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Harry, McGonagall, Slughorn, Sprout, Neville, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Fluff, Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-02-20 4:08pm
Last Chapter
2013-09-12 1:08am
Last Updated
2013-09-12 1:08am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Moving in, the odd kid

 The odd family that moved in next door would have more influence over my life than I would ever realise...well I was one at the time so I didn't realise much....

904 3
2 June surprise!

 The most unexpected thing happens that no one would ever have imagined...even my parents couldn't.

2,367 5
3 Sorted?

 And then they arive...and the hellish world of the first year is revealed

2,623 2
4 Sixth time’s a charm?

 They is never fun and full of free time!

1,461 0
5 Teaching History

 Ah the posibliltes

1,049 3
6 Try-out

 When friends use reverse psychology it always ends up with me doing what they want me to do...

1,721 0
7 Practice makes perfect

 As  they say  "If at first you don't sucseed try, try, try again." but then the boys interfere and stupid jokes are thrown around and there is  that awkward tension...then you find out more about someone you thought you knew better than yourself.

1,375 2
8 Useless Potion # 1

 There are several useless potions, but why is it that James always picks the most irritating...I suppose that's boys for you.

1,079 3
9 Dorm dos and don’ts!

 Well you have to know your boundries now and then

941 1
10 Pre-flight jitters

Nervous? Me? Nervous? Never!

1,525 1
11 Sunday, more like Rainday

 Good ol' chats with James, don't happen much these days

1,104 0
12 The Christmas sniffles

 Oh why oh why do I get ill at the stupid times of the year? Oh and James did the stupidest thing ever... it still had repercussions now

2,774 0
13 The Awkward Return

 When I say awkward, I mean that it was really awkward. I hate awkwardness and everything like that...

1,086 0
14 Useless Potion #2

 So James was being a jerk, which led to me ending up in the Hospital Wing...not fun

1,086 2
15 Fallen Obstacles

My dreams in the Hospital Wing are always odd

644 2
16 Herbolgically challenged

Sam always has to get involved and then get me angry...who calls someone Babe anyway, its the name of a pig!

1,069 2
17 Five things you should never do in a Common Room.

 Rules are rules and shout be obeyed...that is the way of the world. But for Sam, that isn't always true

630 1
18 The Woes of James Sirius Potter

 A word of warning, never listen a doors and then sneak in and listen behind a could change your life for ever. It did for me!

1,029 3
19 Confessions of confusion

 Confusion is one of the worst states of mind and heart...I can tell you that for free. On other matters I may have to charge.

764 2
20 James in his jim-jams

 There are some things about Hogwarts that I will never understand, but they do allow things to be done.

1,395 0
21 Undeniable

 Well what can I say, my pulling powers pulled off

991 1
22 A good Sunday morning

 How the hell I got that mark I will never understand...I don't remeber it.

1,498 1
23 Father Lectures

 He is so annoying, even when I was at school I could not avoid the fame of the father

1,226 2
24 If walls could speak

 I had times when I could be deep and thought provoking

776 0
25 Hogsmeade: the date

 Aww. James and his lovely romantic side so romantic.

1,149 1
26 Cream cheese and House Elves

 It's an interesting combination, but do not try it in a sandwich

801 1
27 Call it quits

 Worst ever thing I have ever had to do

1,087 3
28 The Hogwarts inquisition

 Why do people have to ask questions?

629 1
29 The longest lesson of my life

 Yikes, this was a horrible lesson. But in the end nice things happen.

948 1
30 Home for Summer

 Summer, and James goes away to Malta...alright for some

1,578 5


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