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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Bill, George, Ginny, Luna, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Ginny/OC
Horror/Dark, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-02-12 10:49pm
Last Chapter
2011-07-01 3:32am
Last Updated
2011-07-01 3:32am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Meeting the Malfoys

Meeting the Malfoys -August, Year 9 post Voldemort

Hermione and Luna are continuing to work on their book on magical history. As always, Hermione is multi-tasking, also trying to find out explanations for big unknowns in their own time, and simultaneously reach out to a family the Weasleys and Potters been at odds.

5,596 0
2 Lessons

Early September Year 9 since Voldemort's defeat 

Madeleine, a young witch with no experience at Hogwarts, is being tutored by Hermione and Luna. By accident, they encounter a connection between young Maddie and a character that the older witches associate with the Potter past. Thinking they are just going out for some fun with the girls, they find that not everyone shares the joy of discovery.

9,694 0
3 A Different Night Bus

Late September, Year 9 after Voldemort's death
In trouble now, the family has had to return to hiding from a group of witches out to kill them. Harry and three others feel they can go about their lives as they wish and brazenly continue to go about their affairs. These others quickly teach them that won’t be simple.


9,660 0
4 A Better Dressed Witch

October Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat.

Hermione is stricken with guilt, feeling she has caused the new feud, and seeks out the Vampire leader. She and her husband find that the vampires aren’t what they thought, and the vampires discover that what they feared had happened was wrong and that bloodshed might be avoided.

5,679 0
5 Uncomfortable Ideas

Early November Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat

A possible solution to teaching both sides cooperation is put forwarded, this time the vampires seek out the Potters and Weasleys. A vampire auror will cooperated with a wizard auror, without harming or revealing the other. Not everyone is happy, but no other solutions present themselves. Some contingencies put into early action get halted 

10,498 0
6 Sewer Patrol

late November, Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat

Ron and the vampire auror Astrid begin their new partnership. They go out to investigate an old case, and barely survive the evening.

7,688 0
7 Secrets

Mid December Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat.

 Subplots are underway, as Ron and Astrid successfully cooperate, despite early attempts to incite a conflict. Harry agrees to submit to a magical promise to keep the vampires hidden, one that isn't exactly what it appears. Nor are all as fearful of the vampires, or ignorant of their story as they once were.

13,319 0
8 Complications

Early January, Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat

A solution for vampire Astrids becomes a self inflicted headache of another sort. Some vampires which welcome a war try to harm Harry and one of the witches the Potter-Weasleys are trying to protect secretly talks to the vampires.

10,364 1
9 Meet the Weasleys

Late January Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat

 Meeting her work partner's family is one thing, Astrid finds herself stuck between a curious Molly Weasley and her own guilty conscience. Astrid has unfortunately revealed to the Weasleys an ancient relationship, and isafraid ugly rumors being spread about herself and Ronald Weasley will doubley jeapardize the truce.

4,730 0
10 Tanning

February Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat.

Conflict seems to have faded and the magicians are trying to relax in the boring ordinary ways of witches and wizards with time to kill.

5,071 0
11 Market Day

March Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat

Ginny and Harry go about a calm day shopping. They find something unusual that makes the day special.

5,895 1
12 Nuts

April Year 9 After Voldemort's defeat

Harry gets a bit unhinged by the loss of the portrait of his long lost teacher and friend. He's fighting the growing feeling of anger and fustration, and trying to just get a can of soda.

6,573 0
13 Volition

May Year 9 after Voldemort’s defeat

Unknown to the others, Cho reveals to Harry and Ginny her choice. To support their friend, the Potters go, to confront a last attempt by hostile vampires to respark the war. They succeed.

4,678 0
14 Paperwork

May Year 9 after Voldemort's defeat

Luna is weighed down with unhappiness about her job,and the fears of a new mother. Her writing partner, Hermione, has her own worries, and each try to cheer the other. There really shouldn't be any reason they both feel bleak but there is a forboding sense of something that weighs them down.

6,091 0
15 An Island

June Year 10 after Voldemort’s defeat

Astrid finds she is alone and embattled for her survival. Hostile vampires decide to wreak revenge on her as the obstacle to their plans. Bad things have happened to everyone: the vampires, the wizards and the Muggles as well.

7,278 0
16 Dark

40 years after Voldemort’s defeat 

Neville and Ginny lead survivors as Hogwarts struggles for survival

12,584 0
17 Darker

40 years after Voldemort’s defeat
It seems that somehow, Ginny and some of the others have survived the end of the world and maybe Harry. But in finding them, Hogwarts brings upon them the ire of another group of desperate survivors.

9,864 0
18 Darkest

 40 years after Voldemort’s defeat.

The humans at Hogwarts are under siege, but Astrid leads the survivors of Hogwarts on a desparate attempt for escape.

12,695 0
19 Twilight

May Year 8 after Voldemort’s defeat.

Ginny and Astrid manage to travel back into their past, with a chance to change the fate that the others suffered. Some things have changed. 

5,755 0
20 Dawn

 May Year 8 after Voldemort’s defeat

The vampires succeed in changing the dreadful history Ginny and Astrid have come from, but it isn't easy.


9,809 0
21 Playground

 Spring Year 15 after Voldemort’s defeat

A different history. The vampires changed how the Potters and Weasley's lived their lives.

3,850 0


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