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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, Luna
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2011-01-30 12:03am
Last Chapter
2013-06-20 8:38am
Last Updated
2013-06-20 8:38am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Better Than Reality

Why couldn't any of them understand the he simply wanted to be left alone? He wasn't sad, angry, upset, devestated, or any other negative emotion. He'd long since dealt with the events of his fifth year and all the letters from everyone was just a reminder of what he was trying to forget.

2,543 8
2 Nothing to Do But Wait

She could care less what they thought of her, however bothersome it was; it was Harry she was concerned for.

2,060 6
3 The Sickness

Hermione felt tears well in her eyes at his voice. She didn't know whether they were out of anger, shock, sadness, or whatever else she happened to be feeling.

991 11
4 Unexpected Arrivals

"Wait," Harry blurted out. She stopped but didn't turn around. "I know you don't like me," he said slowly, regretting every word as it came out.

"Aren't you observant," she said sarcastically while she walked away.

1,956 8
5 Cards on the Table

"Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, Harry misses you?"

Hermione didn't say anything.

4,579 4
6 Slowly But Surely

 Harry mentally slapped himself in the face. The signs were all there. She told him she needed him. She told him she didn't feel important anymore and that someone else was above her. She told him she sat up night after night, waiting. She even told him about her parents.

1,684 5
7 A Breath of Fresh Air

 The concept didn't make sense to anyone he tried to explain it to. Sometimes he didn't understand it himself. But it worked for Harry.

2,652 6
8 The Importance of the Third Wheel

 Now that they were "together" again, Ron would go back to being the third wheel. He knew they weren't doing it on purpose, but it still bothered him.

1,307 6
9 Kitchen Realizations

Ginny couldn't understand what the big deal was. Whenever it came to Harry, everyone knew evetyhing. No questions asked. Now all of a sudden there was some secrecy going on?

1,428 2
10 Unspoken

 "Promise you'll be here when I wake up?"

Hermione snuggled up close to Harry. "I wouldn't rather be anywhere else."

2,385 11
11 Worth a Thousand Feelings

 It's a heartbreaking thing, to see the strongest person you know crumble before you.

2,486 3
12 Lessons

 "...We'll do ten just to play it safe."

"Wait, ten pictures of what?"

"You and Hermione, of course."

"That's a bit narcissistic, isn't it?"

2,625 3
13 Back to Hogwarts

Already piled high with N.E.W.T. level class work and home work, Harry was unsure of how he was going to make it through nine more months of school.

2,674 9
14 Truth Will Out

He went through his classes like a zombie, staring blankly into space and giving half-hearted answers only when spoken to. Ron tried to keep him engaged, but Harry’s mind always went back to Hermione.

2,437 11
15 Wavering Strength

 Hermione had to be strong for the both of them.

2,244 6
16 Happy Birthday

She produced an entire box full of pictures of Harry and Hermione from first year until recently. How she had managed to do this was beyond Harry.

4,463 11
17 Everyone Needs a Friend

 “You’re a very good friend, Ron Weasley.”

“Uh, thanks? Why?”

“You refuse to say anything bad about them despite the fact they don’t treat you the way you should be treated.”

3,432 6
18 Okay

He loved her dearly, but as the old saying goes, if you love something you have to be willing to set it free.

3,081 2
19 Insecurities

Perhaps things had changed? Her bloodshot eyes and raw nose told a different tale.

3,543 6
20 For Who I Am

He wasn't even Harry anymore. He was just him.

3,780 4
21 The Name of the Game

Harry and Hermione were like magnets: no matter how far you pulled them apart, they would always find their way back to each other.

5,168 5
22 Allowance

How did it come to this? Harry wondered.

4,132 7
23 Good Vibes

But for now, she was having fun with her best friend and that was all that mattered.

4,857 8
24 Puzzle Pieces

So, naturally, everything had to go horribly, horribly wrong.

5,212 3
25 What's More Important

Harry could figure out how to deal with her sobbing every two seconds, but not the statue that was now his best friend.

2,268 4
26 The Godfamily

Despite the circumstances, Harry had to admit he wasa tad glad for the opportunity to fall asleep with and wake up next to Hermione for the next four days. And though she was around her family, he was also glad that he could try to connect with her on a deeper level and perhaps break the final wall she had.

3,747 5
27 The Rise and Fall

There was a reason their various attempts had failed miserably. Hermione cared too much and Harry needed her.

4,023 9
28 The Funeral

"It's just a funeral. Doesn't make them any more or less dead."

6,723 13
29 A Consensus

Hermione was the one with the problem, not Harry. He needed to know that.

4,251 12
30 Conductor

"I'm just saying that there's going to come a time when something's going to go wrong and Harry won't be there to pick up the pieces. And you're going to need to be able to survive on your own."

Hermione blew the comment off. "Harry's always going to be there."

6,536 15
31 Happenings

Hermione eyed the professor sideways; were they really having a debate about love? In this clas?

7,342 9
32 The Cord that Tethers

"There's just something I can't shake about all of this. And I don't know why."

5,282 9
33 What's Love Got to Do With It?

Crushes weren't fun. They made you want to tear your hair out and run for the hills.

6,944 13
34 Three Words

"You can't draw a conclusion? I thought it was self-explanatory."

Hermione smirked. "Yes. I just want to hear you say it."

7,056 17


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