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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Molly, George
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-05-20 11:35pm
Last Chapter
2015-01-31 3:53pm
Last Updated
2015-01-31 3:53pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Recapture of the Carrows

After killing Voldemort, Harry and his companions recapture the escaped Carrows at Hogwarts, followed by a trip to the hospital wing for a confunded auror, and a bit of humorous mayhem in the Hogwarts dungeon by Peeves.

8,264 11
2 The New Minister of Magic

There is tension as captured Death Eaters are prepared for transfer to Azkaban. Kingsley fears for Harry's safety because of the Elder Wand. And Gringotts is outraged by the bank break-in.

4,787 6
3 Gathering in the Great Hall

Harry has an uneasy encounter with the press. The trio reunite with the Weasley family in the Great Hall as news of the Elder Wand appears in the Daily Prophet. George visits Fred's body.  And Harry replaces the Elder Wand in the tomb.

9,597 4
4 Knockturn Alley

News of the Elder Wand and Voldemort's demise reaches Knockturn Alley.  A former pureblood custom is discussed.

2,207 4
5 Return to the Burrow

Harry returns to the Burrow with the Weasleys. George announces his intent to re-open the joke shop amid concerns about the safety of Diagon Alley.  There is a slight deviation from Canon with the addition of two new house elves. 

6,475 5
6 Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

A day spent at the joke shop ends in an uproar when an unwelcome visitor arrives, and George encourages a bit of mayhem to solve the problem.

12,550 3
7 A Menace in the Sky (The Firebolt Ride)

After George talks Harry into giving Firebolt rides for youngsters at the joke shop, Ginny violates the age limit and asks Harry to take her for a Firebolt ride. But the shared moment is soon spoiled.

7,672 5
8 Fred's Funeral

Fred's funeral is a mix of sadness and humor, as the Weasleys include a slideshow of favorite memories of Fred, and George offers a fireworks tribute.

8,654 4
9 Fred and George Make a Pact

A short chapter told from George's point of view which contains a flashback in which Fred and George make a secret pact.

2,398 4
10 Goblin Negotiations

An edgy meeting with the director of Gringotts bank regarding the bank break-in as Goblins make their demands.

3,003 3
11 The Hogwarts' Memorial

Everyone who fought or died in the Battle of Hogwarts is honored with awards during the Hogwarts Memorial, and Harry receives a very special item.

7,281 6
12 The Meeting of the Order

The Hogwarts painting is enjoyed at the Burrow. At the meeting of the Order, goblin demands are discussed, an acquaintance of Professor Slughorn is mentioned, and Harry is asked to help the aurors with a task.

7,885 4
13 The Acquisition of Spinner's End

Harry helps the aurors gather up Snape's belongings and makes several finds.

6,166 4
14 Hermione's Rebuttal

Snape's belongings are discussed.  A visit from Teddy brightens the Burrow.  And Hermione's rebuttal appears in the Prophet.

7,979 4
15 Hagrid's Return

Harry, Ron, and Hermione discuss school plans with McGonagall, then visit the library to research Snape's parchment.  An adventure is told during lunch in Hagrid's hut.  Then Arthur tells about nuisance troublemaking at the Ministry over dinner at the Burrow.

5,532 3
16 Absolutely Everything Possible

George finally gets the breakthrough he's been hoping for.

3,961 4
17 A Visit to the Owlery

Harry visits the owlery, and gets a nasty surprise.  But will he actually take a new owl?

4,493 4
18 Solidarity!

A meeting of the Death Eaters in which a heated discussion of pure-blood causes a violent outburst, as Death Eaters discuss their agenda.

4,173 4
19 A Meeting with Rita Skeeter

Harry gets disturbing news about Grimmauld Place, Hermione has a face to face meeting with Rita Skeeter, and Arthur tells of more nuisance troublemaking at the Ministry.

6,138 5
20 A Summer Day at the Burrow

A light-hearted chapter in which Ron makes a decision that's cause for celebration. Then there's romance in the air as our two main couples engage in a bit of romantic horseplay, and even Lee, George, and Angelina share a pleasant moment remembering school day flirtations.

