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Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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First Published
2010-12-15 2:29pm
Last Chapter
2012-07-26 5:54pm
Last Updated
2012-07-26 5:54pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Golden Age

The challenges a fledgling Auror must face are multiple. Tackling dangerous Dark Wizards. Meeting confrontational family members. Fitting a new bed in a new flat...

4,993 3
2 The Odyssey

Travelling halfway across the world for work is hard enough. It's even harder when you have to deal with old school rivals, intractible superiors, and the fact that the fate of the country might be in your hands.

3,029 3
3 The Great Fire

Lateral thought is useful for an Auror. As is knowing a good combustion spell. As is investing in a good, old-fashioned, mundane lock to the door of your flat.

3,895 3
4 The Getaway

It's hard when you're on the far side of the world, or working so hard you don't have time for friends and family. There's always one good way to overcome the problem, whether you're in Moscow, or London: alcohol. Just don't let the Russian feed you the local vodka.

5,199 3
5 The Beat of the Drum

 A night out in the Muggle world is a strange thing. There's strange music, for starters. Strange drink. Even strange, though distracting, men. But nothing's as strange, or unpleasant, as what's waiting at home...

3,758 2
6 The Darkest Hour

 Working late nights has its advantages. Like giving you less to do the next day. Winning points with your colleagues. And learning what your dodgy boss gets up to when he thinks nobody's around...

5,071 3
7 The Abyss

 The morning after the night before's always terrible. Unfortunately, a totalitarian take-over, a former-terrorist for a boss, and an enforced exile are all way worse than any hangover or embarrassing memory.

5,395 3
8 The Boy Who Cried...

 Getting fired sucks. Getting fired in the middle of an oppressive regime where you probably couldn't find another job even if you wanted one sucks. But what sucks most of all is that this means you have to go to your Death Eater father for help.

3,727 2
9 The Quick and the Dead

 It's good to wake up from bad dreams. It's less good when you're waking up to two mysterious figures knocking at your door who might be Death Eaters come to kidnap or murder you...

3,554 2
10 The Right Place

It's nice to catch up with old school friends. Catch up with them at a local teashop to find out all of the latest gossip. Catch up with them on how they're doing since the change in government.

Catch up with them when they're criminals on the run and you're meant to be the one hunting them down...

5,800 2
11 The Right Time

 A long day of work's bad. It's just made worse by coming home to find your mistakes being thrown in your face, or to find one of your big hopes has literally died, or to find one of your enemies has had the last of your beer...

4,301 2
12 The Looking-Glass

 A drink after a long day of work is one of life's simple joys. It just gets better when it leads to planning daring crimes against an evil, totalitarian regime, and gets you introduced to Nirvana.

5,896 2
13 The Dogs of War

When you lose your boss, you usually have two options: Find a new boss, or find a new job.

Sometimes you can go for Secret Option 3: BE the new boss.

3,539 2
14 The Far Side of the World

If a job's worth doing... get someone on the other side of the world to do it. Just ask nicely.

3,965 2
15 The Domino Effect

Fighting against an evil regime can sometimes give you reason to celebrate. But success should be sometimes feared just as much as failure...

3,974 4
16 The Girl of Your Dreams

It's tough to concentrate when there are distractions. Like having to deal with annoying old schoolmates. Or when loved ones are in danger. Or when someone's breaking all the bones in your left hand to magically plunder your memories...

3,955 5
17 The Exception that Proves

Sitting in the dark is miserable. But which is worse - sitting in the dark because you're on the run, when at any moment you might be hunted down and killed? Or sitting in the dark already caught, waiting for the inevitable, but knowing it's coming. Uncertainty can be a killer.

3,108 3
18 The Book of the Dead

Nobody likes going back to work after a long time off. You've got to catch up with all you missed, put up with all that unwanted attention, see those people you were happy being away from for a while...

3,243 3
19 The Ace of Spades

Good friends take you out for dinner, or drinks, or bring you cups of coffee, or take you for walks in the park. Good friends also seldom try to kill you. If they do, reconsider your friendship.

