Jan 2014: minor edits.

3547 2
21 Homeward Bound

In which our hero prepares for a trip home for Christmas. At an I.S.W.S. meeting, he learns who in his class is also Muggleborn, and he learns that Potions lab is similar to something called Chemistry. During the train ride home, someone falls asleep on his arm. Jan 2014: minor revisions, including replacing S.O.S. with the more proper I.S.W.S.

2398 0
22 Christmas Letters

A brief interlude back in Biggleswade. Liam gets a letter from a not-so-secret admirer, and gets a writing assignment from his mother. Your intrepid author displays what he learned in his crash course on Premier League Football (Soccer). Jan 2014: significant corrections, including more accurate information regarding Arsenal FC (Thanks, Sherriff!).

3069 1
23 Christmas at the Emerald Club

We join Morwena Felwich for the annual Christmas party at the Emerald Club, a Slytherin only club in London. Cyrus is there, as is Umberto and Vanessa. Things go badly for Cyrus, and this has ramifications for our hero and his friends. Jan 2014: minor revisions.

3357 1
24 Chocolate and Other Remedies

Morwena's well laid plan goes astray. Professor McGonagall provides some foreshadowing. Liam learns that some spells work differently on girls than they do on boys. Jan 2014: minor edits and revisions.

3520 1
25 The Stinging Curse

Tension mounts, leading up to Kane v Wren, round 3. Three students earn detentions, and someone is called a bully. Jan 2014: minor edits and corrections.

3242 1
26 A Very Long Night

Liam spends the evening in the company of Slytherins. Special Guest Star: The Bloody Baron! Jan 2014: minor edits and corrections.

2535 2
27 A Call for Help

The Dragon Dream returns, and Liam is forced to ask for help - not from the teachers, of course, but from the Ravenclaw girl who's had a crush on him all year, Sadie Thompson. Jan 2014: minor edits and corrections.

2250 0
28 The Working Hypothesis

Our hero, with Sadie and Philip along, learns about Madagascan Dragons. Sadie discovers a mysterious bookmark. Your humble writer channels David Attenborough. Jan 2014: minor edits and corrections. Input from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

2393 1
29 Making Inquiries

With Sadie in the lead, the Investigation into Liam's Mysterious Dream continues. The team makes a breakthrough and suffers a setback. Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

2689 1
30 The Ferrari of Wands

Liam and Sadie learn the name of the wizard who made the Dragon Wand. The reader observes Slytherins being clever and sneaky. Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

2437 2
31 The Precious Object

Liam and Sadie learn about wandmaker Lars Stilgrevsen, and come to a revelation about the Dragon Wand. Someone gets detention, and the Badger Guard makes an appearance. Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections. 

3417 1
32 A Visit With Stilgrevsen

Professor Gregor questions Cyrus Kane, and uses his Pensieve. Later, he travels to Mykonos to see the wandmaker Stilgrevsen. Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

2535 1
33 One Day Pays For All

A recap of the 2005 Quidditch Season. Ends on a cliff-hanger. Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

4677 1
34 The Eaves of the Forest

Something big and exciting happens. Cameos from McGonagall and Grawp. Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

3076 2
35 Aftershocks

Liam and Lara spend a night in the Hospital wing. Secrets are revealed, and in the morning, something unexpected happens . . . . Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

2319 0
36 The Hundred Galleon Question

Sparks fly as the struggle between Liam and Cyrus comes to a head. McGonagall guest stars, and Liam utters a fateful line. Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

3479 0
37 Stilgrevsen and the Dragon

Wandmaker Lars Stilgrevsen tells the story of the Madagascan Dragon, the silver ring and the egg thieves. Your faithful writer has fun with Google Earth.  Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

4196 0
38 Pemberton

Liam prepares for the final battle against the Kanes for control of the Dragon Wand. Feb 2014: edits and revisions. The back section w/ Meadows was thoroughly revised.

2978 0
39 The Will of the Wand

Liam faces off against the Kanes in an arbitration hearing. At stake is the ownership of the Dragon Wand.  Two characters from earlier in the novel make unexpected appearances. Feb 2014: minor edits and corrections.

2797 1
40 The Long Goodbye

Wrapping up all the loose ends, plus some hints on what's next. Feb 2014: minor edits and revisions. The final notes have been thoroughly updated.

5084 3


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