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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Regulus, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Bill/Fleur, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC
Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-04-30 9:18pm
Last Chapter
2012-03-09 6:09pm
Last Updated
2016-06-20 6:18am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Death Eaters

"It's time for you to head over to Harry's," she told me and I nodded. I stood up and grabbed my hoodie from the back of the chair I had been sitting on. "I'll be back as soon as it's safe," I said to Ginny and Mrs. Weasley, who had both gathered at the door.

3,334 12
2 Overwhelmed

I ran through the protective enchantments put on the Burrow and up to the front door, performing the knock to let them know it was me again. The door flung open and Mrs. Weasley was hugging me before I even knew what happened. She was squeezing me tightly and hugging me and sobbing hysterically. "Mrs. Weasley, I'm okay," I said softly, hugging her back before she let go.

2,522 14
3 Dumbledore's Will

When I finally felt as if I could get downstairs and to the kitchen without puking on anyone or myself, I brushed my teeth and headed down. Everyone in the kitchen stared at me as if I was unstable and need to be admitted somewhere until I was better. I was starting to think they were right, but I couldn't do that - not now, at least. I would be alright.

2,375 9
4 Tragic Circumstances

I sat on top of the closed toilet, crying my eyes out, knowing that any chance that I had of having a future, was just thrown out of the window. How could I have been so stupid? Was it really worth it now that I had to pay the consequences?

2,619 8
5 R.A.B.

People were standing around, looking at each other in shock as the Patronus began to disappear. Harry glanced over at me, and I knew he was thinking about what I had said to Scrimgeour at the funeral. "GO!" I roared at everyone who was just standing around, and that's when the real chaos started.

2,685 9
6 Unexpected News

It had been two days and Kreacher hadn't come back yet. Add that to the lack of news since Mr. Weasley's Patronus, and everyone was starting to go a little crazy. Hermione would sit and read the book from Dumbledore, while Ron would subconsciously play with the Deluminator, starting a fight between the two. At the same time, Death Eaters had appeared outside of Grimmauld Place, standing in the square right outside number twelve.

2,876 7
7 Hope

"When you stripped this house of all the valuables you could find," Harry started again, "you took a bunch of stuff from the kitchen cupboard. There was a locket there. What did you do with it?"

1,969 7
8 Planning For The Future

"Oh, because I've never been able to defend myself and take care of myself before," I muttered angrily, frowning. The others didn't take notice of my anger. Apparently I had started having mood swings for awhile now, and it didn't faze them anymore. I think it would faze one of the boys if I kicked them where the sun don't shine. Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me towards him, but I pushed him away to emphasize my pissiness. Still didn't faze anyone. I was on the verge of having a hissy fit.

2,114 9
9 Infiltrating The Ministry

I threw it back down onto the pile and stormed into Blackthorne's office, a few of the workers whispering behind me. I slammed the door shut and looked around the impeccably clean office before slouching into the chair behind the desk. That's when I noticed one of the drawers was slightly open. I opened the drawer further and found it stuffed to the brim with files. I opened the top one and my jaw practically dropped to the floor.

3,302 7
10 Time To Take Precautions

When I could finally see, I started hyperventilating. There was a sharp pain in my general stomach area and I couldn't get it to go away. I was making weird noises, somewhere between crying and trying to get some sort of air into my lungs as I cradled my stomach.

2,642 6
11 The Tension Is Rising

"Well, you've obviously got a problem," Harry said. "Spit it out, will you?" Ron stood up, looking uncharacteristically mean. "All right, I'll spit it out. Don't expect me to skip up and down the tent because there's some other damn thing we've got to find. Just add it to the list of stuff you don't know." I wish I could still skip.

2,872 10
12 Decisions Are Made

"Hey Em?" Harry asked softly when he saw me on the couch, kind of zoned out. "Mmm?" "I was just wondering...well, you're pretty far along now, and...we haven't really discussed any names," Harry said awkwardly. "I mean, I know there's still four months to go, but I thought it might be a good idea to start looking at names."

