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McGonagall, Hagrid, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2011-05-11 4:59pm
Last Chapter
2015-12-08 9:36pm
Last Updated
2015-12-08 9:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Transfiguration, Two Firsts, and Oliver Wood

In which our heroine meets our hero, Oliver Wood is the victim of mild violence, and some minor perving is done.

4,244 10
2 Maxwell, Gilderoy-itis and Asexuality

In which our heroine falls in love (with a unicorn), Oliver is late again, and amicicide is considered.

3,801 7
3 Vanishing Desks, a Free Period and a Rude Awakening

In which our heroine goes to Charms, cats are discussed, and a friend has a most ludicrous idea.

3,698 6
4 Dry Spells, Copious Amounts of Drool, and the Square of Pegasus

In which our heroine doesn't get snogged in a broom cupboard, Fang doesn't quite understand the rules of 'fetch', and Oliver is tolerable (sometimes).

5,313 8
5 The Project, Kinkiness, and Girl Problems

In which our heroine is a slob, Oliver tells a story, and innuendo causes problems.

4,838 7
6 Supposedly-Sexy Men, Genetics, and a Pawnshop

In which our heroine begs for girl talk, Oliver willingly works, and Madam Pince is not a happy bunny.

4,059 9
7 Beautiful Dragons, Unwelcome Hugs, and Letter-Writing

In which our heroine does not feel the love, Oliver and the twins are nosy, and cornflakes go soggy.

3,961 5
8 First Names, Gossip, and Rich Tea Biscuits

In which our heroine is a little hopeless, a friendship is made, and Oliver might be a masochist.

3,529 4
9 Scary Sunday, Thinking and Almost Abandonment

In which our heroine has a major revelation, some serious analysis goes on, and Oliver starts to believe.

4,332 6
10 Topless Cedric, Badges, and Hard Work

In which our heroine gets drenched, Oliver impresses, and a certain somebody has a birthday.

4,319 5
11 Man-PMT, Bourbons, and a Stupid Misunderstanding

In which our heroine confesses, Oliver is magnificent, and an armchair is victim to some serious pummelling.

4,085 6
12 Muggle Sweets, Underwear and a Light Afternoon Jog

In which our heroine grows as a person, Oliver has nice jeans, and a little dating goes on.

6,792 10
13 The Hospital Wing, Mrs Norris and Serious Interrogation

In which our heroine is a zebra (and a hedgehog), Oliver is introduced to the house-elves of Hogwarts, and the date finally comes to an end.

5,843 6
14 Fangirls, Early Birds and Cats That Hug

In which our heroine is the subject of gossip (again!), Oliver is a glutton for punishment, and a meeting is set up.

4,456 6
15 Something to Write Home About (Maybe), Quidditch and Roger Davies

In which our heroine actually enjoys the match, Louise has big news, and Mrs Green might have a heart attack.

5,075 5
16 A Completed Project, Ogling, and Another First

In which our heroine is a complete and utter lunatic (nothing new there), Oliver is a pig (again), and McGonagall doesn't get to punish anyone.

4,432 10
17 Oliver's Clothes, Hand-Holding and Fighting

In which our heroine is predictable, friends are nosy, and Heather loves magic.

4,757 9
18 Niceness, Mother Nature and a Noble Gentleman

In which our heroine loses a sandwich to a cat, Ravenclaw wins, and Oliver is abandoned for girly problems.

3,644 7
19 Revelations, Awesome (and Not-So-Awesome) Presents, and a Lack of Pyjamas

In which our heroine turns 17, Oliver has a question to ask, and the Christmas holidays begin.

3,977 7
20 Kitty Love, A Visit to Oliver's, and Pud (It's Short for Puddlemere!)

In which our heroine has no filter (as usual), Oliver reveals a secret, and grandbabies are discussed.

5,016 2


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