Harry, Ron, Hermione, Molly, Draco, Teddy, OC
Horror/Dark, Romance, AU
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2011-01-25 19:06:24
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2012-08-03 02:54:47
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2012-08-03 02:54:47
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Welcome to My Truth

Hermione finds out the truth, and Ron reacts like one might expect. So Hermione goes to someone else for help

2213 15
2 Under These Conditions

Draco thinks about his options and tells Hermione of his decision

2253 14
3 The Meeting

So Hermione meets with Ron, Draco meets with Ron and the twins, and then Draco and Hermione meet with a rather, interesting group. Especially when one considers that they were never regular guests at the Manor, ever.

2073 10
4 The Aftermath

After dinner, everyone gets to know the truth. Or atleast a part of it.

1506 3
5 The Baby

Dun dun dun..... =] I assume you can figure what happens in this one, if you read the title.... but we all know what assuming does!!! =]

1687 3
6 The Visitor

Hermione tells Ginny the day the she and Draco were going to be expecting her and Harry. Then, Hermione and Draco recieve a surprise visitor.

1499 5
7 Introduction

Hermione meets another house elf and Ginny meets Ariella

1584 6
8 The Story

Hermione tells Ginny

2010 8
9 Little Wonders

Dracp listens to the story and everyone sees the dinning room, finally.

1601 4
10 The Happening

So Harry and Draco "happen" to meet, and this is what happens between them.

1539 3
11 The Reason Why

Draco tells Hermione why he has done some of the things he has while she sleeps.

2235 7
12 Going Down in Flames

What happens after Hermione hears Draco's story....

2130 7
13 Up in Flames

Hermione and Harry finish their little arguement

1496 4
14 It Matters to Me

Hermione and Draco finish their conversation and then the party just barely gets started.

1535 5
15 The Argument

Ron just showed up, and the party begins... and ends for one couple.

1662 8
16 The Newspaper

The after effects of a single conversation with Lavender.

1638 3
17 Too Many Words

Many conversations occur

1581 2
18 Don't Take the Girl

It's kind of a short chapter, but Hermione and Draco talk about some things

990 8
19 Dark

Hermione and Draco try to finish their conversation, but get interrupted.

1326 9
20 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

The doctor comes to visit =]

1695 10
21 Whisper

Hermione goes to get the prescription filled, and I try to be humorous. Then Draco runs into a problem.

1233 4
22 Remember When

What began in the last chapter has been elaborate. Harry and Ginny talk about a new healer.

1019 4
23 She's Got Issues

Hermione has a couple troubling conversations. Draco does, too.

1112 3
24 Fury

Some people are a little angry.

1055 5
25 Realize

We find out who broke Mrs. Malfoy's precious vase.

1412 5
26 Pretender

Here's the long you've all been waiting for! Let's find out why Ron's in Draco's bed, shall we? 

2181 15
27 Dead Memories

Ginny takes a look at Draco's memories

1397 5
28 Awake and Alive

Harry and Ron finish their duel, and Ginny finishes her project.

1302 12
29 Apologize

Ron finally has his say.

2462 7
30 Not Meant To Be

This is what happens after  Ron is formally escorted out.

2254 7
31 What About Now?

Exceprt: They listened to Ariella bang on her table for a few minutes before she said, “What happens now, Draco?”

2916 16
32 Can't Believe

We find out Hermione's answer. Also, Ginny has some important news.

1277 10
33 Kiss Goodnight

Draco confronts Hermione.

2543 10
34 You Decide

Draco and Hermione have small discussion.

1616 8
35 All Night

Ginny has her babies!

1483 16
36 Mistakes

We find out where the twins decided to take Draco for the night.

1640 13
37 Uncle

So here it is: the reason Neville is at a Muggle's Gentlemen's club. Enjoy!

2150 15
38 Let It Out

Neville visits Hermione

1867 7
39 Freedom of Choice

Hermione, Ginny, and others make difficult choices.

2749 8
40 You Fight Me

We ended (a looooooong time ago) with the arrival of Lucius and Blaise. This is what happens next.

2773 7
41 I Lost It

 Hermione returns to the Manor. 

2270 10


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