2,672 12
13 Godric's Hollow

"Harry, they're here...right here." I followed Hermione's voice and found her standing in front of a white marble headstone only two rows back from Kendra's and Ariana's. Harry was there in an instant, as if he Apparated just so he could get there as quickly as possible.

2,893 7
14 Bittersweet Reunions

"Shhh, you're okay," I whispered to Harry, who was having a major freak-out in his sleep. I dabbed a damp cloth on his forehead, which was getting warmer by the second. Hermione was sitting at the other end of the couch, watching Harry worriedly. She had huge purple circles underneath her brown eyes and looked like she had aged ten years in a matter of a couple of hours. "Hermione, you should really go to sleep. You look like crap."

2,587 11
15 For The Ones You Love

"I made you breakfast," a voice said sweetly, waking me up. When I opened my eyes, Harry was sitting on the very edge of the sofa bed, holding a tray of breakfast for me. Pancakes with berries on top, syrup, orange juice...damn, he made it hard to stay angry at him.

2,774 4
16 The Deathly Hallows and Death Eaters

"Interesting," Xenophilius said, now examining me. "It doesn't surprise me that you would know, Miss Williams. My Luna has told me many things about you, including your ability to know what most others don't."

2,016 8
17 Our Luck Runs Out

"Well that was fun," I commented once we were at the field I had imagined. I couldn't remember why I had thought of this field, but it was the first place to pop into my mind that was still in England. Hermione immediately began running around casting the protective spells.

2,276 6
18 Captured

All I could think about was Emily and the baby. If either one of them were killed, it would be my fault for saying Voldemort's name. I had no idea how Emily or I would be able to protect the unborn baby, but my stomach was filling with sickening dread.

2,290 7
19 This Is An Emergency

We were all shoved and prodded into the Malfoy Manor where we were immediately met by Narcissa Malfoy. "Follow me," she said, leading the way across a hall. "My son, Draco, is home for his Easter holidays. If that is Harry Potter, he will know."

2,824 6
20 What We Need To Know

"Because you need to know what she tried to do for me...just in case..." She didn't have to continue for me to understand what she meant. In case she dies, I thought bitterly. I nodded, staring at the table once more.

2,895 5
21 Time's Up

When I woke up, I could hear all sorts of mechanical noises all around me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around, finding myself in a pretty little beach-themed room, surrounded by all sorts of different machines.

3,234 13
22 Making A Deal

It felt like we were planning to break into the Ministry all over again, but about ten times harder. We spent almost all of our time in the small room, planning every step we would take during this mission. Any time I felt like I could escape, I made sure I did. The twins needed as much fresh air as possible, in my opinion. They were half-Fairy, after all.

2,502 8
23 We Break In...Again

When people saw me, they melted into the shadows. I put on a smirk and continued strutting down the street, giving off the aura that no one should bother going near me. So far everything was going well, but just like Griphook had warned, there were two wizards now at the entrance with Probity Probes to detect any concealment spells and hidden magical objects. Harry had only seconds to fix that.

2,742 6
24 Second Time Saved

There was no way to steer the dragon or tell it which way to go, and if we turned sharply or rolled midair, there was no way we'd be able to hang on.

2,004 8
25 Hard To Explain

"Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?" I tried to remember the answer to this because I was sure I knew it. Harry and Luna kept going back and forth before I burst out, "A CIRCLE HAS NO BEGINNING OR END."

2,143 8
26 For Freedom

"What about Emily?" Harry asked, his hand tightening around mine. McGonagall gave me a serious look and I knew why she was separating me from everyone else. "I have to do my birth-given duty." "Em, I don't want us to separate -"

2,654 8
27 Fighting For My People

I watched as everyone started heading to their assigned positions throughout the castle and its grounds. I hoped I had made the right decision when deciding what the plan would be. If I hadn't, the deaths and the failure of this battle would be all my fault.

2,279 5
28 What It Takes To Win

I looked up at Hermione but I refused to believe it. It was a ruse to get people to join him.

2,165 5
29 The Next Chapter

I was lying facedown on a bed. When I pushed myself up I saw that I was in my bedroom at my first house. The funny thing about this was that the only thing I found weird was that I was suddenly in Canada when I was sure I had just been at Hogwarts.

1,441 6


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