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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2011-01-12 8:37am
Last Chapter
2013-10-14 6:51pm
Last Updated
2013-10-14 6:51pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Three whole words and Twelve years late...

"Remember when, you were my boat,

and I was your sea, together we'd float,

so delicately"

1,584 4
2 Puppy- Fetch!

Sirius looked down and stared at the table. Why was he being so stupid and weird about this girl; she’s not any different from any other. But that was it- she was. She was so different.

1,496 4
3 Plots and Hell

He stared at his home for minutes before daring to step back in to the place he thought he was rid of forever. Yet here he was- back. Back to all the dark memories of his childhood; back to hell.

2,446 2
4 Surprise in the Corridor

Ain't that a kick in the head?

1,756 1
5 Haunted

Hazel eyes, Fiery strands

A soft cry, cradled in my hands.

3,227 3
6 Balls of Steel and Guilty Promises as fair as an angels, long silk hair as golden as a Phoenix’s feather, eye’s as dark blue as the ocean deep and lips as pink as- as- he couldn’t think what they were as pink as but Christ- they were beautiful.

3,141 1
7 Threats and Risks

Sometimes your Closest Friend is your Greatest Enemy

3,366 1
8 Regulus

An Oath for Death...

2,376 2
9 Closed Windows

...that little something deep inside her has also come to the surface...after twelve long years.

3,094 1
10 Bubble Trouble

A bath like no other...

3,957 1
11 Journey

All aches and pains smoothed out, noises from parents and students were drowned out by the heaviness of the melatonin running through his body and soon enough- he was out like a light and completely oblivious to his three companions who later joined him.

3,709 1
12 The Lion and The Snake

Sirius let go of Regulus’ robes slowly and stepped back from him, both eying each other, “It doesn’t matter whether I hate you or not, I still don’t want to see you become one of them; a monster. You don’t want a life like that Regulus. A life that means you’re always under Voldemort’s thumb-!”


2,352 2
13 Out of the Mist

"I'm getting close now mate. Even closer than you think...And you'll see Moony, that old Padfoot isn't as you think."

1,969 1
14 A Kiss from the Sun

Sirius closed his eyes, waiting with excitement to feel her warmth against his warmth and the two would erupt a fire within that even a phoenix couldn’t compete with it.

2,159 1
15 Bushy Tailed Companion

The cat’s slit eyes scanned the area; in defensive mode just in case something unexpected pounced out at him. But it relaxed when he saw the figure of a man step out of the shadows.


2,037 1
16 Midnight Scare

“I know exactly where they are going. They tend to go out every month, frolicking like the immature adolescents that they are in the Forbidden Forest. At the first opening, you will find them; but be warned- you might get a little something that’s unexpected” his smile widened and pushed past Lucia back to the dungeons.

4,161 1
17 A Cat's Tale and A Lover's Tears

"But he wouldn’t lie to me Molly" Lucia said distraughtly, desperately looking for someone to be on her side; on Sirius’ side.

2,608 1
18 Scars

“Like father like son!” Severus provoked. And he hit the button. Sirius stopped. His mind wandered away from a reluctant guilt when he looked at Lucia and a raging fire burned deep inside him about to unleash itself. And he knew exactly who to unleash it on.

5,103 2
19 An Unforeseen Predicament

“Puss, Puss... here Puss Puss...” the Fat Lady sang irritatingly, “You know you need a password”


“Indeed it-” she stopped her sentence midway. Her plump pink face deflated in seconds and grew as pale as white paint. She was about to scream but Sirius quietened her.

4,507 1
20 A Different Reflection Than Expected

As his hand slid into the opening he was surprised to find something hard and cold and what he didn’t expect. Pulling it out, his baffled expression turned to curiosity; his curious appearance then turned to confusion again as the mirror had a hazel eye looking out from it.

3,905 2
21 The Teapot and The Bunny Getaway

Sirius edged back a few more steps as the newcomer stepped inside the room, fully cloaked in a dark purple silk. Her face was covered as the hood fell heavily in front. Harvey quickly shut the door behind her and walked over to the bed with a warm smile on his face. The woman slowly turned towards Sirius and pulled her hood down off her head revealing herself. Sirius’ eyes grew wider and his heart beat faster but in a good way.

3,456 1
22 The Killings at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place

“And who’s standing behind you itty bitty Sirwius?” Bellatrix mocked, “Who’s going to help you in a room full of Deatheaters?” she laughed hysterically at him then moved over to Orion, “You told me uncle that Sirius was such a disappointment. But look at him. Standing up to us all alone and no one to have his back. Such a brave little Lion; little Gryffindor! Come on Godric! Show us what you’ve got!”

3,200 1
23 Dementy Mental Mentors!

As the cell doors banged shut behind Sirius, he felt his whole world fall into nothing. He crawled as fast as he could to the corner of his cell and pushed himself as far back as he could go. He brought his knees up and buried his face between them, crying for James and Lily.

6,392 1
24 Not So Black After All

Something really terrible must have happened; what if he’s dead? He thought madly, thinking of the worst. Don’t be stupid, James, he’s not dead- he can’t be…

5,778 1
25 The Walking Dead

His head turned left and his eyes looked sorrowfully at the other door. He lifted his hand and let his fingers softly touch the letters, R.A.B; caressing them gently.

How he missed that boy.

1,167 0
26 Under the Sycamore Tree

She was the one thing he looked forward to see in the morning, the one thing that made his heart beat faster, the one thing that made him gaze dazedly in her direction when in his presence; a complete and utter growing love.

1,153 0
27 A Doubter Now Doubtless

He jumped up but as he was about to throw the map down on his desk, his eyes glimpsed yet another name he did not expect to find. It felt like the world around him was crashing and reality punched him square in the face. Like in slow motion, he lifted the map back into his hands and stared at the name in complete horror.

4,970 2
28 A Murderer's Son

Just as Sirius was about to follow Lucia and her mother into the kitchen, a gruff sound came from the top of the stairs. Sirius looked up and saw a man in shadow, standing completely still and staring straight at him. Sirius suddenly found himself staring back, not wanting to break the glare and show his weakness. Maurice started to walk down slowly, eyeing Sirius with eyes full of distrust and dislike.

1,823 1
29 A New Dawn

The map never lies

3,311 1
30 The Wrath of Voldemort

The elf was gone and Regulus was to face the wrath of Voldemort alone.

1,799 1
31 Innocence Restored

Sirius learned to ignore the stares and the whisperings and mutterings but the awareness of it never left him like an irritating rash on his skin. He walked on with a mask of confidence but inside he was as timid and as scared as a naked, lost child in a crowd of dangerous strangers.

3,794 1
32 The Wand and Cauldron

Marriage to a lover; suspicions of a friend...

2,277 1
33 The Outcast

Two brothers
Two Blacks
Two Outcasts

1,962 1


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