6,313 3
21 Harry's Birthday

School mail arrives on Harry's birthday. Kingsley attends Harry's birthday dinner with news of the goblin's final demands. Harry goes school shopping on Diagon Alley, and confronts Draco Malfoy.

6,346 5
22 The Curse of the Haunting Specter

Misfortune strikes when Bill tries to meet goblin demands.

3,294 4
23 Return to Hogwarts

Another school year begins as Harry takes the train back to Hogwarts. This chapter depicts the sorting of the first-years, introduction of new school staff, the feast, and start of term announcements. Harry and Ron also meet three new roommates and their pets.

7,428 4
24 The New Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor

Classes begin with a potions class taught by Professor Slughorn. But what will the new DADA instructor be like? Harry finds out as he attends the first class. And Hagrid has a favor to ask.

6,393 6
25 Bristle Rash

As Harry settles into a new school year, a calamity occurs that causes chaos throughout the entire school. Ron and Ginny wonder what will happen at the first full moon for Bill. And Quidditch tryouts are held, with an unconventional first quidditch practice against a welcome opponent.

6,936 4
26 An Unexpected Privilege

As Harry tries to find a cure for Bill's curse, Kingsley reveals a strange coincidence. Then Professor Ogilvie tells the DADA class about the Museum of Magical Arts and Sciences, and offers Harry an unexpected privilege.

6,860 4
27 The Wizard's Portrait

During a visit to the Museum of Magical Arts and Sciences, Harry meets the museum director, Hermione makes a discovery, and Harry has a disturbing encounter.

6,698 6
28 The Quidditch Match

Accusations abound in McGonagall's office after the museum visit. Harry plays the first quidditch match of the year, and Hermione finds out a secret about Professor Ogilvie. On Hogsmeade weekend, Hermione does some potion shopping, Harry finds a quirky new item for sale, and Hermione finds a new book on the shelves.

7,014 4
29 Creatures Run Amuck

A DADA class in which Professor Ogilvie teaches an ominous lesson. Hagrid's creatures cause a disturbance. And there are headlines of Death Threats in the Daily Prophet.

6,805 5
30 The Order Meets at Grimmauld Place

A meeting of the Order at Grimmauld Place in which disturbing goblin developments and Death Eater activity is discussed, and accusations about the museum are raised once more.

6,343 4
31 Christmas at Grimmauld Place

Harry celebrates Christmas at Grimmauld Place, and puts Kreacher's loyalty to a test.

6,886 4
32 A Saving Grace

A second visit to the museum in which Harry and Hermione make a discovery, and Harry experiences a strange turn of events.

7,778 4
33 A Surprising Hint

Harry ponders ties between Ogilvie and Chernikov. Hermione tells about martyr dragons. Harry makes a discovery when Snape's belongings are re-examined, and makes a decision about what he must do.

6,187 4
34 Nicolas Flamel

Time travel yields information and surprises.

8,352 4
35 Worthy Blood

Harry and his friends visit Hogsmeade on Valentine's Day. The Black family tree is examined and Harry realizes where the answer lies. Harry confronts Ogilvie about the behavior of Slytherin's portrait.

6,606 4
36 An Uncommon Brew

A potion is brewed and given to Bill. Herbology class results in chaos.

5,532 4
37 A Goblin with a Wand

The Trio respond to an emergency message, and end up at the museum again, where Harry has a sinister encounter.

4,482 3
38 A Goblin Fairy Tale

This is the second to the last chapter of the story. Hermione presents Harry with the translated scroll which contains a goblin fairy tale and a surprising revelation. Then the Trio battle their adversary at the museum.

4,687 4
39 Year's End

This is the final chapter. The school year comes to an end as Harry learns the details of Ogilvie's aging curse. Professor Dumbledore's portrait returns, although not alone. Harry plays the final quidditch match of the year, followed by graduation.

7,040 12


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