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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Ron/Hermione
Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-01-26 3:04pm
Last Chapter
2017-06-13 10:28pm
Last Updated
2018-03-27 8:29pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: Tears of Sorrow - Tears of Joy

Please see the note in Chapter One regarding the end of HPFF and this Book.

 Amdist the aftermath of the battle, Harry and Ginny reunite with a kiss in the Great Hall. Their tears are for those they have lost and the life together they have won that day.

5,031 20
2 Chapter 2: Closing the Circle

There are friends to mourn, enemies to bury, and the four friends must begin to find their way to the future their persistance and courage has won.

3,807 7
3 Chapter 3: A War Not Quite Over

The two couples return home to The Burrow.  Amidst the pleasures and mundane chores of their new lives they begin to face the complexities of bringing Hermione's parents home from Australia.

2,174 6
4 Shopping With Muggles

As the two couples settle into their new lives and begin to explore the Miuggle world, they begin to realize how complex a venture returning Hermione's parents will be.

4,796 5
5 Back to Diagon Alley

Returning to Diagon Alley to supply their re-emergence into the wizarding world the two couples begin to put the war behind them and discover new roles within their family.   

5,916 8
6 A Real Non Sequiter

At a leisurely breakfast Arthur and Molly Weasley suprise the two couples with an impassioned plea to postpone marriage and return to school.

3,491 4
7 Householders

For the two couples there is much to learn and much to do before they can go to Australia disguised as Muggles.  It makes sense to return to Grimmauld Place to make plans but they must first resolve the old before they can begin the new.

3,607 3
8 Return to the Ministry

Everyone returns to the Ministry where Harry leads a remembrance of heros and a celebration of victory over evil.

2,532 4
9 Meeting Professor Mullens

When Hermione and Ron, Harry and Ginny meet the new Muggle Studies teacher they learn enough  to solidify their Australia plans.  They're not too surprised to discover that this somewhat odd professor is a magical theorist with an interesting history.

3,612 6
10 The Old School

With a little help from the Headmistress' enchanted office the two couples take everyone's advice and decide to return to school.

3,928 4
11 Return To Arcade Street

The four brave deep incursions into Muggle territory as they learn how to sell gold on the sly and plan to forge government records.

6,519 4
12 Pirate Gold

With a little sartorial help from Mrs. Weasley, the four begin to execute their plan to sell wizard gold on the sly and forge Muggle records.

10,316 7
13 The Calling Card

 The two couples continue preparing for their trip to Australia; Harry and Ginny sell their wizard gold; Ron and Hermione solve the Calling Card mystery.

6,541 5
14 The Chinese Book

The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher surprises them with an old Chinese Book filled with mysterious pictures and cryptic captions. It might be a spell book, or something else, but he challenges them to figure it out.

3,730 7
15 Meeting with Muggles

The four venture ever deeper into Muggle territory, testing their skills in the other government's bureaucracy and among young people not too different than themselves.

5,873 4
16 Ginny Comes of Age

The Weasleys celebrate Ginny's seventeenth birthday with a night of family, fun, food and, of course, a little romance.

4,215 3
17 An Unexpected Truce

The four's last minute school shopping inspires happy thoughts about school until they're confronted with an entirely unexpected meeting.

3,595 3
18 Back to School

Summer is over and their last first day of school begins with a traffic jam, a Muggle-born first year who's late for the train, and a near duel on the Hogwarts Express.

5,894 8
19 Lessons

When their lessons begin, Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny, learn that all of their teachers are emphasizing practice and that their Muggle Studies teacher is a voluble eccentric with fscinating theories about the magical world.

8,823 5
20 Quidditch

Wirh school started and the four friends settled comfortably into their familiar routines, it's time to restore the Hogwarts Quidditch tradition.

2,222 2
21 Setting the Season

Given the other team's problems, Harry and Ginny cooperate with the Slytherin captain to set a season where everyone has a chance.   Their Muggle Studies Professor offers them an interesting plan for getting ready to travel as Muggles.

3,656 4
22 Witches and Wizards Dance

As school life becomes busier and more complex, the four friends' relationships deepen and their explorations of the Muggle world  give them a new understanding of Muggle lives.   Harry and Ginny find a new fascination, while Ron and Hermione explore their talents and skills.

8,269 4
23 Vanished October

The four friends manage their busy lives with little time for much but school work, Quidditch, and their various day-to-day routines.

1,728 2
24 A Great Halloween

It's the first Hogsmeade trip of the year and everyone is determined to have a little fun, even the teachers.   With the Halloween feast and its traditionally secret entertainiment already known to all, everyone is on their best behavior.

