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Hermione, Draco, Blaise (M), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Hermione, Draco/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, AU
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-03-10 3:35pm
Last Chapter
2011-09-14 11:17am
Last Updated
2015-12-05 2:37pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Game on

Draco Malfoy is back at Hogwarts, but he quickly becomes bored and decides to pick up his game. But whom will be his victim this time?

1,226 7
2 Wait and see

 She heard his footsteps closing in and she started to walk faster. Faster. Faster. Then she broke into a run. She ran as fast as she could, but she couldn't seem to get away.

1,118 6
3 A Job.

 Don't ever accept a job offer from a Professor. You might be getting in way over your head.

1,505 1
4 Chemistry

 Draco sets his plan in work, and is Leonie falling for Blaise Zabini?

Read to find out!

2,780 3
5 This is who I am

He'd called her Hermione. He had used it. Draco sodding Malfoy.

Maybe he isn't as bad as everyone is saying? Hermione thought, but immediately slapped herself – literally.

1,675 1
6 Only Human

“She's a Mudblood!”

“That's just blood.”

“Since when?”

1,880 2
7 Hurting you, Hurting me.

“Well, well. Stealing my spot, are we?”

Draco smiled, his eyes closed. “I can't see your name anywhere?” he said and heard Hermione snort. “Jerk.”


“I'm taking that as a compliment.”

“You shouldn't,” he said as he stood up, allowing her to take her seat. “You really shouldn't.”

1,969 7
8 Down Memory Lane

“I don't trust you.”

“Understandable,” he nodded, agreeing with her words. Well, at least understanding them. “However, do I not deserve a chance?” he asked, breaking the hug.

“A chance?" she snorted. “Do you not mean a 100thchance?”


1,304 5
9 In My Veins


“Yes, mum?”

Leonie looked up at the woman before her with long, au brown hair and deep green eyes. The woman smiled.

“Draco is coming over. His parents are making the house ready for the Ball. You're fine with that, aren't you?”

Putting on an extremely fake smile, she nodded. “Yes. It's fine.”

Mrs Daniels nodded and walked out of the library and Leonie groaned, covering her face with her book.

1,143 2
10 The Kiss

Who knew she would ever feel this attached to a man – she could call him a man by now, surely? – that had treated her like crap for so many years, and suddenly he'd turned and he'd become this sweet and polite young man that she could not help but feel immensely drawn to. He had suddenly become so, so … perfect.

1,089 5
11 Spin the Bottle

Leonie's eyes were glued on the brunette across that room that wore a stunning dark blue dress with a large brooch at waist-level. Her hair fell in natural waves, reaching a few inches below her shoulders. She was wearing her mask, but it was impossible to mistake her. It was Hermione Granger. And she was here. As Draco's date.

1,568 3
12 Everything's Ruined

“I seem to be all alone,” he muttered, hearing the Manor carry out his voice in an empty echo.

2,118 4
13 Reflection

Do you ever feel as though no one knows who you are? You can wear a mask and fool the world, but you will never fool your self.

Sometimes I wonder, who is that girl staring back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don't know and will it ever show my true self?

I feel as though I am pretending to be someone I am not, and that I have been trapped within this character. This is not who I am, and it will never be.

1,046 2
14 I Don't Believe You

Draco groaned as he rolled over on his side, his left hand covering his face. His head was pounding immensely and he figured he probably shouldn't have drunk so much last night. After his argument with Leonie he'd taken Hermione home and watched her as she fell into a peaceful dream before he'd visited his favourite pub and had 20 too many drinks. Sitting up, he noticed how messy his sheets were. He cringed.

1,616 7
15 Insecurity

“You shall stay behind. I have a mission for you,” Voldemort drawled, and for a fraction of a second I felt Draco's eyes on me, before he left the room - being the first one.

696 5
16 Fessing up

I have never been somebody's second. I was always the one they yearned for, the one they wanted to be with. I was always First. Then she came along. Leonie Daniels.

936 3
17 The Beginning of the End

As Dumbledore started speaking, however, I forgot all about the Slytherins. The Headmaster's words were a blur but a few stuck out.

Voldemort. Death Eaters. Hogwarts unsafe.

Suddenly my pumpkin juice seemed a lot less lovely. Whispers emerged in the hall immediately. Even the Slytherin table seemed on edge.

879 6
18 All This Time

This was it. Hogwarts was under attack.

1,376 4
19 We Might Not Make It Home Tonight

“Just find her and carry out the deed,” the werewolf growled and Leonie pushed past him and ran.

932 9
20 A Living Nightmare

This couldn't be happening. This had to be a dream. A bad dream. A nightmare.

1,074 3
21 The Memorial

“Not having her with me, not being able to wake up and meet her for breakfast in the Great Hall or joke with her in between classes, not being able to picture my life with her in it. There's nothing okay with that. It just... It sucks.”

1,565 4
22 I Need You

Draco's head shot up and he stared in disbelief at the girl opposite him. Long, curly blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes, plumb pink lips, a friendly, freckled face. Leonie.

886 3
23 The Epilogue

The grass was moist as Draco Malfoy made his way up the hill. His eyes soon found the purpose of his arrival here and he stopped.

“Hey, Leonie,” Draco smiled, his hair slightly more tousled than usual.

1,182 10


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