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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Narcissa, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, General, AU
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2011-03-18 3:58pm
Last Chapter
2013-04-26 5:44pm
Last Updated
2013-04-26 5:44pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Restoring the Library

Harry and Severus offer to help Madam Pince restore the library


This is the sequel to Common Ground, my Halloween fic. Please read . . .and review that one before you read this one, because nothing will make sense until you do! Begins right where Common Ground ended. Thanks!

4,703 8
2 Duels and Consequences

Harry and Draco's duel bears unexpected consequences

4,332 4
3 Correcting Past Mistakes

Severus has a conversation with Dumbledore

6,399 5
4 The Offer

Severus makes an offer to Harry.

6,979 4
5 Donations and Detentions

Hermione continues to collect donations to fix the library and Harry and Draco share detention

4,350 3
6 Beggar At the Feast

The twins have their revenge upon Draco

6,611 10
7 Unexpected Interference

The Quidditch match--with Snape refereeing, but is even that enough to keep Harry safe?

4,379 6
8 Trouble At Gringotts

Harry and Severus go to Gringotts, where some trouble occurs

7,153 3
9 Unexpected Discovery

Harry discovers who was behind the theft of his watch

4,641 4
10 Parental Discussions

A meeting is called to discuss the watch theft, and Narcissa returns to Hogwarts to deal with Draco, plus Harry and Sev have another talk

7,574 3
11 Backlash

People's reaction to the fact that Snape is Harry's official guardian

4,705 6
12 The Cursed Envelope

A cursed envelope spells trouble for Harry and Snape

4,294 6
13 Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night

Harry and Snape try and help Skull survive.

Title chapter and quote by Dylan Thomas, from the poem of the same name

4,785 4
14 The Society of Ravens

Lena tells the students about the Society of Ravens

7,143 5
15 The Other Side of Severus Snape

Severus shows another side of himself as a tutor to Neville

8,665 4
16 Harry's First Real Christmas

Harry has his first Christmas with Severus and Skullduggery

9,509 4
17 Uncommon Conversations

many unusual conversations occur

7,273 5
18 Sick Day

Harry gets sick and misses his Quidditch game

6,781 6
19 Another Letter

Harry receives another mysterious letter and some other sinister things occur

4,620 7
20 The Usual Suspects

Severus interrogates Quirrell about Irma's attack and also lays down the law to Harry

8,383 7
21 Dragon,Dragon

Harry finds a dragon egg and chaos ensues

12,883 4
22 A Breach of Trust

Consequences are handed out for the dragon fiasco

5,234 3
23 Further Consequences

The kids deal with the rest of the detentions from both Snape and McGonagall as well as angry peers and parents

12,726 5
24 Stalker

Detention in the Forbidden Forest

3,352 2
25 The Fifth Marauder

Severus and Minerva search for Harry, Harry meets the Fifth Marauder

7,613 3
26 Skewed Perspective

Harry tries to speak with his captor and Severus, Dumbledore, and Minerva search for Harry

5,526 3
27 Awakening

Irna finally regains consciencness and starts putting the pieces together

5,318 3
28 Skating on the Edge of Disaster

Harry tries to outwit and endure Marlene and discovers some secrets

4,828 4
29 Flight of the Raven

Things come together with the return of Skullduggery!

7,298 8
30 Crime and Punishment

Marlene goes to trial, Harry makes some new friends

8,379 4
31 The Justice of Ravens

A final justice is dispensed for McKinnon, plus a surprise visit!

6,258 6
32 Evil Stalking

Something wicked stalks the halls of Hogwarts

2,433 8
33 Revenant

Evil stalks the students, what will be done about it?

5,495 3
34 A Power He Knows Not

the final showdown!

6,426 5
35 A Heavy Toll

The aftermath of the battle

4,462 3
36 In the Wee Small Hours

More trouble occurs

5,326 4
37 A Suitable Teacher

Severus attempts to help Harry

4,566 7
38 A Shaman at Hogwarts

Ghost meets the Hogwarts staff and students

3,680 4
39 A Shaman's Solution

Ghost and Harry's first lessons together

4,208 3
40 Discussions

Many discussions occur

2,792 9
41 Understanding

Sev and Harry talk and reach an understanding

2,052 4
42 Adoption

Harry and Sev become a real family

4,308 3
43 Reactions

people react to the adoption and  Harry discovers some new things about Ghost

3,733 3
44 Aching Hearts

Aching hearts are all around

4,786 2
45 Ordinary People

Severus has his revenge on the Dursleys

5,335 2
46 Relative Surprises

Part two begins!

6,116 2
47 A Yankee in Yorkshire

Dante comes to Yorkshire

4,036 3
48 Meeting in Diagon Alley

Many meetings occur!

4,541 2
49 Smiles and Secrets

Severus confronts Lockhart and Dante has problems of his own

2,681 3
50 Trouble at the Platform

Trouble is brewing!

2,179 17


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