3,742 3
20 The Black Sheep

Evil's more complicated than you'd think. Evil didn't just wake up one morning and decide to be evil. Evil's got reasons, evil's got justifications. And even if you think those justifications are stupid... evil thinks they're pretty good.

4,423 2
21 The Hollow Men

We are the hollow men.

We are the stuffed men.

This is the way the world ends.

4,027 2
22 The Ends of the Earth

Sometimes bad news can take a while to sink in. Sometimes it needs to hit you as cold, stark, unaltered truth before you can really accept it.

All that matters then is handling the pain.

3,954 4
23 The Bitter End

Grief does messed up things to you. Makes you close yourself away from the people who can help you. Makes you lash out at the people that you love. Makes you blame anyone just to make you feel better. But weirdest of all, grief can make you not dare to not grieve - because once you're past your pain, then you have to learn to start living again. And that can be the scariest thing of all.

4,018 2
24 The Back of Beyond

Sometimes it's not such a bad thing to be woken up with someone of the opposite sex in your room.

Sometimes it's terrible. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's just really, really weird.

4,211 3
25 The Living Daylights

How do you dodge death? Try ducking, a lot.

3,672 3
26 The Apple of His Eye

Family reunions can be a particular joy. Sometimes even enough to wipe away the sorrow of your circumstances and surroundings. Just pick the right surroundings.

3,729 2
27 The Balance of Power

If you're being tested for loyalty, don't leave a comrade to die. Even if they're really, really annoying. And if you're recovering from a debilitating injury, there are worse places to do it than on a Mediterranean island.

4,425 2
28 The Die is Cast

The truth hurts. From the truth that your boss's evil is hitting new heights, to the truth that you're risking your life and the lives of people around you on principle. But the truth never hurts more than when you're the one telling it.

4,885 3
29 The Devil to Pay

Sometimes, when things go wrong, all you can do is look to pick up the pieces. And pray.

5,354 4
30 The Elephant in the Room

When something bad happens, you have several choices. One of them is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on. The other? Get even.

4,959 3
31 The Shot Heard 'Round the World

Having an unique ability can be a great thing. It can make you special, you can use it to make your own impact on the world. And then, sometimes, it's the worst of curses.

5,498 3
32 The Moving Finger Writes

You fight, you lose, you grieve. You move on.

3,669 3
33 The Life of Riley

When everything turns bad, you have to look at why. Why it happened, if it's your fault, what you can do to stop it from going bad again. But you also have to look at what's next.

4,438 1
34 The More Things Change

Sometimes, all you can do is confront the things you hate, or the things you fear, or the things you love.

5,125 1
35 The Pressure of Adversity

You need to have a plan for how to deal with things. Sudden emotional upheaval. Fixing relationship woes. Recovering from debilitating injuries. How to bring together international aid to demolish a totalitarian dictatorship...

4,610 1
36 The Hair of the Dog

There are many good and sensible ways of dealing with your problems. Then there's lying and getting drunk.

3,870 1
37 The Course of True Love

When you're at an impasse with the ones you love, nothing fixes it like talking. And if you can't talk? Plan for that time when you can. Just make sure you follow through when you get the chance.

5,440 1
38 The Fly in the Ointment

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away and know when to run.

4,292 1
39 The Early Bird

Sometimes, when confronted with a hard decision, there is no right answer. Just the least wrong. And you still have to live with it.

3,582 1
40 The Game's Afoot

Sometimes the girl of your dreams shows up on your Mediterranean island and remembers that you love her and wants to kick back with a drink. And sometimes there's a war on and those nice plans have to wait.

3,485 1
41 The Whole Nine Yards

If you're going to break into a bastion of the enemy's security on just a wing and a prayer... bring reinforcements.

4,787 2
42 The Sky's the Limit

If you wake up in the most impenetrable fortress of a prison in the world, always make sure to check your hair. You never know what important things you might discover.

5,811 2
43 The Powers That Be

Kids are good at making mess. Sometimes that mess is not tidying up after themselves when they play. Sometimes that mess is killing a Dark Lord and leaving behind his battlefield and evil infrastructure. And when that happens, inevitably the grown-ups have to get together to fix everything.

4,428 2
44 The Homecoming

All good things must come to an end.

5,661 3


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