5,416 6
25 Broom Magic

At last, after a exciting Quidditch practice, Harry and Ginny make progress with the exercises in the Chinese Book.

4,965 2
26 Falling Freely

Harry and Ginny finally continue their success with the broom magic in the Chinese book but need to assure Hermione that they've taken all the right precautions.

2,246 3
27 Ready, Set, Go

At the last Muggle meeting before the Australian adventure begins, the four's friendly helpfulness makes for fimrer friendships with the Muggle counselors. Yet, their hesitance to speak about themselves begins to raise questions.

3,749 3
28 The Best Present Ever

The night before the two couples leave for Australia, the whole Weasley family gathers to learn what present Ron has been working on all year.  

4,904 6
29 An Airplane Adventure

The day of depature is here and the entire Weasley clan sees the two sleepy couples off on their airborne adventure.

6,015 2
30 Arrival

Arriving in Australia the two couples set off to find the Australian Ministry of Magic hidden by a Sydney landmark. They're surprised by what they find.

4,971 5
31 Hermione's Tale

Havng found Dog Town and made a brief tour, Hermione explains how her parents came to be in Australia for an attentive audience of Australian Aurors and curious locals.

3,162 3
32 Shock and Ire

The youth conference begins.   Shocked and angered by what they learn about Muggle lives, their relationships with both their new Muggle and Wizarding friends extend and deepen.

6,029 6
33 Gum Scrub Station

The two couples continue their discovery of Australian wizarding life while visiting McKenzie and Betty's livestock farm in rural Gum Scrub Australia.

4,512 5
34 A Sunny Christmas

The four friends enjoy the holiday in Oz with Betty and McKenzie's large wizarding family.  After some news from Rudolfus, McKenzie has a new idea for their search.

4,514 3
35 Scouting Mackay

The four set off with their new Australian friends to scout the Mackay marina, hoping to find a clue to where Herminone's parents mijght be.

4,249 4
36 Beach Day

The two couples travel to a beach with their Muggle friends and spend the day with the conference and their search set aside while they enjoyed sun, sea and sand.

3,576 4
37 A Reluctant Departure

With the conference over, and their disappointment that they wouldn't be bringing Hermione's parents home, the two couples kept to themselves. Then, Ginny announced an exciting and bittersweet discovery.

1,839 4
38 Homecoming

After an afternoon home with Molly and Arthur, the two couples return to school where they are quickly overwhelmed by their studies, Quidditch, and a new plan for restoring the Granger's memories.

4,972 1
39 Practice Makes Perfect

The pace of school continues to accelerate, Hermione begins to master the skill she'll need to restore her parents' memories, and the Quidditch season ends as it should with a hotly contested  match for the Quidditch Cup.

5,604 3
40 Back Again

After hectic weeks at school, the two couples return to Australia prepared to restore the Granger's memories and then explore the Great Barrier Reef as a family.

2,848 2
41 Welcome Aboard

At last they meet Hermione's parents.  They are well, fit and happy.   After wonderful meals and a delightful sail, the two couples retire to their cabins ready for Hermione to restore her parents' memories the next morning.

6,107 4
42 Pirates

It's a beautiful morning, the warm sun and the sounds of nature accompany a relaxed breakfast on deck.  Just as Hermione is about to begin unlocking her parents' memories, the unexpected becomes real and the three couples are taken captive by pirates whose intentions are a mystery.

2,605 4
43 Captives on the Whippoorwill

Things go from bad to worse as the captives learn just how dangerous their situation is..

6,329 3
44 A Battle Before Dawn

With no choice but to fight the captives prepare for battle.  Outnumbered, with Muggle soldiers in the hold, the couples divide to conquor.

8,294 4
45 Beneath the Southern Cross

The war is over at last.   Everyone is safe, Hermione was restored to Wendell and Monica, and had brought Ron home to extend their family. This was really it, the next stage of their lives, couples, parents, a future as bright and open as the sunrise filling the eastern horizon.

3,136 2
46 A Day for Stories

It's almost tiime to return home before the two couples explain everything to Hermione's parents.  When their Australian friends introduce the Muggle couple they've befriended, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny realize their new roles in the wizarding world.

4,844 4
47 Another Homecoming

With their Australian adventure successfully completed, the two couples return to The Burrow and begin to get ready for their N.E.W.T.'s.

1,740 3
48 I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You

School is over; their tests are done.  They've kept their promises and it's time to begin their lives as couples, as the next generation of a wizarding family.

4,097 4
49 Finding the Future

When the two couples leave school to begin their lives together, their sights are already set on the future.

6,765 48


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