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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mystery, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-03-23 12:03am
Last Chapter
2008-11-24 7:12pm
Last Updated
2008-11-24 7:12pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Shocking Surprises

It's an average day for Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They got up, had some breakfast and went to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies for the new year. When they return though, that was when they realize that something had happened

2,415 12
2 Chapter II: What to do

Having incountered Arthur and Molly when they were young they realized that they have traveled back 20 years and quickly began to form a plan. But without any knowledge of time travel and being the first to have traveled back this far, they came to a conclusion to go to Hogwarts.

1,584 2
3 Chapter III: The trip to Hogwarts

Harry, Ron and Hermione are now on the Hogwarts Express and they are meeting some old friends and old enemies.

1,467 6
4 Chapter IV: Resorted into the houses

They are now at Hogwarts and are going to be resorted but will they get to be sorted in to Gryffindor or will the hat split them apart.

2,470 2
5 Chapter V: Colorful robes and backward Gryffindors.

It's the beginning of the new school year and there's already something wrong. The Marauders did a prank to the Slytherins and now Malfoy and his friends are getting even.

2,978 3
6 Chapter VI: Potions Class

Harry Ron and Hermione began researching on a way home but they found out that Emmett has check out all of the time traveling books. They meet up with him in the library and decided to trust him and told him that they were from the future. Will he help them?

3,045 3
7 Chapter VII: Charms

Off to Charms where they learn walk on water. Emmett and Hermione over hears Lily telling her friends that she likes Harry while Ron finds out that James isn't dating Lily. While Hermione suggest to Lily that she should go out with James, James' girlfriend comes and teaches Hermione a little lesson.

1,287 3
8 Chapter VIII: Care of Magical Creatures

Lily left Hermione in the Hospital Wing and went outside for Care of Magical Creatures. The class had a big surpise when the professor brought Firenze as a guest. The students got to ask him some question but were alarmed when Harry asked his.

1,156 1
9 Chapter IX: Quidditch trials

Harry went out to be Slytherins new Seeker. Will he get it? And before practice had started the Gryffindors came and had a little fight over the field.

1,575 2
10 Chapter X: Bad News

Well the chapter title says it all. They went to Hogsmeade and bought a time turner. they tested the mixture but they found out they are in worst trouble than they thought.

1,196 8
11 Chapter XI: The Polyjuice Potion

It's time to test their potion. Everyone wants to fool everyone but trouble is always in state. Plz read and review. This Ch might cause confusion to you

2,725 7
12 Chapter XII: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

The pitch is ready the Quaffle has been polish, the Blugers are humming . . . let's play Quidditch! The first Quidditch match of the year and it's Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Who will win well you will need to read to find out

1,099 0
13 Chapter XIII: Some news, Good and Bad

They really got themselves in a jam. Good news they know how to get home. bad news . . . . well its related to the good news.

2,618 4
14 Chapter XIV: More Experiments

The next day and Emmett wants to do some more test

1,478 5
15 Chapter XV: The Witch-Hunts

This chapter follows up on the end of the last one. Then next off to History of Magic for the witch-hunts. WARNING VERY SHORT CH!!

1,388 3
16 Chapter XVI: Found the way

"You had it. You had it all along." Ron said "I had what?" Hermione said "A way home." Ron said They finally found an object that will send them home and they can't wait to leave but they need to stay a few more weeks.

1,674 3
17 Chapter XVII: Salem Massachusetts

Professor Binns took all of the 6th years to Salem to see some real live stuff that went on during the witch-hunts. Will they enjoy it or will they get too caught up into it to realize whats really going on?

2,549 1
18 ChapterXVIII: The Trial.

The trial starts and they all watched. But things take a turn when James and Co. gets on trial on the account of witch-craft. Read to find out what happens

2,475 7
19 Chapter XIX: Huh???

This chapter was deleted. I don't know how or when but here it is again.

1,546 3
20 Chapter XX: Harvest Ball

Well the time has come and everyone is getting ready for the Harvest Ball. Things went smoothly until something happens at the end. Read and find out

2,141 9
21 Chapter XXI: The Death Eater

The Ball was crashed by the Dark Mark. Lily gets kiddnapped and Harry went to save her but every minute he and Hermione get weaker. What will happened next? read the story and find out.

3,144 24


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