Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, James (II), OC
Mystery, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Mild violence
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2010-11-26 12:16:07
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2010-12-17 06:25:51
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2010-12-17 06:25:51
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 (Prologue) - The Best (and Ron)

“No way did he move any moons. I mean, they’re really big!”

A disoriented James regains consciousness and finds himself in a field. Meanwhile, at the Ministry in London, Harry sits in on an interview. Includes Introduction and summary of characters from previous stories.

4058 1
2 Chapter 2 - Graduation

“Ah, Mr Potter. I was about to attempt a rescue.”

Harry attends James’ graduation from Nadel’s Academy. Two student deaths are remembered and Harry is advised there may be problems ahead.

3227 0
3 Chapter 3 - St. Mungos

“If he doesn’t make the Finals I’m coming back to haunt him!”

As Ron reports people are falling ill at the Ministry, James collapses. There is one fatality.

3303 0
4 Chapter 4 - Recruits

“Okay, so my entire department has been covering up for her?”

Harry learns more about what happened at the Ministry. He then asks Ron to find him someone to help his own investigation. Ron suggests two, both of whom have been studiously avoiding Harry.

2731 0
5 Chapter 5 - Azkaban

“He was kind enough to help put out the fire.”

Harry and his reluctant protege take a trip to Azkaban to interview a prisoner.

3749 1
6 Chapter 6 - The Farm

“How can I help you, dear?”

Harry and Beatrice deliver a message to Proctor's mother. Harry half suspects that the remote disused farm might not be Proctor's home at all, but wonders why else the confused Proctor would have directed them there.

2976 0
7 Chapter 7 - Obituary

“Yes, do start something else, Ron.”

Harry asks Hermione if she would act for James if necessary. Harry writes Meglion's obituary while Naylor and Beatrice continue searching through the Magical Maintenance records.

4423 0
8 Chapter 8 - Let Me Out

“In the matter of Chandler, deceased, we find that he died within the Wizengamot’s jurisdiction. All claims and actions in inferior courts are hereby dismissed.”

The traps set at the farm have made a surprising catch. Memory seals are lifted by the Wizengamot and James has a reaction. The Wizengamot summonses James to appear before them.

3379 0
9 Chapter 9 - Fabrications

“You’re not going yet? You’ve hardly told us anything!”

Hermione, now part of the prosecution team, hands the court released files to the Aurors for their investigations. It is immediatelly apparent that the records have been tampered with. James is asked to make a statement.

3824 0
10 Chapter 10 - The Reserves

“Just an old suit of armour and a dented helmet.”

James' recollections from six months previously when two colleagues and himself were on their field assessments.

3292 1
11 Chapter 11 - Armour

“That, my boy, is our version of a magical binding contract. Fail us and you will die.”

Continued recollections. James decides to follow Chandler and observes a meeting that raises more concerns. He decides to act.

3417 1
12 Chapter 12 - A Bit Hazy

“George said this was for irresponsible kids of all ages.”

Present day, and Ron does not believe everything James has told them. Harry speaks to Healer Trennes. Jenny arrives home for her brother's birthday.

3124 1
13 Chapter 13 - Chimera Attack

“I don’t know why you bothered to come if you were going to spend the whole time being invisible.”

During a birthday flight for Matthew they are attacked by a Chimera. Bode and Majesty visit from Hogwarts.

4022 1
14 Chapter 14 - Ginny’s Other Suitor

“I will build us an ice palace and you’ll have a hundred servants!”

Uri arrives unannounced with a tale to tell Harry. Ron is losing patience with the young investigators but Harry encourages them to consider anyone, including himself, as a suspect as they delve deeper into the Ministry’s own records.

4286 0
15 Chapter 15 - The Court Case Begins

“Hey, what could go wrong?”

James' lawyer scores some early points. Hermione prompts Harry to review the sealed evidence. A very little closer to discovering Nadel's missing investigator, Harry and Ron make a plan.

4436 1
16 Chapter 16 - Mrs Alda’s Particular Friend

“It was Meglion who recommended making you up to full Auror, you know?”

Nadel insists that certain individuals be taken to places of safety, a measure apparently prompted by Harry’s actions. Still wandless, James is taken to Hogwarts for help while Harry sees one of the prisoners.

4216 1
17 Chapter 17 - Return to the Forbidden Forest

“Oh, the Legilimens thing? Maybe if your head wasn’t so empty he’d have more trouble!”

They return to the Forbidden Forest in the hope that James and Murava can be reconciled. It appears to have worked but at the last moment James is dragged underground.

3277 1
18 Chapter 18 - He’s Alive

“How long have you known about this?”

Harry finds Ginny and Lily to tell them James has survived. Ron is compromised. Bode and Nadel probe James' memories. Harry sees a memory from Murava's point of view.

3993 1
19 Chapter 19 - Speaking Again

“One Pound, fifty pence, please.”

Murava relents and finally shows James what really happened in the field. Harry makes an arrest. They arrive at the museum, but the Syndicates are about to gain entry. The Collection is weakened but still defending itself. Harry decides to enter and is invited to have some tea.

5138 1
20 Chapter 20 (Epilogue) – Circus

“Over-thinking this kind of thing has never really worked for us, has it?

While a drunken Uri is professing his love for Ginny, Harry has time to answer some questions. James has some issues with his new mentor and Ron suspects Harry is plotting revenge.

5061 2


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