Harry, Ron, Hermione
Drama, General, Mystery
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse
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First Published
2011-05-16 22:37:17
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2016-10-24 04:10:02
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2016-10-24 04:10:02
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A New Home

The story begins with an outsider's look at the state of things at the conclusion of the Second Wizard War. Muggles attempt to tamper with things that are best left untampered with.

4461 15
2 A Tattered Triumph

Harry Potter, from his room at the Burrow, bridges the gap between the end of the war and the current day. What is found is a much harder road than expected.

5176 4
3 The Newest Minister

Harry rejoins the Weasleys, Hermione and Order members as the present and future states of the wizarding world are revealed and planned upon...

5575 3
4 The Funeral

The funerals for Fred, Lupin and Tonks are held at the Burrow. Harry's inner strength and emotions are tested perhaps more than ever before as their is sadness and suffering experienced by all.

4525 7
5 Unexpected Surprises

In an attempt to rid themselves of the sad memory of the funeral, Harry and Ginny plan a trip to Hogsmeade together. However, the day out does not go completely as planned...

5577 4
6 The Murderer at Bay

Harry is swarmed by Aurors and Order members alike after the shocking events, hearing much more curious information than he had bargained for.

5309 5
7 Quidditch and Quotes

Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys attempt to rid their memories of what has occured by attending the wonder that is the Quidditch World Cup.

5581 2
8 The Auror Office

Harry and Ron head to the Ministry to begin their careers as Aurors while Hermione and Ginny are off to Hogwarts on September the first. The next chapters of their lives have officially begun.

5501 3
9 The Unfortunate Truth

Just as Harry is getting accustomed to the Auror Office, he learns of a terrifying truth revealed to him by the Aurors - a truth that Harry never thought possible.

5398 1
10 A Hogwarts Homecoming

Harry and Ron return to Hogwarts for the first time since the war, visiting the castle and old friends which jars memories from seemingly a lifetime ago.

5631 2
11 The Three Trials

Harry and Ron have all their wand and survival skills pushed to the limit during the harsh testing required of them by the Aurors.

5351 2
12 The Darkest Memory

Harry finds himself firmly set in the daily routines of the Auror Office. Wishing for a more immersive experience, curiosity leads to learning more than what he bargained for...

5477 0
13 Auror Undercover

With danger lurking at every turn, an anxious Harry embarks on his first true mission as an Auror.

5928 2
14 The Apollyon Society

After the shocking events of Harry's mission with the Aurors, the revelations continue as Harry is questioned by the Order and Hermione makes a massive discovery.

6164 2
15 Grace and Chance

Harry and Ron return to Hogwarts where mystery, love and a surprising conversation with one of the fallen members of the Order take center stage.

5887 2
16 The Message

Harry and Ron travel to Diagon Alley to visit the newly reopened Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, but something strange and nerve-racking interrupts their trip which causes the pair to spring in to sudden action.

5927 2
17 Malfoy's Warning

A curious Harry takes out his father's old invisibility cloak once again as he uncovers many secrets at the Ministry.

5732 3
18 The Phoenix Induction

Mrs. Weasley finally gives up her stance allowing Ron and Harry to enter the Order of the Phoenix. Also, Harry overhears talk of an impending attack as the Order discusses and debates upon very unsettling developments...

5562 5
19 Letters and Decisions

Another simple day at the Auror Office quickly turns in to one of chaos amdist the revelations that Harry and Ron stumble upon...

5316 1
20 Battle at Riddle House

After coming to a sudden realization, Harry and Ron - against strict orders - apparate to the scene of the battle... but will they be in time?

5957 3
21 The Dark Lord Returns

As the battle below continues and intensifies, Harry is taken away to the Riddle House where he discovers a most terrifying truth...

5990 7
22 An Uneasy Threat

The fallout from the battle, a surprise meeting and a heartfelt conversation conclude another year for Harry, Ron and Hermione.

6231 6


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