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    Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
    Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
    Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2011-04-02 11:49pm
    Last Chapter
    2015-02-07 11:58am
    Last Updated
    2015-02-07 11:58am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 The News

    The beginning of something new. The chance at new friendships in a magical world. The news came with a strange man, the news of a new path.

    2,781 4
    2 The Truth

    How will people react when the truth comes out and suspicions arise?

    2,138 4
    3 The Friendships

    Third year is upon them, their friendships growing and blossoming and things getting more complicated :) 

    2,674 1
    4 The Lust

    Fourth years here and here come the hormones. Enjoy :)

    3,968 3
    5 The Break Between It All

    The break between fourth and fifth year is here. But not only is it a simple break between one year and the next but the break between living innocently and having to accept what their world is becoming.

    3,067 2
    6 The Animal Witin

    Fifth year continues and boy is everyone in for a ride. Things are changing and fast, yet there is one thing that remains the same.

    4,447 2
    7 The Changes

    The biggest change a Marauder will have to make is upon them and it will in turn effect others, some positively and others negatively. But can one reflex defence lead to tragedy in the future?

    4,202 2
    8 The Annoyance Of Raging Hormones

    The break before sixth year begins and the hormones are raging especially during a simple game of truth or dare.

    4,609 4
    9 The Trust Is Like Glass, It Shatters Quickly

    The train to take them all to where they belong but boy it'll be eventful this year

    3,836 3
    10 The Fun Ends Here

    A day full of pranks and laughter can quickly turn into terror.

    3,734 4
    11 'The Picture's Looking At Me!'

    December comes with birthday parties to remember!

    3,419 2
    12 The Pain That Comes With Christmas

    The traditional happy Christmas Eve is turned upside down in a way no one could see coming.

    3,406 4
    13 The Memories Alone Can Torture Us

    Moving on may seem easy but it is the hardest thing Ruby will ever have to do except there way very well be someone who makes it ten times easier.

    3,678 10
    14 The Point Where Mums Come In Handy

    When something finally begins to happen and it takes a mum to put things in perspective does mean things will run smoothly?

    4,282 4
    15 The Three Little Words That Change Everything!

    The words Sirius didn't intend to say but once they're said things get even better. And surprise to all James is mean to the one person he would do anything for.

    3,340 3
    16 The Grass Always Seems Greener On The Other Side

    When sixth year ends in a heated moment, and the time comes to return home how will the group react when the Ruby they had just got back disappears. How will Sirius respond when the girl he loves begins to fade.

    4,691 3
    17 The Learning Begins

    Sirius heads out to find his girl and bring her home and not only does he brighten her life but she steps in to finally teach James Potter a thing or to about getting what he wants.

    3,323 5
    18 The Dinner Date with the Raine's

    A simple dinner turns into a large event with sparks flying around for a potential couple and for one that continues to be full of surprises.

    3,442 3
    19 The Twist At The Beach

    A trip to the beach opens new avenues for James and Lily and brings fear to Ruby when a brilliant day is cut short.

    5,084 4
    20 The Feelings Begin to Awaken

    Back to Hogwarts and the typical train ride back stirs up feelings that a certain red head didn't notice before.

    3,538 2
    21 The War Begins To Roar Up

    The war begins to roar up around them, with Lily and Ruby stuck smack damn in the middle.

    7,474 7
    22 The Time Is Right

    Off to a wedding they head with new events occuring just when the time is right.

    4,529 2
    23 The Chance Of Being You

    The chance is given to Lily to finally admit she wants James, but can she do it? Can she admit that she loves him?

    3,950 3
    24 The Terror Of Life

    When Lily's life is turned upside down what will help her go on? And when a good time twists into absolute terror, will James do as Lily said, protect her on instinct?

    8,360 6
    25 The Change In The Moment

    Lily Evans finally admits how she feels in an intresting moment that then changes every moment to follow.

    5,775 3
    26 The Unforgettable Christmas

    Emotions are high this Christmas with everything seeming to spin out of control.

    7,006 4
    27 The Part Of Sirius That Disappears

    Christmas is over and so is the lightness. Sickness is in and so is the intense events that are about to occur.

    4,252 4
    28 The Test

    When everyone is put to the test who will win and who will pay the ultimate price?

    3,435 4
    29 The Pain In The Heart

    When the world is upside down, how can one's person desperation and strength turn it the right way up when all seems so hopeless?

    7,673 7
    30 The Love Within Reality

    Our couples are progressing...just as Voldemort is.

    5,949 2
    31 The Joy Amongst The Confusing

    How easily things can change, tensions can rise just by simple change in the world around the Marauders and their girls.

    7,204 6
    32 The Faith We Hold

    Little by little they move forward, finding new holds for their footsteps.

    8,243 8
    33 The Bad and the Worse

    Lily learns a cruel lesson when it comes to trusting friends.

    4,602 3
    34 The End of an Era

    So their time at Hogwarts is ending where does life lead for our favourite characters.

    4,627 3
    35 The Order of Living

    Fun begins for our group with love exploding everywhere. But of course a bit of Order is needed to keep the fun and the love alive.

    9,954 1
    36 The Path to Finding Our Way

     Things are changing. People are moving on, growing up, finding joy and troubles.

    5,031 2
    37 The Reality of Life

     Life's a bitch but sometimes it is made a bit easier by those around you. But sometimes even that is hard work.

    7,566 2


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