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Fluff, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2011-04-08 10:02pm
Last Chapter
2013-10-31 5:55am
Last Updated
2013-10-31 5:55am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Accidental

Meet Sophie 'Patch' Finnigan, the best friend of Louis Weasley. She's a drama queen, absolutely crazy, eccentric and suprisingly...a poet?

Looking at the damage, I realize what position I am in. I am straddling Louis Weasley, my one-eighth veela best friend.


2,062 25
2 Primal

Meet Arisa Loveday, she's cynical, sarcastic, mature and what you may call a back-up best friend. 

 It's like a horcrux. He got me a hackin' horcrux.


2,579 24
3 Skeletal

Louis executes part three of his master plan, which isn't remotely as fun as it sounded.

There's a lovers spat in the second floor girls bathroom.

3,940 15
4 Maternal

Because let's face it fourty-something year old women, really, truthfully, honestly shouldn't be getting pregnant. And then tell their other child by letter. It just isn't fair or right.

I feel sick. She's carrying the devil’s spawn.

1,995 16
5 Temperamental

Captain Obvious and Miss Oblivious finally have the talk. Oh dear.

"Err... I have butterflies in tummy," I say stupidly. Got to love verbal diarrhea.

2,062 26
6 Mental

Patch proves her knowledge, not her intelligence.

"Patch, shut up," Louis says.

2,214 18
7 Sentimental

In which Louis steals the microphone and shows his rather feminine side. 

And then a voice argues in my head, 'you're only perverted for her.'

This voice is correct.

This voice is sufficient proof that I am insane.

2,404 21
8 Logical

In which Louis mans up and Patch answers.

It’s creepy.

It’s unappealing.

It’s downright attractive.

1,063 15
9 Mortal

In which Patch spews her heart and Louis listens (well, she hopes). 

And then one fine day KA-BOOM, death, it's over, the end, I'm dead.

1,611 7
10 Rental

The conversation continues and with the aid of fingers, hands and pens.

At least, I had one thing to my advantage, he has a horrible fake mustache drawn on his face.

1,173 12
11 Pivotal

In which everything slowly grinds to a halt, or does it?

I think when Filch finally gets the hallways under control (which is never); he’ll somehow stop people from getting onto the quidditch pitch without permission.

2,282 23


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