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Hermione, Fred, George, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
Romance, AU, Young Adult
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2011-01-17 4:48pm
Last Chapter
2011-04-30 11:02am
Last Updated
2011-08-18 11:58am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Time Turners

'But you're dead!' I said in a high-voice.

The boy laughed, 'No, as you can see I am very much alive.'

1,390 4
2 Gideon Prewett

...and the worst part was that I knew he was going to die. And I was helpless to stop it.

1,441 5
3 To Diagon Alley

'Diagon Alley!' I said, dropping the powder and being engulfed by the green flames and I stumbled out and right into the arms of Gideon Prewett yet again..

1,378 5
4 Pink vs Blue, Hand Holding Ensured

It was starting to become routine, and I didn't have one problem with it.

2,040 2
5 Of Mud Baths and Twenty-Questions

'I can tell you two apart Gideon. I really can.'

2,704 3
6 Midnight Wishes

'Let me stay with her, let me stay with Hermione. Please.'

1,865 2
7 Third Times A Charm

 I want to give him what he wants, but it's not like it will last for long.

1,870 1
8 Given Kisses

Your heart is, and always will, be more honest with you then your mind.

1,472 2
9 Our Romance Novel

Again the title Time-Crossed Lovers ran through my head. A picture of Gideon holding my hands, begging me to go with him, and me looking away from him, confused and doubting, as I bit my lower lip. 
A love that Time couldn't stop would be our summary quote.

2,750 4
10 Of Baby Showers and A Certain Potion

She had broken his heart and he still just felt as in love with her as he was yesterday.

1,097 0
11 Dancing Around The Topic

Love. Written about for centuries, searched for by all, found by only a few lucky ones.

1,287 1
12 Two Roads Diverge

A few tears fell before I fell asleep, curled up close to my true other half, my Twin.

2,208 2
13 Good Byes

I already was home.

2,446 3
14 Ten Years

'And I will never let us be apart again.'

1,999 6
15 Forever and Always

'Forever and Always'

1,203 21


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