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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Rose/Scorpius, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Angst, Young Adult
Next Generation
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2011-02-26 5:58am
Last Chapter
2016-03-11 8:35pm
Last Updated
2016-03-11 8:35pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Maybe I should start from the beginning…..

My life just can't get any worse apparently.

566 12
2 My Friend is Nuts

Of Breakfasts and dressed up cats.

1,601 14
3 My Brother's Overprotective

Of Trains and Boyfriends

977 15
4 My Boyfriend is Scared

Of Conversations and Voldemorts Reincarnation

1,094 13
5 My Brother Hates Said Boyfriend

Of Feasts and Party Invites

1,001 10
6 My House is the Best

Of Dates and Plastics

1,020 13
7 My Life Just Gets Better and Better

Of Parties and Mistakes

1,702 9
8 My Lies are Embarrassingly Bad

Of Angry Friends and Walks of Shame.

1,190 14
9 My Enemies Are Not Exactly Intimidating

Of Collisions and Threats

1,208 9
10 My Best Friend's Not as Oblivious as I Thought

Of Detentions and Confrontations

1,032 11
11 My Problems Just Got Worse

Of Gossip and Throwing Up

1,149 14
12 My Conscience Just Showed Up

Of Dinners and Quidditch Practice

1,273 8
13 My Friend Gave Me One Hell of a Challenge

Of Close Calls and Quidditch Matches

1,638 8
14 My Future Hangs in the Balance

Of Ifs and Decisions

1,830 9
15 My Younger Brother is Too Good to be True

Of Insane Ideas and Brotherly Love

1,039 6
16 My Trip to St Mungo's is Planned

Of Unhealthy Food and Healer Appointments

1,379 7
17 My Healer Seems to Know What He's Talking About

Of Healers and New Friends

1,329 8
18 My Dreams Aren't Likely to Come True

Of Talks and Careers

1,181 12
19 My Emotions are Reflected in the Storm

Of Storms and Screaming Matches

1,163 12
20 My Plans Have Run Amok

Of Healthy Food and Hogmeade Plans

2,192 11
21 My Cravings Have Kicked in

Of Cravings and Solving Problems

1,649 8
22 My Secret is at Risk

Of Shopping and Dates

3,242 12
23 My Girls Now Know

Of Finding Out and Kidnapping

1,883 9
24 My Hormones Bring Out the Worst in Me

Of Evil Stepmothers and Bad Days

1,210 11
25 My Little Alien is Real

Of Stalkers and Scans

3,922 8
26 My LBP is Controlling Me

Of Chats and Midnight Snacks

2,441 9
27 My Brother is being Pathetic

Of Hair Colour and Arguments

2,089 7
28 My pet is called Lewis Barney.....Pablo?

Of Stalkers and Presents

2,393 13
29 My Stomach is showing

Of Bumps and Libraries

2,345 9
30 My Decisions are Shaky

Of Conflict and Letters

1,992 15
31 My Family is Falling Apart

Of Train Rides and Leaflets

2,561 13
32 My Homelife is Awkward

Of Platforms and Silences

2,234 8
33 My Relations are Bonkers

Of Potters and Weasleys

3,421 12
34 My Christmas Just Got Better

Of Plastic Trees and Amazing Gifts

2,418 8
35 My Best Friend Just Can't Be Left Alone

Of Meetings and Ferrets

3,028 9
36 My Return to Hogwarts

Of Kidnaps and Heart to Hearts

3,480 7
37 My Brother's Look Out For Me

Of Homework and Wake Up Calls

2,678 17
38 My Life is Surprisingly Going Well (Touch Wood)

Of Genders and Obstacles

3,734 14
39 My Emotions Are All Over The Place

Of Testosterone Battles and Guilt

4,198 14
40 My Stress is Not Good for My Condition

Of Exposures and Hissy Fits

3,415 33
41 My Brother's Acting Like I Thought He Would

Of Sleepovers and Fights

3,774 31
42 My Relationship is Now Public

Of Mental Aquaintances and Lots of Whispering

4,245 24
43 My Enemies are Good at Ranting

Of Misplaced Trunks and Meeting New People

3,622 24
44 My Nerves are Getting the Better of Me

Of Painted Classrooms and Newspaper Articles

3,989 22
45 My Friends Find my Drama Entertaining

Of Popcorn and Truces

4,088 27
46 My Saviours are Working Together

Of Rescues and Trouts

3,836 28
47 My Boyfriend is Keeping Secrets

Of Paparazzi and Cupids

4,197 26
48 My Valentine's Day is Very Romantic

Of Roses and Messages

3,716 25
49 My Fear of Broomsticks is Nothing to Laugh at

Of Walks and Karate Chops

3,509 24
50 My Birthday was Eventful

Of Fruit and Bonfires

3,750 31
51 My Meeting with the Parents

Of Awkward Conversations and Nerves

5,029 11
52 My Father is Back

Of Angry Meetings and Shovels

3,462 18
53 My Easter Holidays Are Over

Of Baby Showers and Evil Owls

4,248 25
54 My Sister Needs Help

Of Hospital Wings and Long Talks

4,423 35
55 My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

Of Visitors and Talks with the Headmistress

3,790 44
56 My Brother and Boyfriend are Getting Along

Of Make Ups and Household Appliances

2,923 10
57 My Heart is Broken

Of Greeting Cards and Feeling Numb

3,324 17


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