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2011-03-10 21:44:22
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 September 1st

First day of 6th year for Teddy starts out a little messier than expected.

3988 12
2 The Great Hall

"I’d rather puke slugs than touch you."

3611 4
3 Library

He smirked then kissed me on the cheek, ever so softly. And pulled his face back to look me in the eyes, “I know what you’re thinking. That I’ll forget you or replace you, but I could never forget you. You’re unforgettable."

2923 5
4 Things Over Heard

“But I wanted to. I wanted to kiss her. But the moment I did it, I realize how different everything could change between us.”

1573 2
5 A Walk To Class

“Shut up Lupin,” she said sweetly before she placed both of her hands on my shoulders and stood on tiptoe in her black flats she always wore, and whispered into my ear. “Stop worrying so much.”

2893 4
6 Late Night Walk

Teddy glanced down at me, smiling. “For being so smart, you ask some pretty dumb questions sometimes.”

5670 5
7 Letters

“Ah, Moony, what would we do without you?” Harry asked, his eyes staring into the distance, a sad smile on his face.

3213 4
8 Quidditch Practice

I walked up to Victoire, watching her, drinking in her beauty. Merlin, everything about her made my heart race. Her smile, her laugh, even the way she scratched her nose made me want her that much more. She was going to kill me.

6076 6
9 Kara's Tale

I swallowed, trying to keep my emotions cool. But I couldn’t find words, so I only did what I knew best, I glared hard and cold at him, trying to fight the smile that wanted to rear its ugly head. "Why should I forgive you Nate?" I snapped back as bitterly as I could. 

5602 5
10 Rolling With The Punches

“Can I try something?”

Victoire instantly stiffened, “What?”

“Promise not to use any type of physical abuse on me?”


5331 3
11 Cheers and Butterbeers

He smiled down at me, “You’d never make an unbreakable vow, you chickened out when I offered to do it for you and Nicki!”
“You two were trying to kill me!”

6570 7
12 A Victory with Victoire

“You’re not greedy,” I muttered. Her eyes brows rose questioningly.
“I’m not?”

4859 3
13 Halloween

“But your voice is as bad as a mandrake’s cry and you know you’ll petrify the entire castle if you start singing?”

“Oh shut it Lupin.”

4877 5
14 Left Out In The Cold

“Strange?” Victoire giggled and leaned closer to me, “I think you are just jealous!”

I felt my face get warm. “Don’t be so thick,” I muttered.

5448 5
15 Angst

“Oh look at that. You are just like your mother, just as rude, just as-“

“Shut up about my mother!"

5431 7
16 A Misunderstanding

“It’s not pathetic.”

“I shouldn’t let a boy control if I’m happy or not,” I said bitterly.

4681 5
17 Excuses

“She is dating someone else,” I sighed.

“So you’re both dating other people? Well that’s dumb.”

7342 10
18 New Years and New Fears

I stopped for a split second, staring into his deep brown eyes. “You still got me-you got me a gift?”
“Of course I did, it’s not like you died."

11284 7
19 Back To Shell Cottage

I stared at her before I found my voice, “What?”

“I’m a bloody hypocrite and I’m sorry okay?!” Victoire said annoyed that I was making her say it out loud.

5790 2
20 Hexes with Ex's


6954 4
21 Mixing With Potions

“What do you think about Raven?”

5695 5
22 The Shrieking Shack

“I think we should go inside,” Cora turned to look at me, her eyes twinkling.

I groaned, “Are you mental?”

9707 3
23 Into the Pensieve

“Harry? Do I know a Harry?”

“Mum, of course you do. Harry Potter is to be Teddy’s Godfather.”

13019 6
24 Coming to a Close

“Are you leaving?” he asked.

10280 9
25 Summer at Shell Cottage

Staring at him, his eyes were steady and he hand his hands at his sides. “Why?”

He laughed, “Why what? Why do I want to be here for you? Why do I care?”

“Yes, why bother?” I crossed my arms against my chest.

He shrugged, “Why not?”

12113 5
26 Potter's PMS

“But those things were all-“

“All what Harry? Coincidence? Luck?” Teddy was on his feet now, “Harry it’s not your fault!”

3795 5
27 The Perfect Amount of Charm

I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh, “If that’s what you want-“

“And I always get what I want,” she beamed.

10049 10


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